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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Up and down plus update

UPDATE: I just heard (9 PM) that R had a deer hoof in his tummy, which was removed without surgery. He has a few small bones in his intestines but they're all working their way through his system, albeit very slowly. So, he gets to come home tonight. We just have to watch him closely to make sure that no bones get stuck in his GI tract. A home xray machine might save us money, don't you think?
Original Post:
Today started wonderfully, with a hike through a frost-laden forest with a friend and her dog. Then, I arrived home to a phone call saying that my body is forming bony fusions between my neck vertebrae at an incredibly fast rate. My rapid healing means that I'll be able to move through the stages of rehabilitation faster than normal. I like that idea!

But then, our R started acting like he didn't feel well. He was 'off' all day but not sick enough to go to the vet. I'll spare you the details but things got worse this evening, and the emergency vet clinic wanted to see him asap to look for bones in his intestine. If they find bones, they're undoubtedly from the same deer carcass episode as led to K's gastrotomy. Does this feel like deja vu to anyone else? This time, due to my neck, I can't travel to the vet for what will probably turn into a many hour odyssey. I'm sitting at home, worrying, feeling useless, and wishing for a long break from the drama in our lives.

If I didn't love R so much, I wouldn't feel that hollow pit of fear in my stomach right now. But, his love is more than worth the worry.


  1. 2010 startin' out a little rough...
    Good to hear you're healing well, fingers crossed for R.


  2. Up and down then UP is right!

    Dang K & R - your mom sooooooo doesn't need this!

    Great news about the fusions
    Great post update about R

    'Paws' crossed for ALL!

  3. Oh, man! Sorry that you had another scare. It sounds like R will be okay without surgery though so that's good. And your recovery is looking very positive. I hope you have a peaceful evening.

  4. Thank goodness no surgery was needed - you pesky dog, R! Now's now the time to make your momma worry! I hope he comes home and this is the end of the deer carcass episode forever.

    I'm so glad to hear about your recovery, too. That really is great news for you.

  5. Oh My, you've had more than your share of worries! Glad R's problem wasn't as serious as K's!

  6. I watch the dogs like a hawk in the woods, and that's exactly why. Little scavengers. :)

  7. Here are some happy get-well wishes for R, and a suggestion to him and K, that they do their dining at home, and not in the forest.

    Just delighted with your progress though, KB, you are doing great!

    cheers and hugs,

    Jo and Stella

  8. hope R is feeling better soon...did they make him vomit or remove it via endoscopy? you poor have certainly had your share of k9 emergencies....lube him up good so the rest of the bones will pass....sounds like R will be on lead for a while too....
    hey, something is going are healing at warp speed...that is awesome news...hang in there and keep us posted on the pups!

  9. My first thought was that everyone did not get the Year of the Bobcat message.

    But then I realized that each situation, as scary as they are, has turned out much better than they could have. So maybe everyone is embracing the bobcat.

    Now - K&R - no more stunts. No more emergency vets. Raise your right paw and make that pledge.

    P.S. - Great news on your own healing.

  10. That was one expensive lion visit! In money, I'm sure, and also in emotional toll! Perhaps you need to remind him that it's the Year of the Bobcat and maybe he'll leave his carcasses somewhere else!

    I'm glad that R is okay. I somehow suspect he won't be as happy to be a patient as K, but maybe she'll enjoy getting to be off leash while he has to walk beside you for a while!

  11. Well that is good news that R is okay and very good news as well that you are mending so quickly.
    I sure hope there are no more deer carcasses!

  12. A deer hoof? Oh my, that was ambitious. I'm sorry you had to go through the stress of another emergency visit, but I hope all is clear and the bones pass through R without incident.

    It's such good news that your rehab is moving along at a good pace. I truly believe that nature, activity, and animals speed any recovery process.

  13. Hi there, KB
    I really am so sorry to hear that you are having such a rough ride. What can I say??? You have got off to a rough start in this 2010 year.
    Im really pleased that R's incident hasn't turned ugly. What a worry for you.
    But you seem to be doing so well...definitely on the mend which is great news! ...and that picture of the BOBCAT is truly awesome! (I haven't been around for a few days so have desperately tried to update myself)
    Please give both your two a pat from us (A hug would be better, but I know you can't get to the floor much)
    And lots and lots of love and well wishes to you.

  14. Yeah! Rapid healing! Woo hoo! Totally awesome news.

    Ah yes, though...the trials of Bambi. I know all about the special lure of venison. My sweet 35 lb precious Sugar "took down" (everything but the killing bite) a full grown deer in the back yard over a year ago, and life has never been the same. Her relatively new habit of shredding and burying deer parts has turned my yard into a gravesite. I still wonder what would have happened if the neighbors caught me bagging and tossing out the body parts. If we still lived in Colorado, I'd probably share in the expense of a mobile x-ray...

  15. Are you saying that R has had these bones since K had her episode? I can't believe this! Well, thank goodness he didn't need surgery! I'm assuming you never give him those Hooves they sell for dog chews? Obviously, he would just gulp instead of chew! My Golden was allergic to anything like that, including rawhides. Hope you have a QUIET weekend! (Buy stock in emergency Vet clinics!)

  16. Oh, for Pete's sake. You need a break for all this. I'm glad R is doing OK, though, w/o surgery. Poor buddy.

  17. Holy crap!
    i can't believe i missed this.
    so sorry. (been busy moving renewing husky-eatin' passports). damn, i'm sure glad my sibe only eats passports and leather shoes. deer hooves don't seem like a good idea!
    hope he's doing better and you're less worried.
    wild dingo


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