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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My special girl


  1. This photo and your post from yesterday just make my day! I love your "I'm happy" response. Wiggling your legs is totally acceptable, too!
    Thank you for sharing your happiness and directing me to realize my own, too!

  2. What a great photo. It's really nice to see you both on the mend.

  3. Gah! Blogger ate my reply yesterday!

    K looks beautiful as always! She seems to be a good patient, but somehow, I suspect R isn't as content as she is. He looked like he was feeling rather sorry for himself the other day! It is good to see you and K looking (and sounding) so happy. I was wondering, how old is K?

    I didn't realize you'd lost a dog just last year. No doubt he taught R his little quirks so you wouldn't feel so alone after he was gone!

  4. What a picture! Queen of the Mountain!

  5. What a beautiful picture! She looks so happy :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  6. Oh! GORGEOUS!!! What a NOBLE photo! Beautiful girl!
    Hugs xo

  7. Time to head home. I wait
    until we're nearly out to the main road to put him back on the leash,
    and he--the designated optimist--
    imagines to the end that he is free.

    From After An Illness, Walking the Dog by Jane Kenyon

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo and Stella

  8. She IS a Beauty and so special in so many ways. What a beautiful moment you captured!

  9. wow, that is quite a shot! absolutely perfect....

  10. What a love!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  11. Flying high, what a pose. Simply majestic...

  12. What a beautiful picture.
    K sure knows how to strike a pose as well.

  13. She looks like a statue.......a velvet one ! How stunning she is !

  14. I love that shot. K still looks so skinny, though. Poor sweetie!

  15. What a beautiful picture. Could easily be framed!


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