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Monday, June 7, 2010

Invading squirrels

This photo is in honor of the dog who I had the opportunity to save today. The border collie, sans tags, was chasing a cyclist next to a busy road with cars whizzing by, missing him by inches. The cyclist helped me put the dog in my car, and I drove to houses nearby asking if anyone knew him. Someone did! What a great feeling.
I also had a slight bit of excitement with my dog, K. Last night, I noticed a raised bump on K's face. Uh oh, I thought, she's got a tick despite her Preventic collar, and the allergic reaction is starting. However, I couldn't find a tick. This morning, I did find it, almost dead, but lightly attached to her. It seemed like the collar did its job, preventing a full tick bite and the ensuing full-fledged allergic reaction that K has had in the past.

I can't imagine how she could have picked up a tick. Can you?
Her face looked as beautiful as ever while we mountain biked this morning - no signs of swelling or hives. More than anything, I noticed her eyes. Look how they glowed as she gazed at me.
As we rode, we passed a nest hole in an aspen tree that has traditionally been occupied by breeding woodpeckers. Imagine my surprise to see a squirrel head protruding from it. I think that a furry mother has taken over the feathered parents' home.
That made me look carefully at nest hole usually used by Flickers about a mile away. A male peered out at me. I hope that no squirrels come calling!
When we did our early spring cleaning of the nest boxes on our property, we discovered that an enterprising squirrel had broken into half of them. He'd used the same technique every time, chewing the roof and side wall to create a hole big enough to squeeze through.
So far, no birds have adopted the repaired boxes as their homes. I hope that they do soon! We'll protect them from those mean squirrels.

For some reason, I was unable to leave comments on any Blogger blogs today... but I did come around to visit!


  1. Hearty congrats on your stray dog save and blessings upon you for doing it.

    We saw a dog running on the I-70 frontage road Friday night. There were 2 other carloads of people trying to save the dog and keep it away from the highway, so we didn't stop and help, but had there been no one else on the case, I would have made Tom pull over.

  2. Cheers for the dog save! Was the owner happy to see the dog? Lets hope so!


  3. Thank you for saving the Border Collie!

    Emma Rose

  4. I'm glad you were able to help the Border Collie find her way home! Also glad that K didn't have a miserable day after that tick bite!

    I had a lot of weird Blogger replies this morning that told me it wasn't leaving my posts, but I think it did!

  5. What a great did you did!

    Thanks for sharing the awesome pics too!

    Khyra and Merdie are salivating over those tree lobsters!

  6. Great job!!! Glad you could save the dog. Sometimes they are so scared it is hard to get close. Love the pics.We always feel we are there with you enjoying the scenery etc.

  7. Blogger was typically cranky today. Don't you love when you nab a lost dog and get quick good news? :)

  8. Yippee for momma saving that doggy from running in the street. You are today's hero. Thank goodness Mr. Tick is a dead duck. You gotta be careful not to mess up that cute smile. We like the peek- a-boo birdy too
    Benny & Lily

  9. WOW - did you post these Calypso Orchids just for me? I'm drooling...
    Great that you could assist the dog. I'm glad that tick didn't give K a reaction. I love the Flicker photo.

  10. Well done on the Border Collie. So, so thankful that the tick collar and treatment worked.

  11. So glad the running dog story ended well! I would have done the same thing, you are angel to the animals!
    Can't imagine how K could have picked up a tick?!
    Crisis averted!!

  12. Thank you for saving that pup - too many people just keep going and don't try to help. Glad to hear that the tick didn't do any harm. They are not very nice and cause way too many problems. We too got the strange blogger message about being unavailable, but somehow the comments were going through. Have a great Tuesday.

  13. How wonderful that you rescued the dog.

    Oh...don't get me started about squirrels! At least I know I'm not alone.

  14. Good work saving the pup!!!

  15. I use preventic too! i totally dig that thing. no advtage or frontline for us. poison! yuck.

    Loki got bit by a tick between his back toes while wearing it and like i said, he's pain sensitve, so he hopped around and cried a bit. to top it off, i never trained him to let me hold his or touch his feet for more than a second. he's so sensitive on his feet. anyway, i had to be very fast and acurate, i used a tweaser, laid on my back like i was not interested and boom, went in and got it luckily on 1st or 2nd try.i know it would have fallen off with the collar, but he hated it and i wanted it out.

    glad she did ok even tho she was bit. and i really don't understand how she got the tick in the first place!


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