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Friday, June 18, 2010

Mountain peace

Early this morning, I sat on the deck with my coffee to watch the day begin. Hummingbirds frantically buzzed around the deck, vying for sugar water from our feeder. When the males became obsessed with their territorial squabbles and escalated to sparring, the females would silently sneak in for a sip. Meanwhile, the flycatcher couple called back and forth to each other, "I'm here", with the reply "I'm over here". Occasionally, one of them would flutter under the deck, trying to evade my notice as they tended to their eggs.

Then, from a nearby meadow, a lone coyote raised his head in song. Our black lab, R, lifted his snout to the air and joined the song. For a moment, the two canines seemed to sing back and forth, and then both fell silent.

I sat back and knew that this was why I lived here- the peacefulness, the beauty, and the animals.

Soon, R relaxed next to me, his coal black fur soaking up the early morning sun.
Eventually, I mustered the impetus to pedal onto the trails with K. It was a postcard perfect morning. K and I pedaled to a viewpoint and conferred about where to go next. A whole world stood open to us.
We decided to go west through wildflowers, pine forests, and aspen groves.
She explored over a small rise and I called her.
Over the rise, she sprinted a beeline to me.
As we swooped along, K stopped in an aspen grove that will soon be overflowing with columbine flowers. She sniffed the air. I wonder if she smelled the buds just opening all around her.
Oh how that gray muzzle that has emerged in the past year scares me. K is part of my soul and I hate to hear the ticking of the clock.

When we reached our turnaround point, two mule deer bucks stood statuesque in a meadow, each with soft velvet antlers. They pronked, kicking high in the air, in opposite directions, one toward the forest and the other toward the mountains. K restrained herself and did a perfect recall. I took the opportunity to practice a few more recalls, with K starting in a sit exactly where the deer had stood. Their scent must have been overwhelming to her. Can you pick out K sitting at the very end of the trail?
She galloped up the meadow's rise to me, with the enthusiasm of a puppy. Perhaps that gray muzzle is no big deal.
Those almost neon yellow flowers in the meadow were Golden Banner, the flower that I've mentioned frequently recently. This is their time to shine!
On our way home, K covered my back while I enjoyed a Boulder Raspberry blossom. These bushes flourish in the most harsh and unlikely spots, like in the midst of a boulder pile with no visible soil.
Today encompassed why I love my home in these mountains. Now, I have the luck of getting to hike with a favorite partner who is as fascinated with our animals as I am. What a day!


  1. So beautiful. Careful of those monsters, we saw their shadows. Mom likes to go to places where you live for vacation. Nothing purttier than what nature has to offer
    Benny & Lily

  2. Wow, how beautiful.....I felt as though I was sitting on you deck drinking coffee with you.....amazing....K has really blossomed into the perfect companion for you, of course you had a lot to do with it ! Such gorgeous surroundings, the animals, the wildlife, the snow, the mountains....nothing more beautiful.....heaven on earth really.....
    I love K's gray muzzle....

  3. Stella, at almost age 4, is getting a grey muzzle too. Or maybe she is older than I was told!

    Sweet girl, is what she is!


    Jo and Stella

  4. A little gray doesn't hurt! Love the Golden Banner. We've been back and forth to Evergreen and Denver to help with the Grands. Lovely weather here, too. Enjoy the weekend, KB!

  5. My muzzle is pretty gray and I'm okay for 50 ;-)

    Seriously, more great pics - all told a story of their own!

  6. I love all the pics, but that one with the shadows is really cool!

    Oh, I know about the grey muzzles. Lilac now has a white heart on her face from her nose to over her eyes. We say that it's because we've worn the color off by petting and kissing her there too much! K looks like she's got a lot of living left to do to me!

  7. Ah! A most lovely morning. The trails and views! What a special place. Hugs to K & R!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  8. Hey R, loving the floppy ears! Very Labratastic!

    Fantastical shots yet again, very spectacular scenery!!!

    Happy Weekend

  9. I always enjoy spending time with you in your beautiful world...Our mornings start out similarly w/ hummers, pups, and sunrise on the deck!
    Unfortunately, my mountains aren't as high as yours.
    Hugs and belly rubs to the pups,

  10. So beautiful! You live in such an amazing place! I'd love to take photos there too!

  11. Amen - that is why we live in the mountains, too. Weather may be harsher, things you take for granted in the city sometimes don't work (electricity, phone, internet, even roads), and some things are just harder (any "errand" takes us at least an hour to get to any store and back). But all of that pales in comparison to the peace and quiet (or even harshness) of nature.

  12. Hi. I found you through blog hop. I live in Colorado, too, but it's not as pretty as where you are. I look forward to more posts, especially the beautiful pictures. I hope you'll come visit me at

  13. Reading your post was such a breath of fresh air. And the photos are lush. We are already sweltering in the Central Texas heat, but just being at your blog cooled me off!
    Found you on Saturday Blog Hop

  14. Woof! Woof! The beauty of living in Colorado. My peeps were there last year, July. They just love it! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  15. The flower shots are gorgeous, as always, and I get such a kick out of seeing R bound through the forest! After spending an entire week on a road bike, it's really nice to get back to the heart of the mountains via your photos and reports.


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