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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Recognize the sweet moments of life

I woke up this morning like a groggy bear emerging from a winter of hibernation. I stumbled into the kitchen and started heating up the espresso machine. On automatic pilot, I opened the kitchen door to take out the milk. A container of shredded Parmesan tumbled from the top shelf onto my head. Upon hitting my head, the top came off the container and I was doused in shredded cheese. It also deflected back into the refrigerator and all over the floor. That event launched me into a day of so many small mishaps that it became funny.

I had mechanical problems with my bike that delayed the start of my ride. Later, as I rushed to finish my ride in time to shower for my PT appointment, I was forced into a major detour by some non-locals with a flat mountain bike tire but no tube (I gave them one) who stood right in the spot where I normally furtively vanish into the woods to find a well-hidden trail. My longer-than-expected detour involved traversing a cliff while clambering through a tangle of dead fallen trees with my bike in tow. Despite my scratched up shins and arms from the fallen trees, I managed to arrive home soon enough that I could arrive promptly to have my PT torture me with electrified needles stuck into my neck muscle knots. You can see that my day just got better and better!

Thank goodness that I had a gorgeous ride, including both halves of the Labraduo, to make up for the series of twists and turns that my day took.
Today, R was having no part of the game that he and K started last week, where they each tried to find a higher perch than the other at our favorite viewpoint. K enjoyed having the stump to herself and towering over her brother.
At another stop where we enjoyed the mountain view, the duo stood side-by-side, pink tongues protruding as they panted in the warm summer sun.
Jet black R looked stunning with the snowy mountains behind him. The sudden onslaught of summer-like weather is melting the mountain snow at a break-neck pace, causing our creeks to rage and roil and even demolish bridges.
After I dropped off the duo at home, I headed out solo. As I descended to a creek, I spotted a stump that was intact just two days ago. A bear had ripped it to shreds searching for insects.
About ten yards away, a huge and very old beetle-killed Ponderosa pine, about 3' in diameter, had bark ripped off of it up to about 6' off the ground. I think that the same bear was foraging for bugs under the bark.
Very near the stump and tree, I found a paw print of a small cub a few days ago. The tiny imprint in the sand told me that we have cubs of the year in our area. I can't wait to see them! My photo of the paw print didn't turn out well so you'll have to take my word for it.

After seeing those bear signs, I relaxed as I whooshed along a ridge trail. Summer has utterly transformed the spine of the ridge from the barren brown landscape that it was a month ago. The wildflowers are having a raucous party, and I love it!!!
I read a quote today that sums up my day and my view of life. Without the pain and unpleasant parts of life, we might fail to recognize the sweet moments, like riding through wildflowers with mountains on the horizon or sitting in the sun with the Labraduo.


  1. On that last line, don't forget eating the parmesan off your pajama top!

    I had a good day today. I was able to do something with my knee replacement leg, I couldn't do before. My PT relys on measurements, but I rely on happenings!

    Jo and Stella

  2. What great pictures you took on your walk. The highlight of our day would have been cheese sprinkled all over our heads. we love that stuff.
    Benny & Lily

  3. Great pictures! I always feel like i'm on an adventure trip whenever i read your posts!


  4. I've got to admit -- I laughed out loud at your description of the cheese tumbling down on to you. It's rare that something makes me laugh that way over the 'net!

    Sorry for the mishaps of your day, but, as always, you put things in perspective and took it all as a gift - especially your pleasant time in the woods with K and R. Good for you!

  5. The cheese would be my favorite part!
    Yum Yum :)

    Emma Rose

  6. I agree with your philosophy! I'd have had to eat some of that cheese, though! I'm glad you could laugh about the mishaps. I hope tomorrow is a much smoother day!

  7. As 'they' say, behold the power of cheese!

    Thanks for the pics and the bear activities!

  8. What a day. The picture of the parmesan cheese has us chuckling away. Was it hoovered up by two canine helpers?

  9. Gorgeous sky too...over that landscape of wild flowers!


  10. The mental image of a cheese-covered KB was enough to brighten my day! Your Labraduo photos make me want to abandon my desk and go outside. As usual!!!

  11. Now we were really hoping to see photos of the cheese mishap:) But we will have to make due with the gorgeous ones of the environment and K and R.

  12. I can't believe so many of your wildflowers are blooming! You had a Murphy's Law sort of day. I like that 2 headed dog in the top photo. Did you say Expresso Maker?


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