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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Coyotes and Sunset Hikes

I have a trail camera on a little trail that goes past our house just outside our bedroom window. In the wee hours of the other morning, it saw a lot of traffic.

First, the innocent bunny.
Then, the alert and crafty coyote, with a nick in his ear.
A minute later, a coyote who I'm guessing is the female of a breeding pair with the male above. This photo worried me. Look at her face. It's cut and swollen. I hope that it's not infected and that she heals. An infected cut can be very serious for a wild animal so I'll be watching my trail camera photos for this coyote to see how it heals.
The last in the parade was our resident clown. Yes, our 4-year-old puppy still grabs the leash in his mouth at the start of a run. The look in his eyes made me laugh.
Comparing the photo of R with the coyotes gives you an idea of how big the coyotes are. However, they do have very thick and luxurious coats now, unlike R who lives in the warmth of a heated house.

Late yesterday, we made out for a sunset hike as a foursome. Sunset hikes for the whole pack will be more common now that the time is changing and sunset is later! I love photographing the Duo in the extreme light of sunrise or sunset. It paints the world in warm and bright colors.
In the sunset light, I had the Duo do a sit-stay, and then I called them to me. They galloped toward me in perfect lock-step. My autofocus didn't quite keep up with them as they charged to me but it's cool to see them move in perfect sync.

Step 1:
Step 2:
As the Runner and I looked at these photos, we smiled about how K is so bright-eyed and energetic, despite all that she's going through. She still keeps up with her crazy brother, step for step. They romp happily together during our hikes. I've stopped obsessing about her breaking her leg, which has made the hikes much more fun for me.
And, K is still teaching her little brother important stuff, like the wonders of eating rose hips as the snow melts and uncovers them.
This week will be a big week in the osteosarcoma journey. On Friday, K will have xrays taken of her limbs and lungs to find out whether the cancer has metastasized. If it has not spread yet, then she'll have her 4th (of 6 total) chemotherapy sessions. My stomach is already in knots over the tests.

Here's to many more sunset hikes for the Duo and us. I can lose myself in the joyful romping of the Duo, forgetting my worries, as we stroll in the sunset light.


  1. Yes, you must live life as K & R do, which is hard indeed for us humans. But - who is to say that they're not the ones more fully evolved! Your pics bring me a smile tonight, KB!

  2. A beautiful post and I'll add my hope that you enjoy many more sunsets and hikes with your duo--Cheers!!!

  3. Fingers and paws crossed here for good news on the test results!

    I always find it interesting how our dogs share certain secrets and pass them along. It's sort of reassuring for me, as well. Can you picture R teaching a puppy all that he knows one day? I laughed about the leash, because wouldn't you know it, Kuster does that, too!

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  5. Dr. K is right, rose hips will cure almost anything.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  6. We have all our feets crossed for you K. Those coyotes seem to know they are on camera, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  7. One day at a time, and enjoy every minute of each of them.

    Love that silly R:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. We are sending you mighty strong vibes from our golden house to yours. :D

    (I have never seen a rose hip before!)


  9. I'm so glad you can just be in these special moments that I see in your photos. I won't try to pass on any words of wisdom as you already know and are doing what you need to do.

  10. The photos of the duo are great. If there was a synchronized dog event they would take gold for sure.
    And once again R has made my MOM laugh, like when I grab my leash and bring it to her when I think we need a walk.
    Stop praying for K IS NOT an option around here.

  11. Here's to many more sunset hikes!! Love to see those two "dancing with the stars!"

  12. Never a dull moment with a Black Labradork around!

    Seriously, great pics - we SO love the coyotes like you do

    We'll be sending lots of great K vibes to ColWOOrado this week!

  13. Thank you for sharing these special moments. R is so silly! 16 paws crossed
    Dachshund Nola

  14. Sunset hikes, a perfect way to end another day. I will be looking at your blog as soon as I get home, no internet where we are going, so I need to be sending so many " Kia Kaha" wishes to you all. Be Strong,enjoy, and take each day in its beauty of sunrise, colour, clouds, snow, wild animals, and the joy of K as she runs with R. Fond greetings from Jean.

  15. Oh they are a beautiful pair. The unison walk was perfect. I almost expected music to play.

    So I (My Vickie) am sitting here watching animal planet and the show about bigfoot.

    Do you beleive in Bigfoot, and have you heard about any sightings in your area.

  16. That first shot of K and R during their recall reminds me of two sprinters awaiting the gun! Very cool!

    Thinking of you guys this week. You will all move forward with grace and strength. The duo already show how it's done.

  17. Wow those unison photos, are you kidding me??? Amazing, what a beautiful pair. I will pray for K and for you and Sasha has paws crossed.

    I hope you have a good week.

    Anne and Sasha

  18. I will be thinking of K, I hope the results are good. My stomach would be in knots too. The pictures of K and R together are great. He sure does have that puppy look, cute!

  19. Don't waste precious time--ever--panicking about the unknown whether it is the future or the xray results. It will rob you of the wonder and incredibleness of life being lived fully.

    We send a continuous daily stream of positive energy and healing strength for both bodies and souls.

  20. Awesome, interesting pictures. K looks great. Paws crossed for Friday.

    KT and Easton

  21. The photo of K and R is just gorgeous! We never get tired of looking at them.. and are in awe as they walk in sync! Just look at them.
    The coyotes are beautiful, and we also hope the one does not have a bad injury or abcess... we even thought of a bad tooth!
    We keep sending our postive thoughts to K, that her results will be good.
    And of course for many many more sunset and sunrises in the beautiful glow!

  22. We love, love, love the photo of K and R in profile. They are just gorgeous side by side(and I think they KNOW it.)

    I agree with Mr. Mogley about the
    Rose Hips, K may cure herself with one of nature's little miracles!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  23. I'm so happy that K & R have a great bonding together with you, and were still praying for K for his complete recovery! More Power!

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy Bond

  24. K's outlook is so's like her already knows hers gonna be okie dokie.

    R...hehehehe...he be so funny and I just loves to sees him withs his leash. Makes me not feels so bad bouts not bein' off leash nows.


  25. Love the Duo pictures! My paws are crossed for you, K!

    Love ya lots

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  27. Hi Y'all,

    What a glorious day Sunday was! Here too!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  28. Beautiful KB. Thanks for your email about my son Jonathan. The service was Saturday and i am utterly exhusted and spent. If you would like to see his writeup i can send it to you. God bless k and r and you.

  29. WE join you in wishing for many more of those glorious sunset hikes all together, and for good news at the end of this week.

  30. Yet another beautiful posting. Oh how I love the pic's of the pup's running in sync. Like a graceful ballet (I can hear the music in my head). Hey, at least it's NOT voices I'm hearing ~ Ha!

    We'll be praying extra hard for K with her upcoming tests.

    Lily Belle

  31. hope K's radiograph is clear! paws crossed.....
    maybe the coyote has a tooth abscess? they can present with facial swelling and eventually drainage tract....hope it heals whatever it is!

  32. Those tandem shots really brightened my day. Truly a treasure you've captured once again! Hopefully it will be a golden week all the way around, and the treatments will be successful.

  33. What beautiful pictures of K and R! I too hope you enjoy many more sunset hikes for the four of you! Keeping my fingers crossed for Friday!

  34. What absolutely stunning shots of The Duo!
    We have all our paws crossed here for K and sending all the positive healing vibes we can.
    Stay strong and positive.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  35. You are in our daily prayers for good test results.

    The photos are magnificent!

    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily

  36. Amazing photo's and captures beautifully the joy of wildlife.

    K is always in our thoughts and prayers and seeing her enjoying the moment with her brother is a delight to see.

  37. Sure hope the news is what you want to hear on Friday. I understand the fear. In a way knowing where you stand, regardless of what you learn, is going to be better than the anxiety you're feeling now in the days leading up to Friday. Oh, and now I am worrying about that female coyote. I wish there was some way to help her. :( I don't suppose they encourage tossing out food laced with antibiotics... I guess there would be no way to make sure she's the one that got it anyway.

  38. Came by to catch up on your lovely photos and posts. Hope K's test results will be good!

  39. Fingers and paws crossed here that there are no mets. Whatever the outcome, I know you and the runner and the Duo will make the very best of it. Here's to many, many more sunset walks as spring breaks forth.


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