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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Raining mushrooms and coyotes

Yesterday evening, the clouds lifted so that we could see the sunset light. The wind still howled, as you can see from R's flapping ears.
We hung out in the warmth and beauty of the ending of the day.
These winds have been, by my understanding, true Chinook winds, flying off the high mountains down to lower elevations and warming the world that they touched. It's been incredibly warm and sunny here, melting the snowcover on south-facing slopes at an incredible rate. K and I walked on dirt today, by hopscotching from one dry patch to another.
I've mentioned before that my dogs adore eating wild mushrooms (to our chagrin), and the wind blows the squirrels' caches out of the trees and onto the ground. To my dismay, K spent our morning hike searching for mushrooms. I watched her like a hawk, and she found some. So, rather than let her eat them, I had her balance them on her nose and gave her treats for the feat!
Each time she found one, we did the same routine. Look at the evil glance that she threw my way during this balancing act.
The dried mushrooms that littered the ground today are not poisonous but they do cause "gastric distress" if eaten in large quantities. And, Labs are not known for their moderation!

The ironic part is that the only "alternative" medication that K is taking for her osteosarcoma is a mix of wild mushrooms that has been shown to slow the spread of this type of cancer. My friends joke that K is actually "self-medicating" when she forages for mushrooms in the forest.

The other food that was suddenly uncovered by the melting snow today was rose hips. The snow has covered them for a long time, and K enjoyed munching on the tart berries. These are fine for her so I let her munch all that she wants.
I want to apologize that I haven't been visiting many blogs. My sarcoidosis (an autoimmune disease) has acted up in a big way, attacking one of my eyes. I'm having great difficulty focusing on the screen for any length of time. I'll be seeing my eye doc at the end of the week...

Just one more thing, in a comment, someone asked the great question of whether the coyotes ever wriggle in tandem at the scent post. Most of the time, one stands guard while the other wriggles. But, on one occasion, I caught them both wriggling!
Someone else asked if coyotes can be dangerous to dogs. They can be... but we've never had any bad incidents. We carefully train our dogs to recall away from wildlife, and we keep the dogs leashed at times of day when coyotes are likely to be around. I think that, by respecting these canines, we can coexist with them peacefully.


  1. What a great combination of fun pics!!!

    Khyra is wondering if her tail would stay attached in such winds ;-)

    Sorry your eye is causing you discomfort...

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Look at R's ears!!!! He just cracks me up! I so love seeing K & B together.

    Your pal, Pip

  3. K does not look pleased with your game of balance the mushroom on her nose, but is does make me smile. Sorry you are not doing well. I hope the doc can give you some relief.


  4. That wind looks like it's really howling! I think we might be having the same winds here. It feels like it will blow the roof off, but it's blowing warm air in, so I can't complain.

    I'm sorry your eye has been bothering you! That is totally miserable. I hope the eye doctor can give you some relief!

  5. Hope you can find some relief for your eye - makes so much of what we do uncomfortable and difficult.

    Love how K balances things on her cute snooter so well.

    We hit 72 today, unbelievable for the first week of March.

  6. Love K giving you the stink eye!!

  7. Oh is getting her kicks out of that torture!
    Benny & Lily

  8. After reading your post and what you did with K and the mushrooms I am wondering if I should try the same thing with Leroy and the rocks:)))

  9. That's a great stink eye! I hope you feel better soon
    Dachshund Nola

  10. The first photo is priceless. Just loved it.
    Hope you find some relief for the eye problem.
    MOM wishes I recalled as easy as K and R do with wild life. I just can't seen to help myself with the deer especially.

  11. That mushroom nose balancing is truly fantastic!

    I love your coyote pictures as well.

  12. Our winds have calmed for the day. The WDA also loves foraging for rose hips when we mountain hike.

    We love these plain every day slice of life posts...for this is the stuff that we will remember forever. We send White Dog healing energies to you and hope the eye doctor can provide some relief.

  13. Love K's devilish stare and R's flapping ears! Two of them are so adorable.

  14. Great to see the two of them looking on top of the world. Wish the same for you.

  15. I just love the evil eye and K is giving you! It was sarcoidosis that led to my dad's heart transplant. You're in our thoughts, KB.

    Love ya lots,

  16. Seeing the delightful photo's and reading the amazing commentaries of your day - is always refreshing and brings the joy of the outdoors - ever closer.

    Seeing the disapproving look from K as she balances the wild mushroom - is one in which I oten have from my Kirra too.

    Good luck when you see the Doctor and hopefully can rectify the problem.

  17. Darn you beat me to da punchline bouts da 'shrooms...I was thinking dat in my mind as I was reading but then you made a comment bouts it.

    I am just wonderin' if K thinks you is a dork furs makin' her balance them 'shrooms on her nose...I mean dat look her gaves you was crackin' me up...hehehehe.

    R looks like an aeroplane in dat foto. He be funny.

    No worries bouts da bloggies, we understand. We just hopes you feels betters.


  18. Ha!Ha! R just reminds me of Yoda in that first picture. LOL! And K sure is giving you "the look" in that one picture....brrrr. :) It looks like just a beautiful warm day you had. Good luck when you see your eye doctor, hopefully your sarcoidosis will settle around!

  19. Your beautiful pictures always amaze me. I sometimes (OK, most of the time) feel like I am right there with you.

    Such talent too on the balancing act K. Mommy said I should be trained like that too but then again, I AM A DOXIE! Tee~Hee~Hee!!!

    Sorry to hear about your Moms eye giving her problems. We hope that the Dr. can do something for her. (Are you sure she's not eating the 'funny' mushrooms? Mom said something about the 60's.... and psychedelic.... and tie dye clothes....)

    Lily Belle

  20. You are so great you two, K and R....nice pictures of you.

  21. What amazing photos! We haven't visited for awhile, even though you are often on our mind, so we strolled through past posts and found so much to think about. Sending all three of you wirey love,

    Jake and Just Harry... and Joan

  22. Another bunch of great pics! Just love that "evil eye" you got. Can't blame K one bit!

    Hope your eye condition goes away soon. Paws crossed here for a good outcome at the eye doctor.

  23. Look at all your ground cover already showing! Your K is a good balancing act. I've never been aware of the dried mushrooms here. It sure has been windy, though. The ski slopes are going through their melt and freeze cycle so it's almost too hard pack to ski first thing in the morning - too much compression and jiggling though it's probably good for my old bones. Love that first pic of the duo. Hope you get to the bottom of your eye problem, KB.

  24. Hi KB, beautiful photos and you're right. K is giving you the evil eye hehehe. The last photo of the two coyotes is amazing. Thanks for sharing. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory P.S. Hope you are feeling a little better and good luck at the Drs love Carol

  25. Love that wriggling! Hope you're well.

  26. Sure love the balancing photos, now thats some skill!

    Hope your eye feels better soon


  27. Hi Y'all,

    Gee golly...eye Human says that's the worst. We have several friends loosing sight from macular degeneration.

    Now if you could just change into a dog you could get around just fine with your nose and read pee mail!

    My Human says I'm being silly. I'll add you to my crossed paws list and send you and K my paw power!

    Y'all are always in my Humans' prayers.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  28. I'm sorry to read you're having trouble. I hope thing improve for you soon.

    K sure looks miffed over the mushroom balancing act. Just imagine how many of them she would eat if you weren't looking out for her. Silly girl!
    Take care!!

  29. Sorry to hear you're feeling ooky. Big hugs from all of us here.

  30. K, your like a circus dog balancing those mushrooms and berrys on your nose and foot! So smart you are!
    You and R look so pretty standing in the big winds as they blow! I cannot believe how much warm weather you got and how cold our weather got!
    KB, we hope you get to feeling better soon, and your eye too!
    We send love

  31. What a great series of pics. From K rather comically balancing a mushroom on her nose to wild coyotes! Awesome!

    So sorry to hear your eye is causing you trouble. I hope the visit to the doctor yields a solution.

  32. Oooh, rose hips! I love rose hips. Mommy would probably have a cow if I ate a mushroom though.

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