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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hide-and-seek, and a bobcat visit

We started our day with our early morning hike. K seems better than at any time since her osteosarcoma diagnosis just before Christmas. Her energy and enthusiasm are soaring.

We hiked up to Hug Hill, taking advantage of the early-morning crust on the deep snow that covers most of the trail. On the way up, K crawled under a log, looking very cute as she did it.
When we reached the top, K played a game that she created when she was a puppy. She "hides in plain sight". I think that she believes that she's truly hidden. Her goal is to convince me to call "K Come!" because she knows that she'll get a huge jackpot of treats and endless praise after every successful recall.

Look at where she "hid" today! She's chosen this spot many times in her life. I grin... because I love our silly game.
I complied with her wishes, called her, and had a huge party when she sprinted to me. I love seeing her so joyous and enthusiastic!
While we were out on our morning hike, I checked a wildlife camera and found that a bobcat had spent a long time in front of it. Here is a sample photo of what looks like a very cautious bobcat. His caution might have been because this camera is close to our house, and we were up and about. Or, he might have smelled that the coyotes have been rolling on their backs and scent marking this spot on a regular basis. I wondered if the bobcat's tongue sticking out in the next photo was part of his "sniffing" of the scene.
Although it's very hard to be sure, the coloring of this bobcat looks a lot like the light coloring of the kitten from last summer.
After our morning hike, K relaxed for the day until we hiked up to a lookout point at sunset. In March, the sunset is at a perfect angle to light up our little slice of the forest in incredible glow as the sun dips below the Divide. In the warmth of that light, R whispered something to K.
He might have been saying "I'll race you to KB"!
The Duo loves the scents of the evenings, often swiveling their heads to sample the breeze.
I've noticed that R seems much more attentive to K on our hikes than he used to be. He moves in sync with her to a surprising extent.
R is a far more sensitive dog than I used to give him credit for. I can see how hard he's trying now, both with K and with me. Look at his eyes that seem more wise by the day.
Regardless of what news we receive on Friday, I feel content that K is living as fully as she possibly can. That was true before we knew that she was sick and it's still true. What more could we ask? Well, I could think of something more to ask... but miracles are very hard to come by.


  1. If miracles were NOT hard to come by, they would just be everyday things. Gotta work hard for them!

    Pics are just perfect, I love them all.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  2. I love playing hide and seek with MOM. But I blend in so well this time of year. But the way K plays is oh so cute. I think R was giving K a little brotherly kiss on the head. For being a cracker dog he is very sensitive and you can tell he loves K. I know it seems miracles are hard to come by but with every post you make I always think I am looking right at a miracle in K's eyes. But I do understand what you are saying.

  3. Good spot K. We didn't see you at all
    Benny & Lily

  4. Beautiful post, and such beautiful dogs. Know that we in SoCal are keeping you and K in our thoughts!

  5. and you're building your friendship with R in the process. Dogs are so intuitively smart... :-)

  6. The evening glow makes for perfect photos!
    The bob cat is so beautiful!
    And we just love seeing K and R together! Yes, I see a deep wisdom that is growing inside of R. He has been a puppy for a long time, but those eyes speak!
    And of course I see K speak as she plays hide and go seek, and then crawling under that log is just beautiful!
    It is so good to see K feel so good, and we ask for a miracle- we never stop asking (a miracle for her to feel good for a long, long time,)

  7. Maybe R is finally growing up from being a puppy to a mature dog. Beautiful pictures as always. I love the one of K looking under the tree branch.


  8. But you ARE living a miracle, dear friend! A beautiful, no matter what, forever miracle...maybe not the one you would most wish for but a precious wonderful incredible gift nonetheless.

    R will rise to the meet the needs of all in his pack...just watch.

  9. Still keeping our paws crossed for K - and for the rest of her pack. Every day you have with K so full of the joy of life is a miracle.

    Jed & Abby

  10. K looks adorable crawling under that log. R's eyes are really something!

  11. Soaring energy and enthusiasm . Well done K !

  12. Well I thought that was a great hiding spot, K! What gorgeous photos!

    Love ya lots,

  13. But miracles do happen and we pray for that one miracle for K.

  14. Praying for you and K always, KB. After what i have been thru these last 2 weeks, I have to believe in miracles. Please God if you hear me......a miracle for K would be wonderful.

  15. That top photo of K is sooo cute - what a sweet, sweet face she has. Aww.

    I am hoping for a miracle for her.


  16. You have many friends here who also are praying for that miracle!

    I love the pic's from hide and seek. (Of course, all your pic's are wonderful).

    Lily Belle

  17. I love K's hiding places! Ha hah! I play games like that with my Mom too.

  18. Hehehehe...K looks all puppified unders dat log, too cute.
    Nows let's talk bouts dis recall. I knoew mum was doin' it all wrong...all her does is say "damnitcomeherepuddles"...with NO treat. I must tells her how you do it.

    Whatevers happens on friday knows dat we will be heres fur you.


  19. We love K and we are praying for that miracle !!

  20. Never stop believing in miracles. Every day you have with her is a miracle! That portrait of her crawling beneath the log truly is the cutest!

  21. How much fun hide'n'seek must be with K. She looks so young at heart in those pictures. What great daytime pictures of the bobcat too!

    P.S. - I think R was whispering, "I love ya K".

  22. That pic of R "whispering" to K is priceless!

    I'm wishing for you the very best test results this Friday. But you are absolutely doing the very best at making each day of her life complete and full. Whatever happens, you can have no regrets as to the decisions you have made for her. She has a beautiful spirit and so do you.

    Chester's Mom

  23. You know, what's happening between K and R is something that I've seen here -- twice. Blueberry picked up a lot of things from Treat while Treat was sick. The depths of understanding that she showed after Treat died blew me away. And I saw it again with Hawk and Bunny. I'm not sure why, but the old man really took the new pup under his wing. He'd been declining since Treat's death, and I really thought he'd grieve himself to death in a matter of weeks. But Bunny's arrival did something to him. He hadn't really played much in a couple of years, but he taught her his famous trick of playing with a toy until someone *cough, Blueberry* gets off the bed you want for the toy and you can steal it. Sometimes I wondered if it was because Blue and Lilac were so close or if he really took a particular shine to Bunny. But he was very good with her, definitely taught her the ropes and how to look after me. After he felt like his work was done, he was ready to go. It will always be a thing that sticks out in my mind!

  24. We still believe in miracles. In many ways every day you have with K is a miracle. She is looking great. And isn't it fun to watch R maturing! Thinking all good things for Friday.

  25. Your so good at hide and seek K!

    Gorgeous inspirational post as always


  26. LOVED the photos! Especially the first few of K... she's looking so great!

  27. Lovely photos of the two...The bobcat looks nice. Maybe you kittens soon??? Vilja escaped away about 5.30 pm. I was with friends. She ran to the woods and found soon a roe. We tried to ran after but it was useless. We heard her all the time barking after the roe. After 75 minutes it was dark and I was worried. She stopped hunting and heard us talking and came to us. That was a nervous she´s sleeping ...

  28. Miracles do happen!The power of positive thought is so powerful.
    R is a stunning dog. Just imagine what he is whispering to K!
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  29. I think a miracle is happening right now. You are giving K a wonderful life and that is a miracle in itself. K is very blessed to have you. What special moments she is enjoying with you! She looks so happy!


  30. Wow, awesome photos! So glad to see K so energetic and vibrant! Amazing bobcat photos!

  31. Oh, these first few photos made us laugh. I like to play hide and seek, too!

    And yes, I think R is pretty sensitive! We cracker dogs like to make people laugh and smile - that's a pretty deep and important thing if you think about it.

    Your pal, Pip

  32. Whispering sweet nothing's...I'm sure...R knows what K is going through and R is taking just seems so obvious. Sweet Nudges to you all!

  33. Such fun pics! I love K's little "hiding" game. She's a smart girl to figure out the key to treat dispensing. Zoe is our "silly" dog, and she makes me grin daily. Love it! I can tell you're making the most of every minute together, and hope K gets a good report on Friday. xo

  34. I am delighted to read of K's enthusiasm and her positive stance each day, may this relate on the news on Friday.

    I do agree of R, certainly has matured with a sense of gentleness towards K and a true gentleman.

    Your photo's always bring so much happiness in viewing and the joy of nature and forthcoming Spring.


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