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Thursday, May 31, 2012

From the desert to the mountains

K has a swollen and sore leg today, together with some lung symptoms, which is part of what I saw coming on yesterday. She probably micro-fractured her leg in the spot where the bone tumor was. My understanding is that there's a chance that a micro-fracture will heal, and there's a chance that the lung symptoms are just a very early sign that will wane. In any case, we're managing her pain, and she seems pretty happy today - happier than yesterday.

I must admit that, in contrast to K, I'm sad today. I feel pretty sure that the days of romping are over. But, perhaps I'm wrong. K has surprised me with her incredible resilience in the past.

To escape my inner turmoil, I was just remembering where we were two weeks ago. We started out in the red rock desert near Moab. K glowed in the sunlight on our first evening there.
She gave me a funny look along with a play bow.
The next morning, I rode my bike up high to an incredible viewpoint that was several thousand feet above our campsite. It was nice and cool at this spot because of the high elevation. This is a spot that K used to visit with me on mountain bike rides but it was too far for her to run this time. I missed her company as I gazed over the valley.
And, I could see across the valley that the snowy mountains sat beckoning us.
As I descended to camp, I noticed cacti blooming.
They were gorgeous. But, the weather in camp was not wonderful. Our thermometer read 97 degrees! Usually, the desert is still relatively cool in May. Not this year.

So, we fled to the mountains that I'd seen on my ride. Soon, we were camped in the middle of a grove of towering aspen trees at about 9000' elevation. This was the view from the LabMobile.
K played in the midst of the grove, happy to be back in her element - the high mountains. Those are some huge aspen trees.
Her eyes glittered in the sunshine. Her eyes always melt me.
And, she found snow banks to play in. What a contrast from that morning when we'd endured 97 degrees on the desert floor!
We ended up staying in the La Sal mountains for a few days until a cold front came through Utah. Then, we returned to the desert. We repeated this switch, desert-mountain-desert, several times during the trip. The west is amazing with the range of deserts, prairies, and mountains all within short distances of each other. As a girl growing up in the eastern part of the US, I never dreamed that our country included such extremes and such vast wide open spaces.

Now, K and I are going for a short wander over to the meadow behind our house. I bet that she'll find a way to make me smile!


  1. I'm sorry that K is not feeling so good, and you, too! I am pretty sure that she will still find a lot of ways to make you smile. I always love that contrast in the West where you see snow at one point and then feel heat a short time later!

  2. Love the playful pose. I think of K often...
    The best is knowing that short wanderings are always good!

  3. Enjoy your wanderings and the smile that your girl gives you today. I love that bow!

  4. I love the different contrast we have here too. I hope you feel better after your romp with K this evening. I have no doubt she will make you smile.

  5. Sorry to hear K isn't feeling well today. That viewpoint you rode up to is amazing, but I don't think I could get that close to the edge. Beautiful pictures as always.


  6. So sad to hear about K, AND you. Wish we knew what to say or do to help. But we know K will find a way to make you feel better.


  7. How wonderful that K found some snow after a 97 degree morning.

    I do so hope that the decline will stabilize. It speaks well that K still makes you smile. I'm pulling for all of you. And smiling as well through misty eyes.

  8. My Vickie has never been much of a fan of the hot weather and so Southern Utah is only visited during the winter for us.

    The Manti La Sals hold a special place in My Vickies heart, so I hope to get up there with her one day and she can show me all the beauties of that mountain range.

    She is hoping you have more pictures of that are for us in your ocming posts.

    Sending love to all of you.
    (You might have noticed, we are choosing Not to hear the medical stuff) Reality sucks sometimes so My Vickie and I have gotten pretty good at ignoring it.

  9. I would love to echo NCMountainwoman's words. My feelings are just the same as hers and she always writes with such understanding.

    Jo and the Petz

  10. Paws crossed for K. Great pictures!

  11. I've been catching up on the posts of your desert/mountain sojourn. Incredible landscapes. Enjoy your girl now, KB. The photos of her tell me she is enjoying you.

  12. I hope K is feeling better today. The pictures are all beautiful, I especially love the one where K is between the tree. What a beautiful face.

    Anne and Sasha

  13. KB you are in my heart. The beauty of your photos and knowing you share these places with K gives me great joy. Special hugs today. Love Carol

  14. That picture of K in the trees is absolutely wonderful. She is such a photogenic beauty! I'm hoping she is feeling well enough for more romps. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. Breathe the glow deep into your soul and stroll laughingly through the meadow. Today, right now, is all that is meaningful. There are other days for giving in to pain and sadness.

  16. I am just getting caught up on your posts! What amazing pictures from your trip! I am glad to hear that you had a wonderful time and K too!

    I hope that K feels better, and that you both enjoy the romp in the meadow!

  17. Ann...from THE OUTER BANKS OF NC said...I agree don't give into sadness.. just ...give K time to feel better...And just think.. pets know our feelings as well as we know theirs... so maybe you have heard that song "don't worry be happy" every things gonna be all right well that's what I'm hoping(for better days)I'm sure you will be greatly blessed by just being together and sharing the love you have... keep a smile in your heart your pictures are just amazing! give K and R some really big bear hugs...I'm still thinking about the pictures of the bears.. God Bless..hope everyone feels better tomorrow...

  18. I'm sorry that you're sad today, and I'm so glad that you have the memories and photos of your recent lovely trip to cheer you. Enjoy K today -- I have a feeling you'll make each other smile!

  19. I'm sorry K is not feeling well but I'm sure even if it's not romping your time with K will be spectacular because it will be time with K! I can't believe how big those Aspen trees look next to K. :)

  20. The photos are sp beautiful! I cannot even imagine seeing such beauty.
    I know that the days ahead- you and K will each find ways to make each other smile.

  21. Beautiful photos and that one of K peeking through the trees is lovely.
    I hope K will make you smile today.
    Take care.

  22. We are sorry to hear that K is not feeling so well...and you too. We do love that beautiful look in her eyes!! Lovely pictures of your trip!
    Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  23. We're glad to hear that you found snow, K. It's so much better than the extreme heat! Such beautiful photos!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  24. Great countryside with the big mountins..I checked your area on Google Maps. Really exciting. Do what you can with K and let K tell you what to do. She will tell you when its not ok.
    Sending you all of our love to you, hugs from us!

  25. such beautiful images! enjoy every day with your pack...special hugs for K.....

  26. Sometimes there are little bumps in the road, but you and K overcome them so wonderfully.

    Thinking about you both!

  27. I am pretty sure that K will always find a way to make you smile! What a beautiful and special trip!

    Your pal, Pip

  28. I'm betting K will have a good few more romping days left . Thinking of you.

  29. I hope K is feeling even better today and your romp around brightened your spirits. We think of you every day!

  30. When I think of K, I always think of her glowing. I hope she's feeling better today!

  31. You've given K more incredible adventures than most dogs ever DREAM of! I'm glad that you'll be by her side every step of her final adventure.

  32. I hope that K is feeling better today and that your spirit has been lifted by your stroll together.

    We're praying for better days ahead!

    Lily Belle

  33. Sending purrs and prayers for K to feel better.

    We are glad you had such a lovely time on your trip! We love seeing all the photos!

  34. Sending bushels of wishes, thoughts, hugs and healing vibes for your girl. It is so normal to be sad but you have always shown us how to live in the moment.
    Peace to you today.

  35. I'm sorry to hear K is not doing great. This part of the journey is indeed very hard. You want to enjoy every second that's left, but our human brain's can't help but think about what's coming down the road. Try to remember that there will be time to be sad later. The time now is for enjoying with K. (Easier said than done, I know, since we were just there a few months ago.)

    Beautiful pictures, btw.

    Hang in there,
    Jackie (Angel Abby's mom from Tripawds)

  36. Hi Y'all,

    Playin' catch up. So glad y'all had such an amazing trip together. Thanks for taking the time to share your special moments.

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  37. Sorry to hear about the leg. Would a brace help her?

  38. There are certainly some extremes when you get into the mountainous areas. I'm glad you are able to pull up memories of your trip to get through. I struggle for words to say and all seem inadequate. But my thoughts and heart are with you.

  39. Sorry to read that K is not feeling so hot but glad she's better today than your last post. And cool to have been able to move between desert and La Sals - we had temp extremes in S Utah when we were there as well! Keep a smile xxxxxxx
    Sam, Avalon and Mom


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