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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ferocious face and bears!

We had a canine visitor today, and R had a wild wrestling game with him.
R looked far more ferocious in that photo than any of the bears that I've ever photographed with my trail cameras. I entered one of my favorite bear photos from this year in a contest. This big male bear was marking a tree during mating season.
I'd like to ask a favor. I'd be incredibly grateful if you could go to the Trailcampro photo contest and vote for my photo. To do so, click on this LINK and then, on that page, click "VOTE HERE". My photo is number 138 in the "US and Canadian Category". Please notice that you are *not* required to give your name and email address. You can just vote for my photo by entering its number. The winner gets a trail camera.

As you know, I adore trail cameras so I'd be incredibly happy to win. My trail cameras have been such fun, even through the inevitible tough times.

Every year, I use trail cameras to stake out bear marking trees to see the crazy marking dances done by the males during mating season.
And, I watch closely for the new cubs that appear each year. We followed this family for all of last summer.
Finally, I even sometimes get lucky enough to find an occupied bear den in the winter, like in 2010. K and I were out for a hike in the snow, and I noticed a hole under some rocks. We investigated and found three bears snuggled in the cave. I posted a trail camera next to the den, and I got to witness the secret life of a bear family as it emerged from hibernation in the spring.

Here, mom appeared to be telling her yearling cubs to behave themselves.
But the two cubs had irrepressible energy. This was one of the funnier play photos that I captured.
So, if I win the contest, I will be over-the-moon happy to win another trail camera, and I promise to share the photos that I capture with you.

Here are the instructions on how to vote once more: Click on this LINK and then click "VOTE HERE". My photo is number 138 in the "US and Canadian Category". Please notice that you are *not* required to give your name and email address. You can just vote for my photo by entering its number.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!


  1. Holy Dog R sure throws his whole being into his playing. Love it.
    Headed over to vote right now!

  2. Wow! I thought I made some demonic faces, but R wins paws down!

  3. Talk about a commitment to living! What a boy! And of course, we voted! Good luck!

  4. That's a scary face! I voted

  5. I voted, then found I also had to do an International vote.Hope you win. Love the dogs together, such teeth. Cheers. Jean.

  6. Love the mean face picture! My 2 play like that with each other and their doggie friends a lot. It's funny how fierce they look. And I just got done voting for you, hope you win!!!

  7. R you look meaner that a Grizzly Bear!
    We love your bear photos, and we just voted.
    We hope you win!

  8. Just voted and hope you win too. That way we all will have another camera for you to get the amazing pictures you do. Good luck.


  9. I just got through voting and even if I didn't know you, I would have voted for yours. I love the two yearlings playing and Way to go catching that great look with R. You cheered up my night.
    Bert's My Vickie

  10. I'm laughing so hard at R's scary face! So funny! Now I'm headed over to vote! Sure hope you win that camera. We appreciate everything you show us on the trail!
    Erica :)

  11. I love your Trail Cam pictures! You definitely got my vote!

    I love that shot of R. It cracks me up to get shots of our dogs looking different from how I usually know them!

  12. Ann...from ..THE OUTER BANKS OF NC...said...I just voted too..Good Luck and Hope you win KB...thanks for including us...great shot of the bears I really enjoyed the ones of the bear and cub sweet..with the motherly love...I took a deep breath and then smiled... with the hilarious picture of R and his friend...oh he is having fun and he's a matter what he does....He hasn't forgot all the good times he has had with his sister (precious K) enjoy every moment sweet R......HUGS

  13. Just voted, too!

    Good luck! You have such amazing pictures, I don't know how you were able to narrow it down to just one!

  14. Done! And I love the bitey-face photos ;~)

    Hugs from SoCal --


  15. Loved the done! Good luck! Heather

  16. The picture of R playing made me laugh out loud! He looks like a crazed demon- what a cutie!

    Voted for your pic; I hope you win the contest!

    Heather, Bear and PeeWee

  17. My votes in. Good luck! What a great capture of that bear den. :)
    It looks like R has been watching those Twilight movies again. LOL!

  18. Entered and best of luck wishes. The prize would be for our benefit too :-)

  19. What great first picture...of course I vote for you but I have problems.
    I do as you write...but where do I enter your number. I go to vote here and then page 3 and find you number and picture and then...
    Can we from abroad not vote?

  20. Aaaakkkk! Those are terrifying faces!!!

    Wonderful bear shots!

    We voted!

  21. We voted for you. Have a happy Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  22. Oh girl you knows I went and voted! It's always fun to sees wildlife from your camera cuz dat is da closest I'll evers be...except fur squirrels and possums...hehehe.
    Dat pikture of R is AWESOME and so cracks me up.


  23. I voted.

    Good luck to you!!


  24. R is so ferocious! Voted, good luck!

  25. I just voted for your photo!!! Good Luck!

    Just look at that face!!! Are you sure you don't have a vampire in your house?

  26. We will go vote....those are huge toys as big as our little!! What fun! Just Me Stella Rose

  27. All set, i voted. Hope you win!

  28. We too cast our vote for you! Go KB!! There are some amazing pictures on there ~ Wow!

    R and his buddy look like their doing a canine rendition of The Big Bad Wolf & Goldilocks. My what big teeth you have.....

    Love it!!

    Lily Belle

  29. R and his guest look as ferocious as we do!
    We voted!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  30. Just voted! Those are some fierce doggies! ;)

  31. I get such enjoyment viewing your wildlife videos and photos, of course I voted! Good luck.

    Great picture of R and so happy to see him enjoying a good play time.

  32. I voted, naturally -- the more trail cameras you have, the more enjoyment of your GORGEOUS photos we all have! I've been sharing your trail photos with my husband, who's not a blog-reader, and he adores them, too. I'll see if I can get him to cast a vote, too -- after all, he's enjoying the photos as much as I am.

    And LOVE the photo of R playing! Such fun silly labs have pretending to be fierce, when we all know they're just big love puddles!

  33. Ferocious face and all, we know R is just a great big love!

    Off to vote. Can we vote more than once. If so, keep reminding us. We want you to win.

  34. i would love for you to win the camera, your photos are awesome and you are so kind to share some of the images with us! I am off to vote!

  35. R has gone total insane cracker dog! Woo hoo!

    You have my vote!

    Mango Momma

  36. My Mom voted for you!
    Good Luck!
    We just know you'll win.:)
    ♥ Cinnamon and Linda

  37. I voted and that is a great shot! I hope you win.


  38. WOWSERS dats some serious bitey face looks goin on dere.........BOL
    Wee has voted Ms KB wee sure nuff hopes yoo wins cos wee does lovs yor photys so muchly

    Da Kresty Krew
    xxxx xxxx

  39. I was happy to vote for you. Good luck

    Anne and Sasha

  40. Good luck! You have such incredible bear pictures, I don't know how you narrowed it down to just one!


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