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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Little Rascals

I'll start with the little rascals. I spent a lot of time trying to squirrel-proof our bird houses, adding sheet metal so that the squirrels couldn't chew through them and adding hole-guards so that the squirrels couldn't enlarge the holes. However, despite my efforts, I was puzzled to notice that there seemed to be no birds in the houses this year. Then, I saw this.
Grrrrrr. Doesn't he look self-satisfied? He's even sticking his tongue out at me! Here's another angle of the rascal. He looks like he might be stuck in there, like Winnie the Pooh got stuck in a hole after eating too much honey.

On a different topic, although K has been doing a million times better than I expected, I've noticed how much the heat slows her down. So, I decided that it was time for me to fight my natural night-owl tendencies and get up really early to walk her around sunrise. We didn't quite make it out for sunrise this morning but we were out in the cool air. K was happy! She led the way happily up a hill in the reddish light just after sunrise.
Then, K paused in the dappled shade of an aspen tree.
It was really worth getting up early because K was so much peppier in the almost nippy air. I'm going to try to get out early consistently, even though it's incredibly hard for me to be awake for sunrise at this time of year. I wish that I were a natural early-bird.

It would be fun to see both sunrise and sunset when the days are so long. K and I consistently see the sunsets. They've been incredible due to the smoke and the thunder clouds. It makes it look as if the Continental Divide is on fire (it's not).
As I took these photos of the sunset, I didn't try to deter K from her job. She covered my back. I realized that protecting me is an important part of who K is - even if she makes me worry that she might get hurt protecting me.
After the sunset, we spotted two male Western Tanagers nearby. They are the most colorful bird in our pine forests. Some summers, I never see one. This year, I've been lucky to see several. I wish that I'd see one in full light so that I could get a photo that really showed his brilliant colors. You'll have to take my word for it because this photo was at dusk and from a long distance.
On the fire front, everyone is still on high alert, and it's nerve-wracking. We have a pile of things right next to the door ready to be whisked to a vehicle if we have to evacuate, and our van is packed with the things that we'd need for living while evacuated. Moreover, our most precious things, like the incredible painting of K, are now stored down in the city and will stay there until the fire danger moderates. Thank goodness that the weather has been good to us in recent days with little lightning. Now, if we could just have days and days of rain, we could relax.

I hope that you all had a great weekend!


  1. Beautiful, bet K has always had your back..don't forget, the heat slows all of us the squirrel, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  2. Isn't it funny what we will do for our dogs?
    That squirrel looks like the world's smallest hunting trophy.

  3. Those rascally rodents foil us all the time. No matter what you do they always seem to find a way. I too would have difficulty getting up to see the sunrise. Glad you and K had a nice morning hike.


  4. What a shame that the gorgeous sunset comes at such a price! Glad you are allowing K to continue to do her job in life. I can't imagine how upsetting it would be to know that you might have to evacuate at short notice. Here's hoping that doesn't happen.

  5. Another incredible assortment of awesome pictures!!!!

    As for those squirrels, they are crafty rodents!

    It never takes them long to problem solve despite human efforts!

  6. WE are praying for rain for you. We pray for the firefighters, and the homeless and especially the forest creatures that are living in fear as well.

    It was a great idea to move a lot of the irreplaceables down in the city, we sure hope that soon, that will not be necessary

  7. We hope rain comes to you soon and those monstrous fires are contained!

    And glad yo see that K is still enjoying her days with you and able to get about and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. We have our paws crossed for your lovely days together to continue for quite some time.

  8. Phantom is very bothered by the heat this year. He walks very slowly on our nighttime strolls, but he still wants to go. We hope you get rain too, then we might see some head our way too.

    We are always up before sunrise, we should come join you for a hike:)

  9. Hee hee. That squirrel did make me laugh... I don't think anything is ever squirrel proof! It does look as though he's a trophy on the wall though!

    Have a great week. :)

  10. Oh my gosh....that western Tanager is beautiful!

  11. I can understand the slowness in the heat. I slow up too. But lucky for me MOM gets up at 4:30 in the morning and walks and plays with me outside for a while before she takes me to daycare and she goes to work. I guess she is a morning person. Loves to see the sun come up. But she is, and this is weird, a night person to. I go to bed long before she does. I hit the pillow at 10, MOM come in between 11:30 and 12:30.
    I will keep praying for rain for both of us. I think I might take up rain dancing. Maybe that will help.
    Grrrrr to the squirrels. Hope that scared them away.

  12. Ann..from..THE OUTER BANKS OF NC...said...hope you had a happy Sunday...we got rain today (forecast said cooler temps and rain coming to your area)..Made me laugh too( The funny and cute pictures of the squirrel)Looks like its head is really stuck...Is it? ...Anyway..morning sunrise walks sounds like a plan...such a beautiful time of the day ...I tend to be a night owl some-times .. but I like getting up early too....KB I love how you pursue these precious moments with K.. as you walk side by together each day.. it's a beautiful journey.... Shine on my friend...Hugs

  13. That little cutie squirrel makes me laugh too, he's really cute and K I'm glad that you have a great day today!

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy Bond

  14. That squirrel does look like he's gotten himself stuck in the birdhouse! Sending hugs to you and k.

  15. The sun glow on K is so beautiful. We love the picture of her walking along and her little back foot is showing.
    Thank goodness for the cool mornings, and that they make K feel good.
    The tanager is beautiful, and the sunset too.
    I think the squirrel truly might be stuck. Maybe he ate all the nuts he stored in there.

  16. I love the squirrel photos...I hope he's not stuck :-)
    My OH gets up very early to take Annie out and then she sleeps most of the day while he has to go out and do a days work! It's a good plan for K.

    I hope the rain comes for you.

  17. Squirrel is just too cute, even if he is sticking his tongue out at you. :)

  18. Wow, awesome Tanager...didn't realize they lived there! When I was in CO last year, my favorite were the Stellar's Jays!

  19. I had a good laugh about the pictures of the squirrel....update us on that one.
    Great light in the pictures of K and the hills. The sunset is fantastic.
    I hope to get up early this weekend to look for some moose calves maybe and enjoy the sunrise.
    hugs from Sweden!

  20. HOL funny with the squirrel. That really made our day. Love to K. Have a happy Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  21. We're so happy to hear that you are still enjoying life in the mountains and that K is right there by your side! Your pic's are amazing as always.

    Did the squirrel make it out of his little hiding spot?

    Lily Belle

  22. A Colorado friend of mine is also planning a storage in her town so she just doesn't have to worry about precious things.

    Good for you, night owl, to be able to get up with K and walk in the am. I am also a life long night owl, and I should do the same thing for Stella and I. I'm thinking about it, anyway!

    K has an appt tomorrow?

    All best wishes,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  23. Whaya sneeky little kid, sheeesh

    I'm so glad K is doing well. The heat is slowing evewyone down(Mommi is pwactically comatose) thesunwise and sunset look gowgoos.
    Smoochie kisses

  24. I'm not an early bird, either! I do enjoy the early mornings during the times when I'm up to appreciate them, but I really like that pillow, and I'm also a night owl. I'm glad that you and K got to enjoy the time together, though!

    Those squirrels! I have to laugh. What else can you do? He seems so pleased with his deluxe accommodations!

  25. That squirrel looks stuck to me! Beautiful photos and I'm glad you all are safe

  26. Rain in the forecast later this week!!!!!!! And maybe the fires are finally beginning to be contained. I am glad, however, you have stashed the most precious things you wouldn't have time to pack up if you were to evacuate.

    Those squirrel photos crack me up! Yes, he's a naughty guy, but just try getting photos that cute of grasshoppers!!!

  27. Still praying for rain for you guys...the tanager is so beautiful..hope you can a snag a pic when the sun is glowing on it's feathers. K's fur is so huggable!

  28. I got a good laugh at that sneaky squirrel! I've never seen a Tanager in person - they're so colorful! Your sunsets shots are amazing - ours have been more brilliant, too, but nothing like yours. I think it's less smoky up here. The portrait of K tugs at my heart - such a good girl! Happy 4th!

  29. Truly, how is that squirrel going to get out of there? It kind of looks like it's in a guillotine.


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