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Saturday, June 30, 2012

A gift...

While I was hiking with K today, I realized that I've allowed a flame of hope ignite in my heart. As I watched K happily trotting through the forest, I thought, "maybe, just maybe, the new anti-cancer drugs are working". I was thinking about this partly because K has a cancer check-up on Tuesday. Indeed, back when I made her upcoming appointment a month ago, we thought that K might not be alive by the time the appointment date arrived.

Then, in the midst of the maelstrom of thoughts swirling through my head, I realized that I actually have what I want right now. A happy K hiking with her happy brother R.

It's hard being human. Our nature makes us always look to the future. I tend to miss the obvious - the gift that is right in front of me.
The other evening, K and I went for an evening hike. Because K hasn't liked to clamber on boulders since her osteosarcoma tumors appeared six months ago, I had her do a "sit-stay" while I climbed out onto a rocky promontory for a better view of the smoky and fiery sunset.
Then, I looked over my shoulder. My K had broken her "sit-stay" to stand guard over me. She's taken this role for her entire adult life. When I'm peering through my viewfinder and not watching my back, she does it for me. My best friend is still here and watching over me.

I scrambled up to her for a big hug. A gift...


  1. Very wise words today! We do often miss the gifts right in front of us when we look too far into the future. I am so happy that K is still with you, enjoying life the way she always has!

  2. Just look at that sweet and on guard for you...K is such a protector of her loving KB!

  3. As always, beautiful words accompany beautiful photos.

    Sam and Pippen

  4. Your girl deserves all the many hugs she gets! I was looking back at some of my old posts and came upon the one I wrote for K "Pillar of Strength." That was in the winter and now it's summer and many happy memories later she's still with you and enjoying life. Yes, how hard it is for us humans not to worry and grieve. Thankfully our furry friends have none of that need to look into the future. Whatever this next week brings, remember that K is still feeling well enough to enjoy your beautiful hikes (and her hugs).

  5. Very beautiful words and pcitures today. I do hope your woryr over a fire hitting your area have lessened.

    Beautiful K as always.

  6. Yep, live in today, and live it to its fullest. K is just such a gift herself. Look at her watching over you. You are so lucky to have that girl in your life!

  7. I know how hard it is to switch off those worrisome thoughts and focus on here and now. Our dogs are experts at living in the present moment. I love beautiful K and handsome R! May you have many more perfect days with your dear K.

  8. I love the look on K's face. It's as if she is asking, "What do you mean, stay there? I've got a job to do and that's to keep your back when you're distracted." Just lovely and so sweet.

  9. You're making lovely memories, and two dogs very happy. What more could you ask for? :)

  10. KB, I was so happy to read about the hope you've found but then you made me cry-reading of K's standing guard over you. May she continue to rally strong for a good long while. Sending love your way.
    Noreen & Hunter

  11. I still have tears in my eyes from reading this post. It was very touching. It is so true that we tend to always look ahead instead of admiring what is right in front of us. K is such a special gift! Good luck on your early morning hikes. :)

  12. You know, KB, she looks good. I had a dog with cancer, granted he was 14, but he looked it. She looks like she's aged a bit- but healthy still. Been thinking about you and my family this week as I've been getting dumped on by rain...been sending it to you mentally ;)

  13. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and you beautiful words.


  14. This is so true. I think K will always be guarding you and have your back. :-)

  15. All the pics are great! That sunset is really something . . .is it fire that is making all the red?

    The last picture of K alone is just perfect. She is a serious girl, taking care of her Mom!


    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  16. Too often we neglect to remember that!

    Please thank K!

    I mean - a woman in our county was gored and killed by a buck on Friday - as her kids watched -

    One never knows what Fate has in store for us

  17. I think when we let go of hope we let go of life. For me hope comes in many ways and one of those ways is soaking up the moment at hand. I see that in K.

  18. We always felt that K was looking out for you. Not only has she been a gift to you- but a gift to us also- to show us to let go and live in the moment- right now.
    We will keep you all in our thoughts as you go for the update to the vet.
    The photos- we just love! Gorgeous K and R- and beautiful sunset,

  19. Ann...from..THE OUTER BANKS OF NC...said....All of this is so true KB and touches my heart so deeply...we all feel the same...its the unfailing love that brings comfort to our souls...there is such beauty inside and out in these two lovely pups...Always remember the three things that will continue forever...Faith...Hope...Love..and you know the greatest is Love.....Love is patient and ...Love is kind ..LOVE never gives up...It always protects...always trusts...always hopes..always perseveres ...Love never fails.....and I'm sending smiles...A smile is contagious > so pass it around grows with every day....Hugs

  20. That last photo is just perfect. It shows K taking her role as a guard very seriously. You are very right about our tendency to look forward and miss the present. You're doing very well. AS someone I respect said, Serve and Stay Hopey.

    Can you give me some tips on how to expand my blog? I notice you have a huge circle of followers and fans with tonnes of comments with every post. What do I need to do to have so many friends?

    I'll be back,

  21. I love how you take in every moment you can with K. She is strong because of you and for you. K is beautiful and I am so glad to be able to share her through your eyes.

    Anne and Sasha

  22. K is truly remarkable. She takes her strength of character from you. Beautiful photos.

  23. Hugs are the best gifts! Gorgeous photos, KB.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  24. Lovely post and pictures and have a great Sunday!
    Best wishes Molly

  25. You can be sure, K will always watch over you! She is such a special dog. Your "once in a lifetime dog", I am pretty sure.
    I LOVE that second picture, of K and R looking away into the distance.
    Hugs and have a nice sunday,
    Tina in Germany

  26. Lovely pictures of K and R. The sky looks exciting from the fires...
    Yes you have a great girl with you and a special bond, thats for sure.
    Tyra ate 2 birds yesterday who escaped from the nest, I manage to save one of them. Sad but thats nature to, shes a hunting dog.
    Hugs from Sweden!

  27. Once again, through our tears, we find renewed hope reading about K. We cross our paws daily for you and yours.

    Lily Belle

  28. We think of you and K daily, and hope you have many more days of perfect moments together. Sending hugs to both of you.


  29. Hi Y'all,

    This is the most wonderful post! Our paws are still crossed and you are still in both my Humans prayers.

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  30. You are an amazing woman, KB. No wonder K chose you to be hers.

    The last photo just did me in ~

  31. Very heart touching post. I always feel the love when I visit.
    ♥hugs for you♥

  32. this is such a powerful lesson for us all. thank you. I have had this realization many times and had to pull myself back into the reality of now, not my imagination of the future.

  33. K is amazing but so are you. You've found the ability to make every moment special and to find the best part of every day.


    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  34. That's got to be one of the most incredible posts ever. You've left tears of joy steaming down my face!


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