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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Joy of Dogs

Several of you have asked if we're being impacted by the horrific wildfire near us. We smell the smoke but, thankfully, we are not in its path. My brother and his family had to drive near it on Sunday, when it was less than half the size that it is now. This was my sister-in-law's dramatic iPhone photo.
We know people who are close to its path, and our thoughts are with them and with all the wildlife who are running for their lives. Smelling the smoke does scare me, especially for the sake of K's lungs. I've noticed some outward signs that her lung mets are starting to impact her breathing. I hope that the smoke doesn't accelerate that process.

For the moment, I'm truly learning to take it day-by-day. K had a somewhat down day yesterday, and I was worried. I wouldn't call it a "bad" day by any means. However, I could definitely see that her ability to romp was hindered by her lungs. Being a dog, she simply enjoyed things at a slower pace. She rolled in the grass, nibbled on berries, and occasionally leaped over a log. I moved more slowly too and just rejoiced that my girl is still here. K is still a very happy dog.
I've realized that, because K was about 8 years old when she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma almost 6 months ago, she has lived 1/16th of her life since her diagnosis. She's lived it joyfully. Aside from my stupid human habit of worrying and grieving in advance, we've had an incredibly happy time. K has shown me that every single day is for living, and I mean truly living. These past 6 months have been a gift.

Her brother doesn't need to be reminded to live with abandon.
At this moment, I am surrounded by dogs, reminding me that it's time to go have fun. It's time for our sunset hike! We'll keep on living, with the joy of dogs, for as long as we can.

Oh, I almost forgot, our friend (and bird expert) Luisa was absolutely right about the raptor in my post yesterday. It was a red-tailed hawk. When the light was just right, we saw a hawk with a brilliant red tail visit the hole in the cliff, and we thought that he was trying to eat a nestling.  In retrospect, he was undoubtedly a parent to those nestlings. Thank you, Luisa!


  1. That 'fire' picture is so incredible! Our hearts are heavy just thinking of all those in its path (weather it be human or animal.) Just so dang sad.

    Hang in there K and know it's OK to take life a little easier these days. Sometimes we all have to slow down a tad just so we can smell the roses once again!

    Lily Belle

  2. I have been thinking of friends in Colorado and are praying for those affected to be safe and that those who have lost so much, find peace.

    You continue to inspire and remind me to find joy in the journey, no matter where we are. Thank-you for that.

  3. R so made me smile!

    Glad you aren't I danger but sorry for K's lungs -

    Thanks got the info on the bird ID - we have two pairs 'here' and usually see them on our walks

  4. What an incredible picture. And you're right, everyday with them is a gift we don't often realize
    Nola's Mom

  5. That smoke shot was incredible but terrifying as well.
    Abandon. That reminded my MOM of a message she gave about wild abandon and how we should live in such a way. I think you have inspired her to give that message again with some new insights.

  6. Gosh those fires are so scary. Glad they are not in your path
    Benny & Lily

  7. I sure wish everyone safe from that horrible fire. K is just as beautiful as ever and R just as goofy! How nice you have that comic relief. :)

  8. So glad you are not near the fire and safe...and K is as beautiful as ever. May there be many more beautiful romping days for you, K, and her brother to share together. Thinking of you...

  9. I've been reading through a few posts and enjoying all the photos (except for the fire, windstorm, and snake). But then like you said, after the sandstorm, there was much to be thankful for and admire, like that beautiful flower growing against all odds.

  10. Oh, shucks, KB, thank YOU for the very kind mention!

    Stunning portrait of K!! As others have already said, I'm glad you're not in danger from the fire and I hope the smoke won't trouble K any more than it has.

    Pats to all, and take care --


  11. Oh that R is a character. I hope you enjoyed your sunset hike and we pray that you guys will be safe from fires, as we pray for the people and wildlife that are in its path. Utah is getting pretty bad too. They went specialty teams from Idaho down her that parked in front of our place while they strategized.
    be safe and give K a big hug for us.

  12. I was FAR too close to a wildfire in 2007, just after I moved here, and they scare the $^#( right outta me. But if you're looking for a human hero, you can't go wrong with the wildland firefighters. Those people are amazing!

    Every lab I've ever met has been an expert at living life with abandon. R is among excellent company there. Silly boy!

    K looks fabulous. That glow she's got isn't just sunlight, it comes from within as well. The sun only brings it out a bit.

  13. We have seen on the news the fires and the drought. Hope you, and friends and family stay safe. Every day with K is a true bonus.Live one day at a time to the fullest. Cheers from Jean

  14. Wow! That fire picture is definitely dramatic! I can't imagine a fire of that magnitude.

    I thought of our time with Treat and Lilac near the ends of their lives as a gift, too! The time became a lot more precious as I realized how finite it was.

  15. Ann.. from ..THE OUTER BANKS OF NC....We got rain today ..sure wish some of the people there could have got some too..It is so what I have heard on the news everyone is working so hard to get the wildfires under control I just hope everyone can be safe... Spending time with K and R ...having those beautiful faces looking at you..are so sweet and true...and it is one of the loveliest blessings that God has given to you...Rejoice in every joy is time...(I want to say)and everyone will agree.. you all are special..and it is time to say..(thank you) for sharing with us your beautiful journey ...May God bless you each and every day for that special bond you have..Hugs...

  16. PLEASE stay safe and I pray the wildfires stay far from you. Some of our National Guard around here flew out today to help fight the wildfires in Colorado.

    K is as beautiful as ever - the sun only compliments the beauty she already has. I love that pic you got of R - like he tasted something and says "YUM".
    Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta

  17. Fire photos like that strike fear in my very core. It is not until you live out here, away from the urban blinders that you begin to understand the fierceness that is a part of this incredibly beautiful landscape...the same fierceness that K lives naturally -and you have learned to understand on this journey.

  18. Sending you all peace. Enjoy each day!

  19. I am so glad you are not in the path of the fire. That is scary. I am wishing you all a beautiful day.

    Anne and Sasha

  20. Glad to hear K is still happy and you are able to continue building more wonderful memories. Amazing smoke photograph!

  21. I'm glad you're not in danger. Your wildfires have been on the news here in the UK and of course I thought of you. I think of K often too, I'm glad she is happy.
    It's not stupid to worry and grieve in advance, it's what we do. You have given K a wonderful life, she is beautiful on the inside and the outside too.
    Take care and stay safe xx

  22. Yes Indeed, were so blessed to have a precious friend like K, she has a strong personality and she's still fighting and enjoying her life. :D

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy Bond

  23. The wildfires are absolutely frightening! Our thoughts are with everyone in its path.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  24. the wildfire is horrific, my prayers go out to those in the path, and to you and K fighting through this difficult time...

  25. Dat foto of da smoke is almost hauntin'...but incredible at da same time. I hope everyone near stays safe.
    K is doin' what so many hoomans should be doin' life to da fullest and not takin' a second of it fur granted.


  26. Oh my gosh, that fire looks terrible. We live in a bushfire prone area and know the devastation they can cause. We hope everyone is ok. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  27. We are sending positive thoughts to K and to all the people affected in any way by the horrible fires. The aerial shots on TV are very frightening indeed.

  28. Thanks for relieving my fears about how close you are to the fires. I think of you every morning as I watch the Weather Channel. I also think of the wildlife that is running for their lives.

    Praying you receive a lot of rain soon to hopefully dampen or extinguish those flames.

    I always comment on K's soulful look but gotta love R - what a cute boy he is!

    Chester's Mom ;0-)

  29. I thought about you last night when I saw this on the news! Glad to hear that you are not in the path:)

  30. Incredible photo!!! So happy to hear it's not in your path!!
    K looks so stunning there:) Yes her brother does look goofy, but in a very good way!
    Here's wishing you more fond memories to hold on to.

  31. Hope that the wind blows away from you with the smoke so K wont breath it. Lovely picture on her. I´m happay to be with my pack. Just now 4 of them is sleeping here in the sofa :-) Tyra is already in my bed :-)
    Hugs from us and time to sleep here.

  32. Last night I was extra tired and did not make it to bloggys so here I am tonight.
    We have been so worried about all of you. Were sad about all the animals lives that are being lost, and all the homes being destoyed and the life that was lost too. The photo you shared was incredible.
    And the photo of K and R having good times.. we are thankful that you all can share this time together...
    We also thought of something else.
    You are so giving. Giving in the way that you are sharing with us.
    We know that somedays are harder than others.,,,you have been a gift to so many of us.
    We have become a part of our family, and ,,,, we thank you.

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