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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fires, fires, fires

Thanks so much for all of your kind words about the Colorado fires. Although we are extraordinarily worried right now, other parts of Colorado are having a much tougher time. Our thoughts are with them.

Today was one of the more stressful days that I can remember. Our amazing peaceful time in the high mountain meadow last weekend seemed like years ago. Over the weekend, the Duo enjoyed each other while playing in that meadow.
And, K looked regal while standing in front of a towering mountain.
This morning, our world seemed calm enough. The nearby large fire was not growing, and I had time for a bike ride after K and I hiked.

Because of our drought, many wildflowers are not blooming this year. One of my favorites, Prince's Pine (a wintergreen) is suffering. So, a month ago, I chose one plant on one of my usual riding routes to water every time I pass it. Each time I pass it, I give it a little of my drinking water. Well, that one plant had one blossom today! It's such a delicate little flower. Seeing this flower makes me feel like I can help at least one suffering plant.
Later in my ride, views of the big wildfire hit me hard. As the crow flies, this fire isn't that far from us but the prevailing winds tend to blow it away from us. Of course, others are in its path, and we're thinking of them.
I saw the aerial bombardment underway. Huge tanker planes dropped fire retardant...
Helicopters dropped water.
Later in the day, these fiery visions seemed benign. An intense lightning storm came through our area and struck ground in several different places near our house. At one point soon after the storm, at least 3 wildfires were burning within a half mile of our house. It was time for a full-out sprint to put the last things in the vehicles, close all the house windows, unlock all the house doors, turn on all the lights in the house, load the dogs, and escape.

Just as I finished that process, I received word that all the fires that were looming so close to our house were contained. I collapsed into a chair, my adrenal glands depleted. I needed a cup of coffee to get moving again because my exhaustion was so complete.

Now, we're going for a little "sunset" hike to try to relax... More storms are forecasted for tomorrow - our whole community is now terrified of lightning storms. Most of all, I'd far prefer to be having relaxing days with K than be monitoring dangerous fires all day long.

Many thanks to the dedicated firefighters who have controlled the fires that have broken out very near my house in recent days. Now, please, let it rain!


  1. Thanks for the update. As you can imagine, you have all been on the minds of many of us bloggers all day today. We hope it pours like crazy there tonight with NO lightning. Such a terrifying time for all of you there. Stay safe and take care.


  2. Thank you for an update. We're thinking of you and all the others

  3. Yes, I too am praying for rain and NO lightning strikes! You're in our thoughts. Take care --


  4. wow.....i just can't imagine...i feel so horrible for those that have lost their homes, and those that are at safe, be ready and know that i am praying for you and colorado....

  5. We here at Team Beaglebratz have been hoping and eagerly waiting you would be able to give us an u[date. I am so very glad that you are ok - sounds like you are a bit like me in that you are very happy the immediate scare is over but so tired from the continuous monitoring of what is going on. Please stay safe and likely keep things packed for that unknown moment you may need to evacuate. Sending prayers for your safety and prayers for a nice slow but steady and cooling rainfall WITHOUT lightening.
    Mom Kim

  6. You are in my thoughts so very much.Finally today our TVNZ showed footage of the fires, the huge planes dropping fire retardant,and I see on the net places for mail deliveries, anmial shelters or kennels,evacuation centres and all else, and yes, I think too of those who have lost. Stay safe in the midst of all this.Fond greetings from Jean

  7. We have been watching the news and facebook and everything we can find to see how the fires are going. We are constantly thinking of all the humans and furries that are afraid.
    We are thinking of the firefighters too. How brave they are.

    I know that little thirsty tree that you have been watering thanks you!
    Here are huggs for our sweet K and R and you and runner.
    Please Mother Earth- please let it rain!

  8. Have been thinking about you all day and hoping you and your home was safe... Fires are so scary...

    Praying for those in CO who are threatened by or have lost their homes to these fires.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Brutus & Ellie

  9. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all! We will be praying for rain for everyone affected. It must have made your heart soar to see that flower bloom. :)

  10. Happy to hear your fire threats have been contained. Hopefully you can relax now and the rains will come and put out all the fires. Very scary. Was wondering why you unlock all the doors and turn the lights on?

  11. Anonymous,

    As for the unlocked doors, I think that it's so that firefighters can come into the house if needed to save it. Apparently, the firefighters also like the lights on for when they're trying to save a house at night... I'd guess that the power would be out by then... but I just follow their requests.

    Thanks to everyone!

  12. Sending along many prayers for everybody in Colorado....hoping and praying for RAIN!!! Stay safe!!! I, too, was wondering about the unlocking of the doors and turning the lights on?

  13. Our hearts are in our throats as we worry about your family's safety. Sending every bit of positive thought and magic the WDA can muster north. We KNOW what the closeup view of a burned mountainside looks like and we weep tears that we wish we could send to help contain the fires.

    Thank you. You make a world of difference to that one little plant you water. You are awesome.

  14. I would be so freaked out right now if I was in your place. Fires scare the crap out of me. Keep safe.

  15. I have my fingers crossed for all of you to be safe during this crazy fire season. I hope things are back to relative normal for you soon! Sending lots of good thoughts your way!

  16. Rain, rain go away from Vancouver and go to Colorado. I just sent you some Vancouver rain. Hope it helps.

    This too shall pass. Keep your chin up.

    I'll be back,

  17. You will continue to keep you in our thoughts
    Benny & Lily

  18. OH KB, I hope that you are resting peacefully in your bed as I write this. I am so sorry you all are having to live on the edge. IT seems that you have been living on the edge for a really really long time.

    Be so careful
    Bert and My Vickie

  19. I'm so sorry that you all are having to go through this. It's so sad and scary to have your forest burn and to worry about yourself and others. I've had family and friends effected by AZ fires in the past fears. It's very unsettling. This time of year I don't like to leave town because of worry about fires. Hang in there. I'm thinking of you and sending lots of positive thoughts of rain with no dry lightning your way.

  20. Ann..from..THE OUTER BANKS OF NC...said...Hope all is well ..I have been hearing and seeing the pictures about the fires there..I sure do lift up all that are in need the throne of know all it takes is ( one) person and I know there are many_ to reflect the heart of God _and the tide of the day will change.. I pray all are looking with their hearts...So I do wish it would end the fires..."Every day is a new day"..Bet K and R agree on that one..because they are so beautiful together..Forever grateful for my my friends...hugs

  21. Sending more gusts of wind AWAY from your house. Love your beautiful flower.

  22. You know me and MOM are saying our prayers for you and all those effected. We just got back from a walk to a place that me and my friends play and it too has been set on fire. But they have it out now. But to walk through the blackness is sad.

  23. I'm so worried about y'all and everyone in the path of the fires. :(

    Stay safe. My best thoughts are with y'all...

  24. So much on your mind right now!
    I am praying for rain for you.
    Take care, stay safe.

  25. This is really disgusting, I hope everyone is fine and safe.

    Shock Collars | Human and Puppy Bond

  26. We wish you all the rain that we are having here in Auckland, NZ now.

    Take care - we are thinking of you.

  27. We have your fires on our news too here in Sweden. It´s very sad to see the pictures and videos they show on houses on fire and the great nature you have in Colorado. Hope you will get som rain soon.
    Take care now and hope you can relax today from the stress.
    Hugs from us!

  28. We're hoping for rain too. And very worried about you. Please stay safe and keep us posted.

    Mango Momma

  29. We are so praying for rain and for your safety!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  30. All of you - and the others affected - have constantly been in our thoughts -

    Thanks SO much for taking the time to share an update -

    Paws SO khrossed here!

  31. We're doing a rain dance for you here in NY. How scarey that you can see the planes and choppers so close to you. At least we know you're a good Girl Scout and are prepared to get the heck outta Dodge at a moments notice!

    Thanks for watering that little beautiful plant. We need MORE people like you in this world!

    Lily Belle

  32. OMG, thank god you are okay!! I hope that you guys have rain down there as soon as possible!!!

    Take care,


  33. We're keeping all paws crossed for you and everyone else in Colorado! I'm talking to Mother Nature about sending some rain (withOUT lightning!) over to you.

  34. Your pics of the helicopter and planes trying to douse out the huge area that is burning really helped me to understand why these fires can't be contained. The planes look like toys against the vast landscape.

    My heart goes out to you - this is SO NOT what you need to be dealing with. I am praying the rains will come and drench your thirsty land.

    Hugs to you all,
    Chester's Mom

  35. I think about you many times during the day, and when I do I make it a walk-around prayer. For K's health, for you and the Runner, for your home and for the blessing of rain to fall over the west stopping the fires where they are!

    Hugs all around,


  36. Thinking of safe and we are praying for that rain!!

  37. Thanks for the update. We've been worried! Seeing the photo of the fire behind the Air Force Academy Football stadium left me speechless. It is hard to really understand the enormity of it without such visuals!

    Stay safe friends!

    Mamma Heartbeat

  38. Oh my! What a roller coaster ride of emotions you must be going through with K and the fires. My brother lives in a town very close to Colorado Springs and part of his town is on pre-evac orders. Those firefighters and others involved are doing such a great job!

    Here's to hoping for more rain and less lightning even though I know the storms there don't typically work like that.

    You are in our prayers.

  39. We are so relieved that the fires near you are contained and are crossing all paws (and horse feet) that it stays that way, and that IT RAINS!

  40. Just stopped by to check on you. So glad the fires near you are contained. We are thinking of all the people and critters in CO and praying for rain.


    PS. I'm so glad you kept that box!

  41. Hi Y'all,

    K and R are beautiful.

    Love the delicate flower. It is so sad that the drought is keep them from blooming.

    Paws crossed that the next storm brings RAIN!!!

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  42. My stepdaughters husband is helping fight the fires there. Pretty scary stuff. Where is the rain?

  43. I've never been through what you've been through, but my daughter has -- a few years ago a massive fire burned to within about a mile of where she lived in Idaho, and it was really terrifying for everyone. I know you're taking good care of everyone else, but don't forget to take care of yourself in the process! Praying/dancing for rain and no more lightning strikes....and more prayers going out for the incredible firefighting crews who do such insanely difficult and dangerous work!

  44. Hi KB, So glad to read this-I've been worried about you. I wondered how close the Boulder fire was to you. I'm seeing dark clouds this afternoon and afraid there might be some more lightning. Stay safe friend. BTW, why do you leave the lights on in the house when you leave?
    Hugs, Noreen

  45. It makes me so sad that you can't be spending these days just peacefully loving on K rather than being on evacuation alert :(

    Be Safe ~

  46. Thanks for updating us. We're still purring and praying for all those in the path of these fires. We wish we could have sent you all the rain we had from Debby.

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  47. I know what this all means because we went through it in 2007...not a happy camper...please take care of yourselves and we'll keep in touch!

  48. Still sending you our prayers and keeping you in our thoughts. Be safe.

  49. Thanks for the info on the unlocked doors and lights on. I've had to evacuate before but did not know about this, but it makes sense so will do it if there is ever a next time. Big bear hugs to you all!

  50. Oh goodness, KB. We've been thinking of you. Kona and I stop every morning on our run for you and K. We'll make an extra stop these next days in thought of those fires, all on the frontline, and those in their path. Stay safe.

  51. My goodness. We are all thinking of you over here... the fires sound terrible. Stay safe.

  52. We're not in the line of these fires, but we have the smoke, but that's still no comparison to what people like you are having to endure every day. We, too, keep praying for rain and less wind, that the firefighters will all make it home safely and that no more homes and lives will be lost. Here's to wishing Debby could do a little dumping on us...

    PS: I love what you have done with that wintergreen; I've thought of doing something similar with some of the flowers I've noticed are not springing forth this year.

  53. Wow - that is close to home! I hope you stay out of harms way and we are hoping for rain SOON. The news is so awful and scary, I hope they can contain all the fires soon.
    Jackie (Angel Abby's mom from Tripawds)


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