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Monday, March 18, 2013

Ears and eyes

Shyla and I are racing out each morning, trying to catch the magic sunrise light while it's still at an hour that I can handle.

She has a favorite boulder. The odd thing is that it's one of the only boulders that K never stood on. So, this one is "Shyla's Boulder". 
This year, I've learned that the sunrise light hits this boulder around the winter solstice and then again around the spring equinox. It was cold and windy this morning, so we both sought sunny spots.

Shyla woke up in the middle of the night pawing at one ear. She wasn't her usual bundle of energy this morning...
Indeed, a trip to the vet told us that she had an ear infection. She was a superstar - so very courageous - at the vet, giving everyone kisses who came near her!
My vet mentioned again how happy she was that Shyla is spayed now. Apparently, many bitches around here go into heat at about the spring equinox (March 21).

I'm glad that Shyla never went into heat in the midst of the coyotes who live all around us. Here's a goofball youngster playing  for the camera in our clearing.
And, here's an adult who I believe has something wrong with his left eye. Notice the lack of eye shine in it.
Here is the same adult, with his right eye showing. It does have eye shine.
I believe that I've captured photos of this same individual near our house. Look at how little eye shine he has even in a bright white camera flash.
By contrast, here's a youngster with very shiny eyes.
Long time readers might remember that our alpha male coyote had a wound near his left eye last winter. It looked serious and perhaps infected. I wonder if he lost the sight in that eye, and now we are seeing his dull eye in my photos.

I think that he also lost his alpha status in our coyote pack. Last year, he always traveled right next to a female, and I believed that they were the breeding pair in our coyote pack. Only one pair per pack breeds, and the other coyotes help raise the pups. I'm betting that there's a new alpha male, and our coyote with the damaged eye is now a "helper".

As for my health, I found out the hospital's computer system crashed badly last week, and they do not know when it will be fixed (but it won't be soon). I'm quitting worrying about the biopsy (because the pathology report is lost in the computer someplace). There's no point in ruining perfectly good days over something out of my control.


  1. I can almost feel the sunshine in those first few pictures. It's refreshing because it's been so cold and dreary here.

    Would you believe I've seen two coyotes in the last few weeks! I take the computer train home each night. The train runs along the river and then by several cemeteries. The first coyote was a HUGE male (I assume). He was running along the tracks towards the city while my train was leaving the city. The second coyote was smaller and trotting through a cemetery we passed. There are more and more stories about coyotes living in urban environments at least in here in Chicago. It would be interesting to contrast urban and rural coyotes and see how their behavior differs.


  2. I love Shyla's newfound confidence. She really does seem to be blossoming, and even if she still has days when she doesn't like being in town, I can't blame her. Sometimes I don't like being in town, either! ;)

    I think not worrying is a very good decision on your part! :)

  3. I swear I can never get enough of Shyla pictures. Honestly she is so beautiful. so sweet, so personable.

  4. What kind of meds did Shyla get for her ear, drops? pills? She just looks so cool these days, like she has the world by the tail!

    We have several inches of new snow, high winds, and sub-zero temps. Ah, spring in Minniesnowda!


  5. Shyla sure looks like she enjoys posing for the camera. I'm with Bert...just can't get enough of her pictures.

    Sorry about the computer crash. That stinks.


  6. I would love a little smooch from Shyla. I am also glad that she has "her" own boulder. AND I love your attitude as far as your test results. No sense in not knowing ruining your day. Still in our prayers.

  7. You learned that from K! Enjoy each day as it comes!

  8. I love your attitude about not worrying and I agree with you. I am so happy that Shyla was such a good girl at the vet. She looks beautiful perched on her rock.

    Loveys Sasha

  9. Shyla looks beautiful in the sunlight! Glad that you caught her ear infection early so she could start treatment right away! I will never forget the day a pack of coyotes decided to visit my daughter while she was waiting for the bus in our driveway! It scared the crap out of her! I will continue my prayersbut it is great you are seizing each day!

  10. We hope your ear feels better soon, Shyla!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  11. Sounds like a healthy attitude. You can't control a don't worry. Hope they get it repaired soon though.

    Love looking at the wildlife.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. Your patience for your results is much better then mine would be. I am horrible at waiting. I am sure our way is healthier:)

    Sorry to hear about Shyla's ear but glad she rocked it out at the vet.

  13. Here's to a fast healing for the ear infection.

    We do remember that coyote with the bad eye - you are just so observant of your visitors - you know them all so well.

    Sorry about the computer glitch, but good that you are trying to put it out of your mind. Good thoughts and prayers still headed your way.

  14. It's great news that Shyla did well at the vet's office. I hope her infection clears up quickly--ear infections can be so painful.

    Those earlier and earlier sunrises do become a challenge. This is the beginning of what I call sleep deprivation season because I have to get up so early to get Wrigs on the trail before it gets too warm.

    The coyote shots are great! If the adult coyote's eyesight is impaired, I would think it might affect his hunting skills, but he appears healthy otherwise. Of course, it's hard to tell if he's thin under all that winter hair.

    It's almost unbelievable that the hospital's computer crashed and they're saying they don't know when it will be fixed! Surely all their patient records are on that system? Wow! Let's hope they did frequent backups. Hope they get it sorted out soon and you don't end up having to get the biopsy done again.

    Susan and Wrigs

  15. Bet your boulder is nice and warm from the sun. Hope your ear infection clears up
    Benny & Lily

  16. I'm so glad Shyla did well at the vet's office. She's a rockstar!! I hope her ears feel better soon.

  17. I didn't realise your trail cameras flashed! Does it bother the wildlife?

  18. Those are some really great coyote shots! I'm so glad Shyla got such quick treatment, but I'm so sorry you haven't heard anything yet.

  19. We are thinking of you. Sam gets a lot of ear infections - it always seems to be when I fuss to much with his ears. i.e. clean them a little too often, etc. I've never figured that out.


  20. Hope her ears clear up soon - those are not fun!

    Beautiful photos and also good news that Shyla can't get knocked up by a coyote. Gosh, can you imagine? Anyway, she looks very beautiful and happy in these pictures! I love the one where her head is sort of hanging down over the rock. So sweet!

  21. Great pictues of the coyote....Shyla is like always looking good.
    Ours will sometime have an earinfection....but with fluid medications in the ear ist gone in a few days

  22. We all hope that Shyla's ear is better soon, as quick as Breeze's ear infections cleared! (which was fast)

    Beautiful photos in the morning sunlight. I really appreciate seeing those, especially since I am working night shift and sleep through all the sunshine.

    Keep with the positive attitude and we'll continue to hope that you get good test results.

  23. I always love coming to see your cool photos!

    Sending healing vibes for Shyla's ear! :)


  24. Geesh. I can't believe about the hospital computer. And yet, I totally can believe it. Because I work on computers for a living. Geesh!

    Good attitude though, not letting it wreck the days you have.

    Glad you got ahead of the ear infection before it could get serious. Sorry to hear about the coyote's eye, and yet, still thriving. Amazing example!

  25. Feel better Shyla! We're proud of you for being sooooo good for the Vet.

    Your results are lost out in cyber space? Amazing! But you're so right.... Don't worry about things you have no control over. Mommy learned that a long, long time ago and that has always been her mantra.

    (But, we're still praying for you!)

    Lily Belle & Muffin


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