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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday



Red Fox


  1. Beautiful! Every one of them. Still sending positive thoughts with paws and fingers crossed.

  2. Every one of those photos is a work of art! :)

  3. Ditto from me too!!Each is super, but I am a true lover of sky pics, and with the change of seasons, superb colours from nature will brighten our thoughts and lighten our hearts. Greetings from Jean.

  4. Photos are brilliant! Coyote looks like any other dog
    Benny & Lily

  5. Uh huh Uh Huh I like it I like it.....

  6. Coyotes are so majestic. Love the picture of your pup's silhouette.

  7. Beautiful Photos
    From Milo & Jet

  8. Thanks for a lovely look at your world today. You fill the senses.

  9. That sky is incredible.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  10. Fabulous photos, KB!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  11. Incredible photos!!! Our favorite is the one of Shyla peeking over the rocks:)

  12. Stunning photos, thanks for sharing!

  13. I love the second to the last photo!


  14. All the photos are always wonderful.

    Can't even name a favorite unless it might be one with Shyla, or R.

    Cheers and hugs,

  15. Beautiful pic's as always!

    We've missed a few days here, so gotta go read what has been happening with our furends in the Rockies.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  16. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos. Can not pick just one cuz they are all special! However, we really do like the silhouette of your Shyla on the rock with the sun behind her.
    Take care and we are keeping good thoughts and paws crossed and saying prayers for you.
    Ernie and the furkids - Mom too

  17. Omigoodness! What beautiful photos!

  18. Shyla silhouette is stunning! Love it!
    Happy mid week to you all!

    Ron and Sophie

  19. You take amazing photographs. Just - wow.

    Love your little coyote rolling around in the snow. :)

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  22. lovely crystals ~

    wonderful animal captures ~
    thank you for sharing.


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