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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Black and White Sunday: A Lion Pounce

At about 8 PM during one night of the deluge, a mountain lion walked past my trail camera.
A half hour later, a mountain lion walked past the same camera in the opposite direction. I don't know if it was the same lion as at 8 PM. The lion didn't appear to have any clue that s/he was about to be ambushed.
 Then, kaboom, another lion burst out of the forest and pounced on the walking lion.
The two of them moved so quickly that they were gone from my camera's view instantly.

When I was checking the trail camera, I didn't know that this had happened so I didn't investigate the scene to see if there were any clues about what happened next. It's rained at least 6" since I was there so the clues might be washed away by now. One guess is that this pair is the mother-kitten pair who we've seen a few times this summer. Perhaps the kitten was "playing" with his mom by surprising her with a pounce. An alternative explanation is that these are two adults who are having a territorial dispute. Adults will fight if they cross paths.

In the meantime, it rained very hard today, leaving me glum. The roads between here and town are still closed and will likely remain impassable for at least a month. There is a hugely circuitous route for getting to town that would be 120 miles round trip. On the good news side of the ledger, I think that Shyla's ear looks a little better.

I hope that this scene outside my window stops soon!


  1. Such beautiful cats, but WOW I love that last photo! Stunning.

  2. Day after day of rain can really get old, even when it's just ordinary wet weather! Adding in closed roads and downslope destruction, well...
    Hang in there. At least you're in very good company!

  3. That's a long commute for anyone, much less a month of it. Sounds like you're safe and have enough provisions for now.

    The lion shots were really cool. I love your outdoor sure captures wildlife in it's that moment in time.

    Stay safe!

  4. Yikes!! Sorry about the roads, but very glad you are safe and secure. Great lion photos -- thanks so much for this wonderful blog!!

  5. A long time to wait for normal travel, and a huge detour. Stay safe, hope the food supplies are OK, and all caring thoughts for those in flooded homes, Greetings from Jean.

  6. That B & W is absolutely beautiful. Wow. I took Otto to the beach today. He made friends and played with a 5 month old white lab puppy. He is so gentle - young, old, big, small. What a guy. On the way back to the car we passed a guy walking chocolate and a black lab puppeis but they were on leash and he shot me the "don't get near me with that scary rottweiler" look. I did say a quick and silent hello to the California version of two of my favorite k-9's! If you want to send some rain west, our creek is completely dry...

  7. Crazy! Amazing that you were able to catch this in action.

  8. So neat to see a mountain lion in his own habitat. I hope the rain stops soon.

  9. We're having a nice, gentle rain today. Just what we needed. We haven't had any since June. Hope yours eases VERY soon!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  10. Wow! What a wonderful thing to see. We're sending lots of positive thoughts to your state and hope the rains will stop. So much tragedy, so much loss.

  11. Thanks again for spending the time and money to maintain your trail cameras. What amazing things you find with them. It may be 120 miles into town but at least you have some way to get supplies if you need them.


  12. Oh Wows!!! That is sooo cool!! Loves the big kittehs! BOL
    I sure hopes you guys get a break soon!! Geesh, that's all Ma says when the weather peeps talk about all the storms you guys have been gettin'.
    Paws crossed over here....
    FABulous pic, that last one!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: yea on Shyla's ear!!

  13. Wow! It would be pretty cool to know what happens next after that last photo. Here's hoping it was just playing around. I've heard there are some roads that won't be opened again for at least a year. That is pretty scary!

  14. So glad you are all safe! It's so terrible what is going on there. First drought and fire, now flooding. Sending lots of prayers for everyone affected by these floods and also for all their animals.

    Khady Lynn

  15. Fabulous pictures with your trail camera! When I look at the second photo it looks to me as if the lion is wearing a collar - or is that just a shadow?
    Stay dry - I have friends in Manitou Springs who still can't return to their home and are staying in a motel. 120 miles sounds very long, but in the worst case you CAN get there. I hope you have enough food supplies for you and the dogs.

  16. WOW actions shots. I sort of hope it is a momma and young one playing. And great news about Shyla's infection. A Month!!! Wowzers that is a long time to be hold up in the house. At least you live among all that beautiful.

  17. Rain-rain.... GO AWAY!!!!!

    Praying for you, my friends (both human & furried)~


  18. We think of all of you non - stop.
    Rain- please stop!
    And we hope Shyla's ear is better.

  19. A month is a long time and that's a long trip! We hope that these rains stop SOON!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  20. Great pics. Always enjoy your lion pics.

  21. I'm so relieved that you are all safe. What a helpless feeling to be cut off due to the roads washing out. I always enjoy the trail photos like these of the lions. But today it made me wonder how the wildlife lower down is coping with the flooding.
    Thanks for sharing the See Beautiful photos. I love the aspen leaves.

  22. I'm just getting caught up on your posts and I'm so glad that you are all safe. Praying that you'll have everything that you need to keep you set for awhile.
    Glad that Shyla's ear is doing better and that your vet was able to give you some suggestions!
    Stay safe.

  23. Wow, the lion shots are great. I hope you guys are stocked up on food and stuff, and I REALLY hope the rain today!

  24. Love the last photo!

    Still hoping/praying for the weather to improve in Colorado! I can't imagine being stranded for a full month! Even the dog food won't hold out that long!

  25. WOW! Those are some powerful looking cats!!!
    Play bows,


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