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Sunday, September 8, 2013


I wonder what she's dreaming of. I know that I'm dreaming of our next visit up to the high mountains. I bet that she is too.
Happy Sunday.


  1. Shyla truly is the Queen of outdoor fun, and the mountains.

    xo Cinnamon

  2. Shyla, the Beautiful Mountain GIrl!

    We have loved her since the day she came and its wonderful seeing her and R tearing around!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  3. What a beautiful shot of Shyla!!! We bet she is dreaming about how lucky she is to have the wonderful humans she has in her life. I am pretty sure mine are dreaming of snow, or at least cooler temps.

  4. That would be an awesome dream and, I'm sure, soon to become true!

  5. Oh! The silhouette picture is perfection! So beautiful.

  6. I don't know what Shyla is dreaming of but I always dream of food! Your photos are gorgeous as usual.

  7. Do you have to wait until after winter for your next high mountain trip? I'm hoping to get out there in the fall, but also to go cross country skiing again this winter. Oh, how I miss that!

    Wonderful portraits of Shyla once again!

  8. Glad you were able to "find" us again. Your Shyla is such a beauty and I love the silhouette.


  9. I bet ... as I would. As always, lovely photograph. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. MOM and I share in your dream.

  11. We hope that all of your dreams come true, Shyla!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  12. Piper's dreaming woke me up last night!

  13. Wouldn't that be so great if we knew what they were dreaming of?

  14. She's the Queen of Colorado!!!!
    Zim and I are dreaming of SNOW!!! And COLD!!! And it not being 100 degrees.

  15. A most wonderful dream for sure!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  16. Hi!
    I havent had time to comment all your Beautiful post but I have read them.
    Great Pictures of the mountins, the bears , the duo. Lovely flowers you have, Amazing sunsets and the best YOU!!! Great to se you, Beautiful Pictures you did.
    Now I will be back frequently, sometime you need a break.
    Our dogs are doing just fine!!

  17. OMD! Those shots are sooo beautifuls!!
    Shyla, you are one gorgeous doggies!
    I'm sure all your dreams will come true!!
    Ruby ♥


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