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Saturday, September 7, 2013


These have been a fun few days when I've had the Labraduo on the trails with me. It's so much fun to see their antics when they're together.

We were out shortly after sunrise this morning, and I asked the two of them to take a bow. They are both taking "bows" in this photo but look how different their styles are! R looks like the puppy!
We never stop practicing recalls in this pack. Given that we live in the midst of wildlife, I need to know that the Duo will come when I call them. The competition of the Duo makes their recalls even faster!
This pair is truly becoming a "Duo" with a bond that has grown so fast over the past year.
After a good romp for the two dogs and a short ride for me, I dropped them off at home to start my solo ride. I was feeling really tired, primarily because my back pain has been bad lately. Consequently, I was soft pedaling my way through the ride. I stopped for every pretty little thing in the forest, enjoying a warm Indian Summer day.

I loved this combination - a chokecherry bush that was turning red with a wasp on it! The two seasons juxtaposed...
Then, I headed through a deeply forested area that I adore. One reason that I love it is that no one else ever goes there (except abundant wildlife), at least until today. As I was riding along in a forest so dense that I couldn't see further than 10 yards from me, I started hearing this repetitive grouse calling. It called and called and called but it didn't sound normal to me - it sounded tinny and fake. Then, I heard a big crack of a human footstep, and - ah ha - I knew what was up. It was a hunter, using a recording of a grouse to try to attract grouse to him so that he could shoot them.

My first thought was that I didn't want to get shot so I called out "hello!" to let him know that I was there. The forest was too dense for him to see me and my bike was silent. No answer from him. So, I called again in a super friendly voice, hoping for a reply so that I could stop worrying about an accidental shot in my direction. This time, not only was there no answer, but there was the sound of the guy moving fast away from me.

Now, I was baffled. Based on his odd behavior, I started wondering if he'd been doing something illegal. I didn't know the bird hunting rules so I was ready to forget about the whole thing if nothing more happened. Then, I saw his vehicle and quickly snapped a photo of it, just in case. Right after that, he came up out of the ravine like a bat out of hell. I was out of sight, and I made sure that I stayed out of sight until he'd sped away.

At that point, I felt certain that he'd been doing something illegal. After some research, I discovered that it's illegal to use electronic calls while hunting birds. So, what do I do? I have no doubt that he was using an electronic grouse call. However, I might run into this guy again, in a remote area, with him wielding a gun and me unarmed. For the moment, I'm mulling it over.

Life is full of quandaries like this one. In the "wild west", not only do you have to follow your ethics but you also have to be cautious if you like to frequent remote areas like I do.

Ah, if only life were as simple as a morning bike ride where I stopped to smell the flowers.


  1. Scary stuff. It is a problem.

    We think the pups look like they're joined together!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. that is very scary. With all the crazy things going on in our world, you are wise to be cautious.

    Love seeing Shyla and R having such fun together.

  3. R looks so fantastic, and I love his expression in the first picture! I love that the Duo is so happy with one another.

    So far as reporting the guy, that's a tough call. I think that your personal safety comes first.

  4. The duo looks so happy! I'm gonna have to have a talk with them though. I think they should go with you and keep you safe!

  5. Of course me and MOM love the Duo photos. Hummm a quandary indeed. Lets hope this person will be afraid to come back knowing now the forest has watchful eyes. As if a gun is not enough of an advantage some have to "cheat". Those are my MOM's words. She is not saying that hunters are evil, heck she use to be a game bird hunter (she no longer does this, just can't bring her self to do it anymore) she even has trophies in shooting consumption with clay pigeons, but this behavior on the part of some really makes her mad.You stay safe KB.
    Oh I think that is a wasp. Butt it still still a wonderful photo. I love how you captured the two seasons coming together.

  6. Oh, how I love the photos of the two of them together. and as for the illegal hunter, I'd be in a quandry about what to do too.

  7. Maybe Mr. Illegal will find another spot in the forest a ways away from you to pursue his ill-gotten gain. Lets hope so!

    Love that black dog and his sister and you just know it!


    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  8. I loved the colors in your photo of the wasp.

    As for your quandary some thoughts to use or ignore:

    1. Give the date, time and photo of the vehicle to a trusted friend. Make sure someone else knows this information as a backup just in case.

    2. If you felt like you were at risk of being shot consider wear a color on yourself (and your dogs if they are with you in dense bush) that stands out to hunters to decrease the risk of being accidentally shot.

    3. Since you don’t think he saw you, is there any way that you can anonymously inform the authorities that there was someone with a gun (with the car registration) acting suspiciously, as “a warning chat” by the authorities to this man reminding him of the laws may deter him from returning to the same area.

  9. What a scary experience for you, KB! Please be careful.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  10. The duo look fantastic and happy together.great pictures. We do enjoy your pictures of the duo and the places you all visit. Please be safe . That is a quandary and a scary experience. Sorry to hear you are in such pain. Hope it eases.
    Ernie,Chica,Lucas,Rosie, angel Sasha

  11. Scary encounter indeed. I'd make a report of the incident with the local game warden so that there is a documented record of the illegal activity.

  12. I have often wondered about the remote areas you travel through, and your safety. Sadly, not every human you run across is a good, trustworthy one!

  13. Obviously your safety has to come first. I hope you don't encounter such an a$$ again!

  14. I'd report the poaching incident to the DNR. I wouldn't mention having a photo of the truck, but I would mention having seen a truck in the area. They may already know him. If your DNR is like the ones by me they will send out an investigator and probably put some officers in the area to try to catch the guy in the act.

    I'd probably avoid the spot for awhile. If you really want to ride there wear blaze orange and put some sort of noisemaker on the bike to be safe. Don't bring the dogs there though as a poacher who won't purposely shoot a human, might purposely shoot a dog.

  15. Love the pictures of the duo! Hopefully, his quickly moving off means that he has a conscience and will reconsider his ways. You are so right to be cautious.

  16. Hmmm . . . that is a tough call to make. I think I would error on the side of safety and see what happens. Maybe now that he knows it is not as remote as he thought he will relocate his activities. Besides, at this point authorities probably don't have enough evidence to do anything about the guy. On the subject of recalls, it is very good that your duo recalls well, especially in the remote areas they run. Me and Stanley do not do really well on recalls. Stanley is better than I am but I don't rush into too many things and a COME command is no exception. But mom keeps working with me.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  17. That IS pretty scary! It's smart that you took a photo of his car - just in case.
    Mom says she sometimes wish we had dependable recall, but hey! We're Siberian Huskies. Not gonna happen. We have great adventures, but always on lead. Mom's always blown away when her friend's Border Collies go hiking with them - those guys actually hang on their owner's every word and can't wait for the next command. How strange is that?!?! To a Sibe... just doesn't make sense!
    I love, love, love that second picture. Just. Beautiful!
    Play bows,

  18. I very seldom can say that I "hate" anything.... but I do hate hunting with a passion.

    Living in the middle of a hunting area, I can tell you that:

    #1 That hunter is more afraid of you than you should be of him. He was doing something illegal... you were not. Just by the fact he ran away like a little wussy boy proves the fact that he was scared!!

    #2 I would report this incident to the DNR quicker than a boy could wink his eye, Billy Boy! If you don't, this guy will just keep on doing what he's doing. He doesn't know who you are or your name & I can guarantee he won't come back to the area where somebody saw him doing something illegal. It's like a burglar going back to the same house, to rob it, once he's been seen robbing it the first time. But given free reign, will he rob somebody else far away from the previous house he robbed? You betcha!!

    Call the DNR, tell them what you saw & heard, send them the pic you took, and let them take it from there. If they contact this guy, you better believe he will NEVER use electronic grouse calls again.

    There have been hunters literally in our back yard, illegally hunting where they should not be. They have been close enough to me so that I saw their orange vests, hats & the rifles slung over their shoulders. Once I hear the first shot, I'm outside (once I went out in my nightgown & housecoat) yelling every expletive in the book, basically telling them they're hunting where they shouldn't be & to take their sorry ass*s someplace else. One time a hunter pointed his gun to the sky & gave it a shot, thinking he was going to scare me. Sorry, jerk.... that sooooo doesn't work with me. >:-( I told him so.

    I've never been robbed, shot at, or anything else. But those hunters never come back once they know they've been seen doing something they shouldn't.

    I'm afraid of a lot of things... but defending my wildlife friends isn't one of them. But we all have to pick our battles. Whatever decision you make concerning this situation will be the right one for you, my friend. But let's just say this character is lucky he encountered you rather than me.

    Love you~ Andrea

    PS~ And may I ask, young lady, why is it that you are unarmed when you go out on your excursions? An unarmed woman is at the mercy of whomever or whatever she encounters. An armed woman will never be a victim of anyone... or anything. *hugs*

  19. First I love the duo photos, they look great together. Second, report the hunter. what he is doing is no different than poaching which is wrong on so many levels. a gun, and carry it. I have a pistol I carry, a nice light weight 38, when I am out alone. Not because I'm afraid of the animals, but I am afraid of the stupid people.
    There is nothing wrong with being safe and smart.

  20. Hi KB, first off we love the photos of your two. They are just beautiful. Secondly, that sounds scary to us. Do you carry a phone with you or is there no range where ride? Be safe dear friend.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  21. I love how they mirror each other in those pictures.

  22. I would be nervous about taking action, too, but I sure hate it when people try to get away with things they shouldn't be doing. Spoiling it for the rest of us while they are at it.

    In any case, I'm glad you are safe, but very sad to hear you, too, are experiencing more back pain. I wish both of us could be pain-free...

  23. R just cracks me up - he always looks like he is ready to take off at any moment! Shyla just looks sweet and lovely and able to really "relax" on command.

    I hope that person never appears again. Ever.

  24. I would definitely report the incident to the game wardens and pass on your picture. Even if they don't do anything, it helps to have a paper trail with the authorities. And if nothing else, they might think to increase patrols in the area or something.

  25. R is so goofy. Nice to see him enjoying life with his sister.

    As for the hunter thing. Trust your instincts. I would get the willies being out in a remote area like that all alone. Do you not carry a gun? Report it or not, whichever sits best with you. I'm glad he ran away.

    Mango Momma

  26. Scary! But I dont Think he will come again after knowing you been in the area....


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