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Saturday, February 22, 2014


Shyla and I wandered the forest near our house this morning. I watched my wonderful young Labrador leaping, galloping, and sniffing the world while staying in a small radius around me, and I pondered how lucky I was to have her land in my life after K died.
One of her favorite things to do at sunrise is to find a perch up on a rocky hillside, and lie with her chin resting on a boulder, overlooking the world below us. I always wonder what she's thinking. I hope that she's as grateful for our bond as I am.
Shyla would not be the perfect dog for everyone because her fears limit what she can cope with in life. However, she's grown into the perfect dog for me.


  1. your photos of her are spectacular! :)

  2. Her eyes have some much expression. You are blessed to have each other!!

  3. KB,
    Being perfect for you is all that matters. Yes Maggie Mae does like to use the treadmill, it took a while (clicker training and treats) to train her but it is worth it. With Max keeping her busy and active now she doesn't use it as much but I do put her on it at least once a week (always supervised) to reinforce the training.

    I have been neglectful in beginning Max's treadmill training but always hopeful that I will start soon. :)

    Janelle aka mom :)

  4. Love Shyla's photos-she is the perfect pup for you and that is all that matters. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. We're sure she's thinkin' how lucky she is!

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  6. That last bit is so true. Nola isn't a perfect dog (despite what she thinks ;)), and she wouldn't be the ideal dog for most people. But she's MY perfect dog, and that's all that matters.


  7. For you, Shyla is the one, and right now, the perfect one, company, eyes that talk, TLC from her heart to you, taking walks slowly as you are, the very best days together. Cheers, Jean.

  8. Oh, I bets she thinks the same thing!!!
    You guys are lucky to have eachother!
    Ruby ♥

  9. Have to agree with Ruby here - you two were meant to be there for each other. That last photo is amazing!

  10. Beautiful as always!!! My Hunter is afraid of so many things and it has taken years of overcoming some of these... She is deathly afraid of potholes!!!! Luckily we don't live near many!

  11. Shyla has so many things about her that is perfect! She is loyal to you,, and you to her.
    So you are two peas in a pod!
    Shyla- you are sooo beautiful!

  12. I've no doubt Shyla knows, and how wonderful that the two of you have one another.

  13. Perfection, like beauty, is in the eye, and heart, of the beholder. I'm so glad you and Shyla have each other!

  14. You and Shyla were meant for each other, KB ♥

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  15. Shyla is the best dog for you. Lovely wheather you have with sun...miss the sun here. Still cloudy Days....

  16. Oh my goodness....your pictures of Shyla are just amazing...her eyes show so much! Perfect dog for you!! I hope you are feeling better!!

  17. Hi Y'all,

    We pawed ones may not be able to voice our love but we try to use our body language to tell you we love and appreciate that bond between us.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  18. Just popping in to say we're so very glad that you are feeling better after your surgery! We stop by every day to peek at your pic's and read your beautiful posts.

    Thanks for sending love our way too for Grandpa Bob!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  19. Isn't this true for all of us though - none of us are perfect for every situation; if we're lucky we find the just-right-place and beings for our life.

    Our house is full of imperfection, we fit each other though ;-)

  20. Sweet.

    It's taken us a while to adjust to Shadow's patterns. There is an element of fear to them, but as we watch her over time we're recognizing what we see as fear is hyper-alertness. She's so totally aware of everything going on.

    We're learning to trust her alertness as an extension of our own obliviousness, and doing so is enlarging our world hugely.

    Alert, then she runs to us for comfort. It's a fair tradeoff.

  21. I think she celebrates your friendship every bit as much as you do. A match made it Heaven!

  22. I'm so glad you have her, too! She has helped you to enjoy life with a best friend/dog again. Hope you are healing day by day, KB.

  23. There's someone perfect for everyone in this world, which is why we're all imperfectly perfect! I can't imagine a world where the two of you didn't find each other!


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