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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tiny steps

As I slept on the night before surgery, a bobcat walked along the side our house, within feet of our bedroom windows. Perhaps he read that I'd said such nice things about him the other day.
The next morning, we had to be at the hospital before dawn had broken so I didn't get see his tracks in our trail. But, my symbol of courage had been there - as this photo shows.

This morning (one day post-surgery), Shyla and I went for walk in the forest. I had a sling on my arm and haze of confusion in my brain. Oh my, the pain meds can addle my brain in a huge way. For example, I forgot my gaiters and got snow down my boots!
Shyla and I didn't walk far but we had fun along the way. She kept stopping to check on slow-poke KB.
I was going so slowly that she finally turned around to watch me carefully as I caught up.
I expect that helping me recover will be a maturing experience for Shyla. It was during my recovery from a major surgery that I felt like K and I became much closer. K seemed to suddenly feel responsible for watching out for me - and we became a team - each looking out for the other. Today, I felt like Shyla was starting to see that I needed her as much as she needed me.

Then, we came home and relaxed by the fire. Because I have this icewater machine that constantly circulates ice water around my shoulder - the fire is very welcome for keeping the rest of me warm. R loves the fire too - he likes to lie on the hearth as close to it as possible.
The quilt made by my friend, Jo, is also very welcome - it keeps me warm and reminds me of a wonderful friend.
My main companion by the fire has been the other patient in our family - R - who is recovering from elbow dysplasia surgery. He is still puppy-like in many ways but also has developed the maturity to know when hanging out close to me is wonderful!
My post-surgery situation is as expected- I am drowsy and dazed from all the pain medicine. But, if I reduce the pain medicine, then the pain is overwhelming. So, there's no escape from the pain pills yet.

I apologize in advance because it might be a while before I can leave comments on your blogs. Typing is very tough, and I know that the start of recovery involves tiny steps forward, interspersed with some setbacks. Despite all that knowledge, I felt reasonably upbeat today, enjoying my Duo and the world around us.


  1. i love your sweet companions, watching over you. :) don't worry about blog visits, for goodness sake!

    i love that your spirit animal came by to give you strength. :)

  2. Why am I NOT surprised that one day after surgery you were out hiking with Shyla.

    As they say "You can't keep a good woman down"

  3. Hi Y'all!

    I must say first, we were very surprised you posted today.

    Second, Shyla looks very concerned as she looks back to check on you. I think she will be an excellent nurse!

    Y'all are still in my Humans' prayers.

    Hawk aka BrownDog and Human

  4. " I needed her s much as she needed me"
    That's the way it is for those of us with animals as family...and knowing she (as well as r) are by your side will surely aid in your recovery. God speed,dear KB.

  5. " I needed her s much as she needed me"
    That's the way it is for those of us with animals as family...and knowing she (as well as r) are by your side will surely aid in your recovery. God speed,dear KB.

  6. Hi Hawk: I wrote yesterday's post ahead of time, and then I just pushed "publish" when I knew I was okay. A few of my blogger buddies asked me to do that so they would have a way of knowing that I'd come through fine!

    I think that any post that I had tried to write yesterday would have been incoherent (and probably pretty funny!).

  7. Oh how my MOM smiled at the photos of Shyla turning and watching you and waiting. Hahhaha I do that with my MOM a lot, and she didn't have surgery. Snuggle up next to the fire with R and Shyla the best medicine ever.

  8. I love Shyla's snow beard!

    Wishing you and R happy and happy recoveries in front of your lovely fire.

  9. One day after surgery, a walk in the snow, and a blog post, I, and all of us, I'm sure, are so grateful for surgery all done, you home again, fire going, buddies by your side for comfort and care. Greetings to Runner as he literally keeps the home fires burning!!! Take care, slowly does it. This will be all so new for Shyla, she'll be right there with TLC in those eyes. Fond hugs, Jean.

  10. Came by to see how you are doing, KB. I'm sending healing thoughts to you. Glad you're up and about. Stay positive!

  11. The visit from your bobcat is definitely a good omen. How sweet that Shyla is adjusting to your temporary slower walk.

    Just an idea...perhaps you should have the Runner check to make certain you are properly dressed before you venture out in the snow. :)

  12. Such courage you have - but why are we not surprised:) And nothing like two adoring pups to help keep you safe and comforted during your recovery.

    That quilt is beautiful - we remember when Jo was just beginning to work on it - a treasure of friendship for sure.

  13. Wow I can't believe you are up and out for walks already!!!! That is great!!!!

  14. Don't worry about blog visits! SO glad you have the Duo looking out for you.
    DM and Nola

  15. I am very glad to know that you came through the surgery okay and that you're feeling upbeat today! I am sure that both R and Shyla will be busy keeping watch over you. Take care of yourself!

  16. OMD, I can't believes your typin'!! Your probably like Ma, and will use one hand and the 'finger poke' method of typin'..peeps, weird.
    butts, I am glads that you are able to update us on your recovery and R's recovery..he looks FABulous BTW!
    I would love to snuggle with him by the fire! Just sayin'...
    You gets rest and gets better and don't forgets your gators...can't have anymore snow down your boots! Though, I guess that's better than snow down your pants!!! hehehe
    Ruby ♥

  17. Glad you had a good day! The quilt Jo made is really beautiful :-)

  18. You are so right about the team forming. When I was in rehab for my congestive heart failure, White Dog seemed to make the same realization about our co-dependency. It deepened our bond so incredibly. Great Day 1 Progress. Do not overdo but fill your soul daily.

  19. No one is worried about you not responding to blogs. I am a little concerned about you taking a good dose of meds and going out tromping in the snow, deep in lots of places. When you and Shyla walk, just for a while, stay very close to your house, please. Just for us pals, OK?

    Cheers and hugs,


  20. So happy you're up and OUT! Bet the dogs are too. Just keep healing.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  21. There's something so special in that moment when a young dog realizes she has to take care of you. It's beautiful and I'm so happy you are surrounded by so much support.

    Take care of yourself and keep looking for the bobcat. :)

  22. lovely photo of Bobcat!
    What expressive faces the Duo have. Such excellent companions to help with your recovery.
    (and coincidentally, it is 3:30AM and I am holding an icepack on my neck right now with one hand, and typing with the other hand...your icewater machine sounds kind of nice!)

  23. Thank you so much for taking the tie to let us know how you are doing, and sharing more wonderful photos with us.

  24. We are very glad to hear that you are doing well...except for the pain part...but hopefully, baby steps!! Cannot believe you were out hiking ONE day post surgery. WOW. Please be careful and let your pack take care of you!! Hugs!

  25. A nice warm fire and a beautiful quilt and R right by your side are making us smile. We sending you tons of healing thoughts and AireZen, KB!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  26. Glad your recovery is going so well. Don't over do it! We received the stutter fly cards yesterday. Thanks again!

  27. WoW. You are a blogger & a half - I don't even know how you made that walk - & who's taking the photos?? To heal you need to rest wonderful as it is to get outside don't push yourself.....Let the mending begin

  28. You're amazing! While most of us would be home wallowing in our own sorrow, you're out there enjoying the world. Can't keep a good woman down!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  29. You just rest and take things easy for a little while. You deserve to be pampered and you have a couple of furry nurses right there to take care of you.

  30. Already out for a walk! Wow! Fresh air and daylight do seem to be great healers, as are Shyla and R.

    I know all about that ice water machine, I get to use it at the end of my PT sessions. Fortunately, I only use it for 10 minutes so it doesn't chill me too badly.

  31. That's great that you were able to go for a short, albeit slow walk with Shyla!

    You typed a LOT (I wonder how long that took you) but we appreciate hearing from you. Don't worry about commenting or anything - you need to rest and heal and do what you can. We'll still be here and we know you'll be back when you are able. :)

    That's great that Shyla is so in tune with you and didn't just run off ahead and leave you in the dust! (Well, snow dust anyway.)

  32. Thinkin of you...get well soon.
    stella rose

  33. Don't worry about visiting us, just take it easy and heal nicely!

  34. I am so glad you feel OKish and that bobcat came to visit and give you strength. Take care of yourself!!

  35. Feeling upbeat is good. Very good !

  36. I hope you start to feel better and better each day, KB. And you could not have better healing companions (in my humble opinion). Indy was such a joy to me after my ankle surgery last year. Our pets are the best medicine ever.

    Sending healing hugs from me and Indy Bones :):) Stay by that fire and stay ahead of the pain if you can (easier said than done, I know!)


    dt and Indy

  37. I'm glad that you are at home recovering and that Duo is taking care of you!
    Wishing you well.

  38. Glad you got through it. Now recover well, soon you will be hiking again with the duo

  39. Were thinking of you today KB!!
    Yes- we are here!
    Your courageous! And your taking baby steps along the way.
    Shyla and R- will watch out for you, and the bob- cat-- reminding you of courage,
    tweedles and moms

  40. I'm amazed you are able to get outside so soon. I hope the pain decreases soon. That cloudy feeling is no fun but then the pain isn't either.

  41. Such beautiful photos - and I'm so glad you're doing so well!


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