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Monday, May 5, 2014

A Special Place

I've noticed that, whenever I am not feeling 100% good, I take a break in Shyla's and my morning mountain bike ride to play retrieving games with Shyla. We both have so much fun. The happiness takes the edge off the head pain. Generally, I've been much better since changing my whole routine about 10 days ago but I have a small migraine today (compared to past ones).

I think that playing with Shyla simply makes me happier, regardless of how my body feels. I love this girl.
After I rode with Shyla, I went out exploring what new trails are "open" due to snow melt. I rode one trail, my favorite, for the first time this year. It was a favorite for K too. I'd mountain bike it, with her by my side, and we'd frequently stop in one spot on the trail to gaze at the Continental Divide. The spot had an old log where I'd sit, and she'd prop her front paws on the log next to me.

Well, today, I saw the most miraculous thing. Two Pasqueflowers have sprouted right in front of where K and I always sat. I almost fell off my bike in surprise. They weren't there back when K was alive. I think they're new this year. I wonder if she carried a seed or two, caught in her fur, that then fell into the soil here and have sprouted into beautiful flowers.

In any case, it felt like a memorial to one of my fondest memories of K. I know that the photo doesn't look like much - but it's our sitting-spot on the log and there are the Pasqueflowers in front of it!
 There's one for each of us. Our souls were intertwined like these flowers.
Shyla is still so young that she doesn't like to stop too often during our mountain bike rides. So, she hasn't adopted this spot yet. Maybe she will in her later years, when she'll be more interested in rests.

Near that same trail, I'd noticed that a new deer leg had appeared on the trail. So, I went to check the trail camera posted near there. Voila!
It turns out that this lion has scraped the ground and left scat below this Ponderosa Pine many times in recent days - including last night. I immediately aborted my mountain bike ride to go fetch a better trail camera which I pointed at the Ponderosa Pine from another angle. If s/he comes back, we'll have multiple views!

Despite the awesome presence of this creature, the best part of my day was seeing the two memorial Pasqueflowers. I watered them with my drinking water, and I hope they thrive for many years!


  1. love the sweet blooms! and your sweet, jumping girl. and that cougar shot is awesome!

  2. Love the cougars! How fun to get photo of them.

  3. I have goosebumps and tears in my eyes reading about the flowers in the log.

  4. Those flowers are so special and beautiful!

  5. Besides the sounds like the perfect day!

  6. I think that little 'K' seeds are everywhere in the forest,, and you might be more and more surprised to see 'K' seeds sprout everywhere.
    The flowers are gorgeous.. just like your girl Shyla! What a happy little love she is.

  7. The joy of shared play with Shyla has a wonderful zest for life. It is the strongest kind of healing power...the deep relaxation that comes from love.

    The Universe has blessed and made sacred your special place. I believe it is nature's beautiful recognition of the joined soul you and K have.

  8. Always something new to look well as the old and treasured.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  9. Those flowers are OH SO SPECIAL and meaningful!! So glad that you saw them today!! That Cat is pretty awesome too. Have a good day today!

  10. Hope to see more of the lions. THey seems to stay in your area.
    Lovely flower and it will Always be on your spot.

  11. Great shot of the mountain lion...stay safe out there. Love the flowers that showed up in your spot - makes it even more special.

  12. What a fun thing to see, those flowers are very pretty...and so is Shyla!

  13. This just made my day. I love your theory that the seeds dropped from K's coat to appear in just that spot. Makes perfect sense.
    Thanks for sharing the lion. What a phenomenal shot. Hope he returns for the multiple angles!

  14. K is still sending you messages. Can't wait to see more lion pictures.


  15. Playing = less stress= less headaches. Spring has sprung!
    Lily & Edward

  16. We love the flowers blooming at "your place."

  17. Oh, those are amazin' flowers!!!
    How special is that?! K is always sendin' you special messages ~ love it!
    Ruby ♥

  18. One more beautiful sign from sweet K that she is still with you and always will be:)

  19. Wow, that is a healthy cat! You nailed it when you said that it just makes you happy playing with Shyla and that you love her. Mom loved that cuz she knows what you mean.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  20. This is such a perfect post. There is always something that happens each day that reminds me of Twix. However, she has not planted any flowers for me. Yours are beautiful though!


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