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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sky High Energy

Because the Runner is taking a few days off from running our trails, I had the Duo with me for my mountain bike ride again this morning.

Right away, R taught Shyla about the big mud puddle that emerges every year as the snow melts - and the puddle is HUGE this year due to the floods last autumn. My neighbors and I joke that a local dog getting giardia from that puddle is a universal rite of passage. Until today, Shyla has acted as if the puddle was a big yucky thing to be avoided. Today, R leaped into it, splashed around, and even rolled over onto his back, getting his entire body wet in the muddy spring water. Shyla mimicked him after a single moment of contemplation.

They were both soaked from head to tail at the start of our mountain bike ride. I'm hoping that Shyla skips the giardia rite of passage.
R seemed to whisper something to Shyla, and she looked surprised! Perhaps she was surprised that the puddle could be so much fun.
 Under the warm Springtime sun, they both dried out fast.
They've been having such fun together - chasing each other, wrestling, and racing. Last fall, before R's elbow surgery, Shyla won every race by a huge margin. Now R is winning sometimes! He's cagey, and he knows when to cut in front of her to prevent her from passing.
They are a great pair, so closely bonded to each other.
They feed off of each other, mostly in good ways. Although their combined energy level can frazzle me, I am having tons of fun shepherding the Duo on my rides.


  1. they're just adorable. :) and giardia - yucko...

  2. What a gorgeous duo-wet or dry!

  3. Such fun they have together. Here's hoping Shyla skips the giardia - that is no fun at all.

  4. We love to hear about the fun that Shyla and R have together!
    They both know how to live life to the fullest! The photos of both of them are beautiful!

  5. Beautiful Duo together in their last pose, and giardia, not to be wished on anyone at all, Enjoy the runs together. Cheers, Jean

  6. I simply love the communication between the two of them. You capture it perfectly!!

  7. LOL! You created your own energy monsters! All that exercise just gets them SO fit, you can never wear them out!

  8. I think puddles hold magical powers. Hailey jumped in one this morning and then was a crazy girl for the next 30 minutes (and the puddle was at the end of our morning walk!)

  9. Now that was some seriously fun romping and rolling!

  10. Those two are awesome together!

  11. We sure hope Shyla skips the Giardia, too! Nasty bacteria!
    They are such a beautiful pair, so sweetly bonded. I love seeing them together!

  12. The duo is a beautiful pair and its loads of fun to look at these great pictures you get with them!

    Happy Spring to all!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  13. Oh, you had me at "mud puddle"!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. They are so beautiful together. I used to take my kids "puddle whomping" in CA. I'm sure the neighbors thought we were all nuts, but it was fun.

  15. Love seeing the duo together :):) Indy cannot resist getting into water of any kind. He loves it - I don't love hosing him down before he goes back into the house ha ha ha!

    I love how R seems to always be protective of Shyla.

  16. The last Picture is Lovely.
    You are very good to take Pictures while them running...I Think its difficult to get sharpness. Must practice more with the settings

  17. Gorgeous pictures of the two of you! The last photo is our favorite.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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