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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Spring Day in the Rockies

The Runner is back in action so Shyla and I are on our own for our morning mountain bike rides again. I think we're both recovering from the frenzied energy of our rides with R. Shyla let out an uncharacteristically huge yawn near the start of our ride. I yawned right back at her.
But then she seemed to perk up, scanning the world around us. 
We've had so many mountain lions passing through near our house that I am watching even more closely than usual to see where she focuses her attention.
I didn't check any trail cameras today so I don't know if the big mountain lion who I showed you yesterday is still around. This was the last sighting, two nights ago.
I'm usually nothing but happy about having these felines around but I'm wary right now with the sheer number of photos that I've been getting of them. When I have a free hour or so, I'll work on the mountain lion action video that I'm making from them.

Early in our ride, Shyla and I headed up to Hug Hill, a place that was inaccessible by bike due to deep snow until fairly recently. She stood in her favorite spot and showed off her increasingly sleek form. She needed to lose a few pounds, and I think she's getting close to our vet's goal weight. Our vet is a stickler about weight because being thin is easier on the joints of a very active dog and because of all the other health benefits, including increased lifespan.
The Easter Daisies are starting to bloom up on Hug Hill, a little late for the holiday but gorgeous nonetheless.
It was another happy spring day in the Rocky Mountains...


  1. shyla and r both are extremely fit. my country dogs are not. :)

    love the daisies!

  2. If you had me out hiking at the crack of dawn, I might be letting out a lot of yawns:) Skinny is better - maybe that has something to do with Phantom's long life - although he is close to skeletal:(

    Just loving that photo of Shyla with her head resting on the rock.

  3. Wow those daisy's are so beautiful. Shylas looks very fit to me.

  4. Happy spring day in the Rocky Mountains. Here's hoping for more and more of them for you, the runner, and the lovely duo.

  5. Shyla looks great! I so agree with the thinner dogs being better; Nola always scores a 2 (lean) when check by a vet. Pike will be a little more difficult to monitor with all his fluff, but he'll be fit soon too.

  6. Oh the photos are so gorgeous,, even the one of the little daisy!
    You have a way to capture the moments as they flee by you,,,
    you suspend them in time0 and share with us..
    thank you!

  7. Shyla is looking very sleek and beautiful, I love the pictures of her with the mountainous backdrops!

    Love the Easter daisies!!

  8. Good for your vet. Shyla looks great.

  9. We love hearing about the mountain lions, but be very careful.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  10. I Think Hug hill is a special Place for you. Lovely Picture.
    The flowers are Beautiful!

  11. We missed you! Your pictures are sure bringing huge smiles to our faces, Shyla ☺

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  12. Shyla looks so svelte to us, it's hard to believe she isn't considered just perfect!

  13. Haha I sure would be yawning too!

  14. They are beautiful but we would be scared hairless!
    Lily & Edward

  15. Ut oh . . . winter might be headed back your way if what we have here is any indication! Lovely pics!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  16. Looks like a gorgeous Spring day!

  17. Beautiful, she looks like a bear when she yawns.


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