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Friday, December 19, 2014

Good Luck, A Predator, and the Winner!

The day started on a great note. Months ago, I "lost" Shyla's favorite toy, a purple squeaky ring. I ordered a replacement but she never loved it as much. This morning, we found her favorite toy!!!!
Together with the glorious sunrise light, it made us both want to play!
After we finished playing, we took full advantage of the relatively easy snowbiking conditions in our forest now and did a big loop. There's a lot of snow in the forecast so big loops on rarely used trails may not be possible after the winter storms.

Along the way, I saw cloven tracks that indicated that the elk herd has vacated the area. I was relieved to see that they'd moved on because all sorts of predators were eying and stalking them.
I'll never tire of watching our elk herd. I think the next one is an almost one-year old calf.
I must say that there is an elk predator who I admire immensely. Indeed, multiple mountain lions were circling the herd over the past few days. The snow was pocked with mountain lion tracks on all sides of the herd. It must be scary to be an elk or deer around here.
As far as I can tell, the mountain lions didn't kill any of the elk. Shyla usually gives me a strong signal when there's a freshly killed elk in the area, and she didn't give the usual signal. I know that the lions must eat so I'm sure they're not giving up. Such is nature that one animal must lose its life for another to thrive.

Today is the day that I used a random number generator to choose a calendar winner. I numbered the comments, and I had the program randomly choose one number. Amy Boyer of Terra Toby won!


  1. congrats to your winner, and congrats on finding shyla's toy! the mountain lion shot is beautiful!

  2. What a lovely shot of the mountain lion!! Yay for finding the purple toy!
    Congrats Amy!

  3. Congrats Amy! Life is such a mix of beauty and terror!

  4. Purple is Shyla's colour indeed, love the Elk and that lion, regal and beautiful, I would hope that the Elk survive, but then again the lion needs a full tummy, and for Amy, congrats too. Jean.

  5. That's awesome you found Shyla's toy!!! That cougar picture is gorgeous! I love it!! :D

  6. Glad the elk have moved on and hopefully the predators with them.

  7. At least the predators only kill to eat......and take the slow, sick or old.

    Wonderful that you found the toy!

  8. just love the mountain lion photo! How fun to find a favorite toy!
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  9. Were so happy that Shyla found her favorite toy! She looks really happy! Life really does have ways to make us think - doesn't it?
    The elk are so beautiful.. and the mountain lion - wow!!
    Congratulations to the winner of your calendar!

  10. OMD...SCORE!!! Nice recovery gurl!!! Nothin' like findin' a toy that you lost...that smile says everything ☺
    WOWSA, those Elk and Mountain lion are beautifuls!!!
    Congrats to Terra Toby!! WoooHooo! Nice win!
    Ruby ♥

  11. Yay Shyla! I love finding lost treasures.
    Piper used to stash all her toys way under the porch where I could not get to them. She seems to consider toys an unnecessary detour on the way to a treat ;)
    Fabulous big cat image!

  12. Yay! We're so happy that your original purple ring has been found, Shyla! Congratulations to the calendar winner!

  13. I bet Shyla was really happy you found her toy! They always seem to know "their" toys! Congrats to the winner of your calendar!! LOVE that shot of the mountain lion!

  14. I'm thrilled to be the winner! I can't wait to see the calendar :)
    When I was teaching bio, one of the most important lessons came when showing nature videos. Sooner or later a large predator would hunt its prey (orcas-baby gray whale; mother fox - rabbit). As the class rooted for the prey I could point out that the survival of the predator - and its adorable babies- was dependent on its making the kill. If I saw a bit of thoughtful confusion I knew a light bulb had come on. Those were good days in the classroom!

  15. Shyla sure is happy to have her favorite toy back, hooray!

  16. Yay, Amy Boyer!

    Years ago Sam and I were out in the desert in front of my Mom's house and we found a toy that had belonged to my first Golden. I have no idea how it got out there, although we think a coyote may have come across it in our yard and stole it.

    Monty and Harlow

  17. That lion is gorgeous! What a fantastic animal they are. But ya, probably scary if you are an elk.

  18. Congrats to the winner. That's what I get for being behind in my blog reading. What a treasure that must be.

  19. Gorgeous pics! Shyla looks so delighted to be reunited with her fave toy! (Yes, i think if I were an animal I wouldn't want to be an elk either. I'd rather be a little higher up on the food chain.) Congrats to Amy on her win!


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