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Friday, December 12, 2014

See Beautiful - The Desert Edition

Today is the See Beautiful Blog Hop (hosted by Sugar) so I picked out a few of my favorite photos from our desert trip. I love the red rock sculptures designed by eons of wind and water shaping them.
The desert also has incredible sunsets like this next one that silhouettes a canyon wall.
As we stopped to watch it while we hiked on the other wall of the canyon, Shyla stood atop a rock, giving me a fun photographic opportunity.
When we camped almost inside a canyon, we didn't get to see the brilliant glow of the setting sun because the canyon walls blocked it.

But we did go to another site where the light was breath-taking and the desert terrain was dramatic, with huge towers rising from the ground.
From our perch at the base of a tower, we could survey a long distance to the west.
We patiently watched the sunset, giving thanks for Nature's beauty.
R also gave thanks.
As many of you know, another part of the desert that I find beautiful is the zillions of stars that are visible in the dark sky.

At our last campsite of the trip, I made a time lapse series of the stars. If you want to, you can see how the stars moved over the course of 2 hours in this short time lapse video. You can watch it at Youtube if you have trouble viewing it here.

Here was the final photo, after I stacked all the exposures together. I find the desert sky to be mesmerizing because there are more stars than I can fathom.
I love our mountains but I've come to love the desert too. I feel lucky that I live in a place where I can spend time in both. And, I feel lucky that I have an amazing "pack" to share it with!


  1. love the reddish glow on your shyla. :)

  2. So much little time :-)

  3. So so beautiful and to share it with the pack that you love makes it even more beautiful.

  4. And we are feeling so thankful that you share this beauty with us. Its more than beautiful,, there are no words to describe,
    You know we love it all... and those stars!! Beautiful photos of R and Shyla.
    We cannot even imagine standing in the presence of that beauty.

  5. We would love to see the red rocks in person. They are just incredible and so are your photos, KB!

  6. Wow what a gorgeous time lapse of the stars!

  7. I amazed at all the different colors the stars are - I always think of them as white or silver, but I see blues and reds in your photo.

    Monty and Harlow

    1. The colors always surprise me too! At first, I wondered if it was a camera artifact but my reading about night photography has taught me that there really are stars of different colors!

  8. Love that red rock! Beautiful star pics!

    Your pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. My favorite part of the desert is the red red rock, against the blue blue sky. And the sunsets too of course.


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