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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mountain Biking with the Labraduo

I had two days of the Labraduo joining me for my sunrise bike ride. I had never seen how R's fur turns color when the sun barely peeks over the eastern horizon. He has a reddish glow!
The same is true for Shyla's chocolate coat. It looks almost fake because it glows so brightly. This bright glow lasts for only about 10 minutes after sunrise.
After the sun was a little higher in the sky, we played some games. As I looked through my photos of them, I noticed a very funny thing. When I called the Duo to run to me, they almost always simultaneously licked their noses with their tongues. I've read that "tongue flicks" are a sign of stress but I truly don't believe the Duo was under "stress". Perhaps it was a sign of excitement in this case.
Atop Hug Hill, they did the same thing. Their synchronization was remarkable!
The Duo played together, and they totally relaxed together in the warm sunshine. Shyla actually snoozed, which she'd never do without her trusty big brother by her side.
It's definitely a bit more stressful for me to keep two dogs under control than when I have only one with me. When mountain biking, the dogs have to be truly under "voice control" because I also have to pay attention to riding my bike and not crashing. But, it was good fun, and the Duo was generally very well behaved.
This morning, Shyla and I were on our own again. We look forward to the next time that the black tornado can join us!


  1. I think the tongue flicks are a sign of excitement and anticipation for Shyla and R. Love love the photo of sleepy Shyla and protective big brother. So beautiful.

  2. We think the tongue flicks are excitement. Can't imagine anything stressing them out up there!

  3. It's a 'lick of approval' I'd say!! What fun, and I've no doubt that R is looking forward to the time when he can join you again too!

  4. I have a photo of Otto and Macy Blue running on the beach absolutely in step. SO cute!! And yes, two dogs require more than one! Twice the opportunity for trouble!!

  5. Oh what good times for both!! I think they like to taste the fresh air

  6. What great photographs of the lovely dogs. How wonderful that R has become so close to Shyla. Hope you are doing well and the migraines are gone.

  7. They are so cute!! <3 I totally hear ya on having only one dog out at a time being easier and I'm not biking!! I try to take the girls out separately whenever possible. I think it's good to get one-on-one time, too!

  8. Great synchronization! That's interesting about the nose-licking. Maybe they are prepping their noses to maximize the intense blast of scents that will be hitting them in the face when the run? A wet nose is more sensitive to scents...try it if you dare, but I advise waiting for a slightly warmish day ;)

  9. Love the tongue flicks! You are such wonderful pups, R and Shyla ♥

  10. Great capture on the tongue licks! That's too cute. We would agree, no stress there!!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

    p.s. We brought that Duraflame box down from NY. We used it for packing. Butt, truly could use a fireplace around Florida these days. We've only had 1 warm day since we've been back. Not even sure we're getting out of the 60's again today.

  11. The Dynamic Duo looks terrific!


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