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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Winter Bobcat Pair

I just returned from a sunset hike with the Duo, made possible by our longer days!
The light is changing so fast, and I am cheering it on!
But I guess the later sunset is keeping R up past his bedtime!
We hurried home after sunset so I could finish this post. The first part was about an innocent trail camera attached to a huge old aspen tree. It has been pointed at a bear marking tree for a couple of years. The bear marking tree is the small pine tree in the center of the photo, just above the bobcat's head. Many other species, like this bobcat, also pass this spot and often sniff the tree.
In the next photo, you see the entire world starting to tip as the old tree toppled in high winds.
Then, I got approximately 3700 photos of the forest canopy, some at night and some during the day. Lucky for me, the tree didn't fall onto the camera, and the snow cushioned the camera's impact. So, it still works!
Around the same time as that tree toppled, a nearby trail camera was capturing bobcat activity. Very early in the morning of 1/16, a bobcat sniffed the area in front of the camera and then paused to look at it before departing.
A few hours later, another bobcat (maybe the same one) showed up to sniff that spot.
This one was also mesmerized by the many markings this spot has received from mountain lions and bobcats.
But, this bobcat was also concerned about something behind him/her. The bobcat kept turning and staring up the gully.
This next photo looks very "kittenish" to me, so I started to wonder if this bobcat was waiting for his/her mom.
The bobcat shook, making a funny photo!
And then another bobcat arrived. There are definitely two bobcats in the next photo but I don't which one is which.
 The pair reconvened at that interesting spot.
They rolled around together.
It looked as if they were leaving their scent marks by rubbing their faces on a rock that was jutting out of the snow. At the same time, they appeared to play with each other.
At times, they looked like one big ball of fur. I could barely distinguish two separate bobcats.
Then, one of them briefly focused on the trail camera, before the two strutted off into the forest together.
I am assuming that this is a mother-kitten pair. But, it is conceivable that it's a mating pair. Bobcats are said to mate in "late winter", giving birth to kittens 50-70 days later in early spring. For us, 50-70 days from now would be very early spring, with our biggest snow storms likely to occur after the birth of kittens. For that reason, I tend to think this is a mother-kitten pair. Kittens stay with their mothers for the first 8-11 months of their lives.

In any case, the Duo and I wish this pair of bobcats good luck for the rest of the winter!


  1. Awesome shots of the bobcats, how fun to watch them. We are thrilled for evening walks too.

  2. Dear KB
    Do you know what? You have such a zest for living. We admire that!
    Thank you for sharing your world.
    We get as excited about these photos as you do! Wonderful post.
    And thank you for reminding us the days are getting longer.
    I have never known anyone who had as much zest and love for life as you do. You are seizing the moment, just as we should be.

  3. I love seeing the bobcats just messing with each other. Great photos as always. Shyla and R look so beautiful with the glow around them. Thank you for showing me things I will probably never see on my own. Thank you for sharing your world

    Anne and Sasha

  4. Enjoyed the Bobcat photos. Shyla and R have the most gleaming fur. Was it warm there today? We were in Denver to bike and hike - it reached 73 degrees!

  5. Cute labraduo pics!!! <3 R does look kind of sleepy! LOL!

    I'm glad the tree didn't damage your wildlife cam! Those bobcats taken from the second cam are so cute! The one does look very kittenish to me, too!

  6. What wonderful Bobcat shots...such a wonderful thing to see them in their natural setting!!

    Also love the lighting in the Labraduo shots!!

  7. What a tale to tell, and your camera still safe and working, what a bonus. The Duo in that sunshine, picture perfect.

  8. You sure do live in one special place on earth, KB! We just love hearing stories about your wildlife!
    Shyla and R have the most gorgeous shiny fur.

  9. wow look at them playing

    retro rover

  10. A friend of ours has a Maine Coon cat ...and he looks so much like a bob cat. He's HUGE and has the same little tufts of fur on the tops of his ears.

    Love the pictures.

  11. your labraduo are just stunners. :)

    loved the bobcat coverage!

  12. How cool is that??? I'm glad the camera wasn't damaged from the fallen tree!

    I love the longer days too. I no longer have to rush home from work, feed B, bolt my dinner in 5 minutes or less and rush out the door before it is completely dark. While I don't mind finishing up a walk in the dark, I like to start out being able to see what is around me. :)

  13. Such a wonderfully beautiful duo! Love the cat photos!

  14. Love seeing the bobcats! The swirling head was funny!

  15. Love the Duo photos, they look great together. And how fascinating to see the bobcats.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  16. Those trail cameras just catch the most interesting forest life.

  17. Hi KB and pack, Love these photos-your pups in the light are always my favorites, but the Bobcats were so wonderful. On last nights news, there was a quick segment about someone seeing some Linx(3 of them)up on Red Ridge??? Not sure where that is, but they were beautiful. I didn't realize we had those in the high places.
    Hugs today.

  18. Such amazing tales! I hope you have a new spot picked out near the bear marking tree!

  19. Wonderful - I do so enjoy your posts (how many times can I say that without sounding like a proper fangirl! haha!)

  20. What a treat to see two of them playing together. Your bobcats seems a bit larger than ours. Perhaps they need more fur for your colder winters.

  21. Wow! Those are amazing photos of the Bobcats playing! So cool! And of course I love when the Duo make an appearance :) xoxo

  22. I love the sun-play on Shyla's and R's fur!

    The photos you are capturing of the bobcats are priceless. It's nice to see wild animals having fun.


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