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Friday, January 29, 2016

Pave Paradise?

First, I want to say thank you for all the supportive comments yesterday. With all the POTP coming his way, it seems like things will work out for R, one way or another! Thanks!

I've spent my time today writing a long letter opposing massive clear-cutting that the Forest Service wants to do in our area.

Despite scientific evidence to the contrary, the Forest Service insist that cutting down 50% of the trees in our surrounding area will make the ecosystem healthier.

They also insist that it will reduce the risk of large wildfires. Intensive analysis of nearby recent fires by experts shows that to be a dubious claim, at best. Moreover, paving the entire world would reduce wildfire risk... but we're not doing that!

Joni Mitchell's words sum it up well:
They took all the trees
And put them in a tree museum
And they charged all the people
A dollar and a half to see 'em
Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
'Till it's gone
They paved paradise
And they put up a parking lot

These photos are of a White-breasted Nuthatch, who was having a small skirmish (or should I say "squirmish"?) with a squirrel. The squirrel was following the bird everywhere, and finally the bird started flapping his wings to scare away the squirrel.
White-breasted Nuthatches need pine trees to survive. So, I guess I was partly fighting for this feathered friend today.

Because I hate nothing more than dealing with bureaucracies and politics like I've done today, I think I deserve a treat, like Shyla caught this morning!
Nope, the photo is not distorted. She stretched herself out of proportion to snag the treat before it hit the ground. As I've said before, she makes me smile everyday!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your trees!


  1. Humm cutting down 50% of he trees does not sound like a good thing to me. In what world is that a good thing????? Not in mine I tell you.

  2. Yeah, we're with Buddy - how can cutting down half the trees possibly be a good idea? However, the Forest Service has surprised me in the past....

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  3. sounds like a crazy idea to us too. We hope your letter writing campaign is successful. Paved Paradise seems a bit like an oxymoron.

    Happy weekend. And we hope you got that treat:)

  4. OMD, I missed the update yesterday! I sure hopes R can gets his surgery sooner than April...take it from MOI, that is a LOOOOOONG time in doggie days!! BOL! I gots my paws crossed real tight for you dude! And I am glads your peeps got some good pet insurance, the one time Ma gots it, they kept denying claims saying that the 45 dollar exam was out of line and therefore not covered, etc. Ma gave up. Luckily, I'm purty healthy (knock on wood)!
    I loves the burdies!!!! Leave it to the tree rats to cause troubles....what else is new! ☺
    I thinks your Moms needs the margarita truck ASAP! on my way.....
    Ruby ♥

  5. I wonder what the real reason for wanting to cut those trees may be. Do they think people are that stupid to think it will improve things? Love that photo of Shyla!

  6. Oh crap, if the government thinks it is a good idea then that's a big hint that it should never happen. Politicians should all be spayed and neutered.

  7. You DO deserve a treat! I hope you enjoyed it!!

  8. Again and again, you amaze me. I am a talker, you are a doer. Doers save the world. I hope you are able to save the birds.......You have my total respect. keep up the good fight....

  9. Crikey ..... that Brian bloke's got the right idea, aye??

  10. Seems they always want to remove trees. A few years ago they removed a KILLER tree. Had nothing to do with people driving too fast on a curve and hitting the tree. Obviously, it was the tree's fault. Sheesh!

  11. My husband volunteered on the trails of a nearby National Forest and he enlightened me on the big differences between the Forest Service and the Park Service. The Park Service is dedicated to preserving natural resources. The Forest Service is more of a manager with somewhat less regard to preservation and more to maintenance. They have less regard to what the area means to the public.

    Here in Western NC we are also attending meetings regarding the Forest Service plans to allow extensive logging in one of our more scenic areas. It would have a negative effect on the hiking trails there as well as the wildlife. The views from one of our favorite mountain peak trails would be tarnished. And even the Forest Service cannot guarantee erosion might not be a problem. We're hoping to get them to change their minds.

  12. 50% of the trees is just wrong! Those birds are so pretty.

  13. Good luck! Are you concerned at all about the effect of climate change on the conifers?

  14. We understand how you feel KB, about the logging of the trees. We also have that problem with private owners of part of the forests around here.. Not the Forestry department,, but just logging companys.
    One year the whole area around us was clear cut. Its been 8 years now,, New trees are 10 and 12 feet tall now.. But its not the same, and never will be. Down the road,,, at Wilhoit Springs,, more trees are to be cut. but they call it selective cutting.. We do not want that either. The birds need the trees..! We understand and hope your letter gets into someones ears.
    Its so sad when the big saws come,, and the men in those big boots.

  15. We don't think that taking down the trees is a good idea at all. The wildlife need the trees! Way to go, Shyla☺

  16. Shyla that photo rocks... what a fabulous funny day... you should get a treat for every smile you bring on our face... bet you would get a truckload efurryday :o)

  17. Half the trees? That's too many. Perhaps some legitimately need to go, but half? So many forest creatures need dead trees for shelter and as a food source…I hope you and other residents can prevent this. So sad.

  18. Thank you for taking the time to write, and I hope your comments are well-taken by the Forest Service. We're in agreement, for sure. There was an article in the NYTImes about this issue a few years ago. If I can find it, I'll send it to you—I believe it supported your ideas.

    You do deserve a treat and thanks again for your efforts on behalf of our forests!

  19. The Forestry people, I would assume, have to write up goals and objectives for each year they are out there,discuss it with whomever their. supervisors are. So they cruise their area, throwing out figures like 50% of the trees, come up with reasons that might sound reasonable to any complainers (that's you, of course!) It would be more fun to bring a few locals with who feel as you do, visit their HQ and ask to see their written plans for your area . Can you see any reason why they wouldn't be glad to show you what their plans are? For now and long range?

    Have some fun with them, maybe?


  20. Why?? Why would they even think to do something like clear the beautiful forest and trees. Crazy. I am happy the last picture is of beautiful Shyla getting her treat!!

  21. Unfortunately we have seen a lot of things that have happened and that song was in the background of our thoughts.

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley


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