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Tuesday, January 26, 2016


My flying Shyla reminds me daily to smile and be thankful for all the good in our world.

I think Shyla knows that she's a lucky dog. She has an amazing big brother and gets to play in the mountains every day. And, she's become a real partner to me in the mountains, warning me of moose lurking nearby and happily posing for photos. She makes every day brighter for me.

This is a tough time of year for me to keep my chin up because spring still feels very far away, and the winter routine is starting to feel onerous. That makes it a good time of year for me to go back and mine my library of photos from the summer and fall.

This star photo was from our last camping trip in the high mountains before winter. My camera took photos for more than two hours to show the apparent rotation of the stars around the North Star. You can see a town below us but it was a small town. I was surprised by how many lights sparkled from it.
I hope that you are all finding things to smile about!


  1. Yes, we just gotta make it through February and then we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. KB, like you spring seems like it is still so far off, but with the warmth today Hunter and I got a walk in. That felt so good and made me remember how much we love spring, summer and fall. Unlike Murphy above, we still have four months left. So thankful for you Shyla! Great photo!

  3. Shyla is so cute! I just love her pretty eyes! I know how you feel about spring! I hope it gets here soon.

  4. Oh yes, winter can be so long. I am excited about spring and love the warmth and sunshine!! Shyla and you both are blessed to have each other!!

  5. I think it would be hard to be around Shyla and not be smiling

  6. I love how our dogs let us know of wildlife nearby. If it weren't for Blueberry I would probably not notice all the desert critters.

  7. What an amazing star shot!!! Shyla looks like the happiest pup in the world.

  8. I love that star photo.. It's funny but our summers are so hot here that I look forward to Autumn and winter as you look forward to spring and summer. At least we are both happy at the same time. This summer has been very kind to us so far. Not too many stifling days and we do have the beach to escape to. Shyla is so beautiful! How's her big brother doing?? Lynn, Charlie's Mum.

  9. I was just wishing today for Spring to hurry up and arrive.

    Aroo to you,

  10. I try and concentrate on the days getting just a few minutes longer every day!! In the meantime, Shyla has wonderful reminder smiles!

  11. You make us all smile, Shyla. Thank you☺

  12. Agreed! Shyla makes us all smile every day!

  13. we state over and over every day that if we did not have Jake to make us smile we would not smile. we smile at him running, jumping, sleeping, snoring, eating ... awesome photos as always

  14. I'm sure she knows that.... and she brings so much smiles to us efurry day... hugs to the fantabulous Shyla and a giant chewingbone :o)

  15. Mom keeps on telling herself good times are right around the corner.
    stella rose

  16. Goah! You know how much we love your beautiful photos! The stars,, oh gosh, those amazing stars.


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