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Monday, February 8, 2016

Pouncing through the Snow - Shyla and a Coyote

Shyla couldn't get enough of the snow this weekend.

I'm in my February funk but her verve kept me smiling!

After every evening hike (snowshoe, really) for the past 5 days, I think that the trails are going to be great for the next day. Then, the wind blows all night long, and I head out to find that the trails are covered in snowdrifts. I got so frustrated on Sunday that I took Shyla for a short trail snow bike ride, during which I managed to fall umpteen times on the treacherous snow, and then I headed for the side roads near me to burn off my energy. That was much better.

Usually, I don't see as much wildlife when I ride on the roads. It wasn't true this weekend. As I rode past a meadow, a movement caught my eye. It was a coyote hunting. I saw him freeze, and I knew what would come next. I quickly grabbed my camera, and I managed to capture it!!

A leap upward and forward...

A fully airborne phase...

 And a landing, doubtless with his front paws on his prey.

Sometimes, I can see the prey but not this time. I think the coyote snarfed the whole rodent before he lifted his head again.

I stood there for a while, hoping to see the coyote pounce again, but it he was ready for a rest. Instead of hunting, he curled up to rest in the snow. His coat must be insanely thick!

Sometimes I feel like our life is part of a National Geographic episode. For example, this morning, Shyla and I met a brand new moose just behind our house - a young bull. As soon as I saw him, I instantly turned around, but he started walking straight toward us with his eyes fixed on us. We walked away faster, with Shyla in a tight heel. The moose paralleled us briefly and then peeled off. After his tail disappeared into the forest, we could then go for a ride. That little encounter made my heart rate spike!

Later, an elk herd passed through another part of our trail system. They're rotating among our meadows these days. Finally, to make the day truly memorable, the trio of moose (Mama moose, calf, and Lefty) were hanging around in yet another part of our small trail system. I didn't take any photos this morning of the wildlife... we were too busy evading them! By the time I was out by myself and would've felt safer trying to get a photo, all the wildlife had disappeared.

Now that I recount it, it was a pretty amazing day. I hope that you are having a good one too!


  1. You are in an amazing place to see all these wonderful animals. Wow!! Beautiful pictures. My heart rate would have been so high for sure!!

  2. That leap was almost as good as Shyla when she flies!

  3. I think you do live in National Geographic and your photographs could be in it too!

  4. Wow, you got some great action shots of that coyote!!! Glad that moose left you alone. Just reading about him makes my heart race:)

  5. It is so beautiful there! You kind of do live in National Geographic! :D That coyote hunting is so neat and it reminds of Zoe and Phee pouncing on the mole holes at the park we go to! :D

  6. The coyote is so pretty around here people kill them. Mom has always wanted a little coyote pup, we'd have a zoo if dad would let us.

    Aroo to you,

  7. I love the coyote pictures! Especially that last one :-)

  8. We said this is better than National Geographic
    Lily & Edward

  9. Wow, whatever that coyote pounced on didn't stand a chance! Really amazing shots.

  10. Amazing indeed!!! Love the Coyote.

  11. Having a wonderful day, not too hot,and definitely not too cold. Friends came for lunch, bringing so many goodies, true friendship. I showed them your Facebook photo of the Bobcat, Wow!!! We all thought it such a shame we don't have them down here.

  12. You take the most amazing photos. Make sure you and Shyla stays safe out there

  13. You live my dream life all year round. I do pretty good in the spring summer and fall, but I miss so much during the winter. I'd be happy right now to spot a skunk or beaver.

  14. You really had an awesome day,, in your awesome world! Your photos are fantastic! The coyote was so beautiful! Great catch of that photo!

  15. Sounds like a great day for wildlife. Love the coyote hunting pictures.

  16. There is no doubt that you could publish your own wildlife magazine, KB. Your photos are second to none!

  17. I catch mice and moles the same way like Wile E. Coyote...seems some things are always inside of us :o)

  18. Oh WOW! The coyote photos are great! Just look how he pounces on his prey. I try to do the same thing! Gosh, the wildlife seem to be everywhere by you lately. Paws crossed for some more photos...but be careful.

  19. I'm actually struggling to decide which shots I like more--I adore Shyla in the second picture with the snowy face. But your coyote shots are amazing.

    It's a testament to your attention and skill.

    I recently posted a picture on Facebook of where a dolphin HAD BEEN swimming beside our boat. Yep, I was far to slow to capture him above the water. I guess I have to keep practicing. Hoping I have many more experiences to do so. :)

  20. Argh, falling repeatedly is so frustrating. Do you cuss when you fall? I sure do!
    I wonder if there is some kind of small noisemaker that would be strange enough to discourage a moose. Not something loud (although that might work too, but I imagine would have other consequences you don't want) but just something odd to a moose's ear. I'm sure they become accustomed to new sounds, but it might work on individual moose at least once. Or in an emergency, maybe. I think if it had been me in your mamamoose/bicycle encounter, I would have started carrying a pocket airhorn for absolute emergency use. That was Some Scary, just reading about it!
    Speaking of thick coats, I saw your question and answered on my blog so other folks could read it if interested, but I'm never sure if the original commenter sees a reply. Do you? :)

  21. You are so lucky to be able to view such a variety of wildlife. So awesome.

  22. You could publish your own wildlife magazine with all your amazing photos!
    Mr bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  23. We always think your life is a National Geographic episode!! That is so cool that you caught that shot!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  24. Yuppers, I thinks your whole life is a NG movie!! I am soooo jealous! Wells, except for the fallin' part...☺
    Such cool pics!!! I am gonna dream of being that coyote tonight! BOL!
    Ruby ♥

  25. Wow, wow, wow!

    Also, the power of blogging (journaling)... you don't always see how the day went until you reflect on it!


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