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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Yesterday, I was too quick to to dismiss our snowstorm as over-hyped. While we slept, it dropped almost 2' of snow on our world. Our local weather forecaster had been calling it "Snowzilla" in the days leading up to it. I think that was a good name!

I had a slow start to my morning, with a migraine slowing me down. Eventually, I headed out in snowshoes to start to pack down a trail from our house with Shyla playing like a crazy puppy along side me. When Shyla sat in the snow, her head barely stayed above the snow.

When she galloped through the snow, she reminded me of a powerboat leaving a wake of flying snow behind her.

She stayed still only when I asked her to, and she perpetually carried snow stuck to every square inch of her fur.

Moreover, she never chose to walk behind me, where the snow was slightly packed down by my snowshoes. She's at that amazing age where she never seems to get tired. Seriously, I am in awe of her strength and endurance.

She zoomed to me on a recall. Look at the snow flying!

In more normal snowstorms, I can ride my snowbike in my showshoe tracks after I do an out-and-back snowshoe hike. Today, there was no chance of that. I scarcely made a dent in this snowfall that was light, fluffy, and bottomless.

I took my bike out a path that the Runner had snowblown specifically for my bike (what a treat!). And, I headed for a very nearby private road where I could ride a bit without traffic. There is nothing like riding to loosen up my back - I can't live without it.

I discovered that it had snowed so much since the narrow road had been plowed this morning that I needed my fat tires for it! It was covered in about 6" of loose powder.
My world always gets smaller after a huge storm like this one. Very few people use the trails near my house so I have to rely on myself to pack a trail that I can ride. After I've made a trail a couple of miles long, then more people start to use the trails and contribute a little toward making them better for travel.

No matter what Punxsutawney Phil said today, I know that we have a few more months of winter here in the mountains!


  1. Snowmageddon!!! Shyla looks like she loves it. And we think the Runner is a swell guy to do that for you.

    Sorry about the migraine. Ciara had a seizure overnight with a noisy thunderstorm rolling through. It certainly didn't make for a very good night's sleep for anyone.

    Ciara and Lightning would die for that snow. We didn't even get a snowflake.

  2. OMD I couldn't keep from smiling best photos ever. I gotta go back and look at them again.

    Aroo to you,

  3. Crikey ..... those are the most amazing photos I have ever seen. What's with Shyla?? Is she a robot or something? No NORMAL dog could run around in that and not freeze to death. I'm half dead just lookin' at her.

  4. What great photographs of Shyla romping in the deep snow. Yes, no matter the prediction you are in for some more winter. At least it's peaceful and serene.

  5. Well, that is certainly a pile o snow!! Looks like Shyla had soooo much fun!!!

  6. WOW!! I bet that snowstorm had something to do with your headache. I love seeing Shyla covered in snow. I think Otto would ove that as he always runs hot. Hopefully El Nino will bring us some snow in the hills behind us. I hope you're feeling the betterment, as we say here in Blogville!

  7. And Shyla never gets cold!! She is so amazing!
    Amazing photos!

  8. I just have to ask.
    Do you wrap Shyla up in a warm from the dryer, blanket when you get home?
    SHe must be shaking cold from the playtime.
    Awesome photos again!!
    xo Cinnamon

  9. Cinnamon - Shyla is not at all cold when we get home. She works so hard galloping through that snow that she is, if anything, a little hot! Also, she has the nice thick coat of a mountain dog, which helps a lot!

  10. Shyla looks like she is having a blast!! Hope your migraine calms down soon!!

  11. I love your pictures. Shyla is having the time of her life

  12. What a snow dog you have. So glad you are getting all that moisture. It certainly means a beautiful spring is on its way, sometime in the next two months or so.

    sorry about the migraines but glad you can get out and stretch with those fat tires.

  13. Wowzers, Shyla is amazing. what great pictures.

  14. Wow! There's so much snow! Shyla is so cute covered in it! :D I'm glad you were able to get out for a while!

  15. Beautiful! It was a bit drizzly and 54 degrees on my trail run in Los Altos today. I thought about all that snow in Colorado and wished I could have stayed.

  16. OMD, gurl those pics are FABulous!!! I can only dream of that fluffy white stuffs stickin' to my furs while I run through the mounds of snow.....ahhhhh...yes, I am all jealous over heres! All we gets is rain...butts the good news is that the Sierra has 130% of normal snowpack so our water situation is lookin' good. Maybe Ma can keep her green lawn this summer! ☺
    I hopes your Moms migraine is betters! I knows how that can make them 'foggy'
    Give her a good slobbery kiss and some snuggles!
    Ruby ♥

  17. Shyla looks like she quit when she was a head! Looks so funny, just that head in the snow. Well, there's nothing else to do, but just enjoy all that snow.

  18. Please wait while I get a price for a container of snow!!! 34.7 C today, too hot to do anything but lie in the shade, and we are seriously,YES, almost might, think about putting the super duper air bed outside under a tree tonight. Shyla, she is a mountain girl at heart, and does she love that snow. I marvel that you can ride when a migraine hovers, maybe the cold air relieves it a little.Take care, and banish those headaches.

  19. That's some good amount of snow! Would have loved to make a trail with snowshoes on myself. Your dog looks so happy, always fun seeing them play in fresh snow.

  20. What beautiful and fun photos of you, Shyla! You look like you are having the time of your life☺

  21. These pictures of Shyla and the snow are AMAZING! We can tell she is loving every single minute of it!! So sorry to hear that the migraines have hit's hoping you feel better!!

  22. These pictures are SO MUCH FUN! I just love them and can't help smiling. She has a childlike joy playing in that snow - and she does look a bit like a motorboat!

  23. Love the photos of Shyla - she's like a doggie-shaped snowman! What an incredible amount of snow but I guess that's par for the course for you.
    Haha I said the big hurricane a few years ago was overhyped. "I'm going to bed, this was a big nothing." When my head hit the pillow is when the giant tree hit our house. Ouch! I'll never hear the end of that one.

  24. wow a brown polar bear :o) you found a new species :o)

  25. Shyla looks like she is having so much fun. But holy cow, that's a ton of snow!

  26. Yowza, that's a whole lot of snow!! I've never seen that much in my whole life!

  27. Shyla is amazing in the snow but our mom says she is "so done" with the snow. We are afraid the snow is not done with her though. Me and Stanley can't even rest cuz mom is whining about the cold and snow. It is making us crazy!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  28. WOW that is way too much snow!!! Glad that Shyla enjoys it!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  29. You and mom could be a snowplow
    Lily & Edward

  30. It sounds like you have the exact snow conditions I had last year! Multiple feet of powder that came fast and stayed forever - though that part remains to be seen in your neck of the woods, but I hope it stays around for a while, just for Ms. Shyla's entertainment! I think this may be my favorite portfolio of Shyla portraits EVER. You often mention how much she enjoys the snow, but these pictures are remarkable!
    All last winter when people complained about the snow, I kept saying "I'd rather have three feet of snow than an inch of ice." And this year, we've got the ice. I'm trying to figure out what I should be saying now to get perfect weather next winter ;)

  31. Oh my goodness Shyla, good thing you're not a white dog!


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