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Saturday, February 20, 2016

What a week!

I'm not certain why this week has been so tough, leaving me exhausted. It probably has something to do with R's surgery, the powerful never-ending wind, and skating on the edge of not sleeping enough.

Even Shyla has been a bit "off" this week. She has her moments of total exuberance, like this one. I'd had her do a sit-stay behind a boulder where she couldn't see me, and I called her. Her frenzied delight at being able to come to me was incredible.
But her enthusiasm for our training hasn't been at its usual level. Her recalls are lackluster and she sometimes seems to be in her own bubble. I hope that she gets back to normal when the wind goes away.

At the end of the week, I finally made a leap of progress on R's surgery, which made me feel a lot better.

I now have two surgeons who are interested in doing the surgery. The very best one cannot yet commit to a date or a place. However, after talking with him on the phone, I feel confident that he'll do his best not to let us down. I'm 95% sure that he'll do R's surgery in April either here or on the east coast. As of today, we also have a backup plan in case the very best surgeon backs out - an excellent surgeon from California will do the surgery here in Colorado if needed. I feel relieved about that.

Every time we reach even a small crisis, I am overwhelmed by how kind you all are. Thank you. And, R thanks you too. He's actually still a very happy-go-lucky dog despite his reduced activity. Our nosework training is helping him avoid going stir-crazy. He gets SO excited about it! More on that on another day.
Happy Saturday to all of you.


  1. Sorry to hear you had an off week, but the news about the surgeons for R is very good news indeed.

  2. Maybe you can sit back and relax a little as you have two options. That's great news.

  3. Hari OM
    Got everything crossed for you and R!!! YAM xx

  4. I hope you and Shyla both feel more settled when the wind eases up! I do think constant wind takes a toll on critters who aren't used to it, and for animals who rely on acute hearing to provide important information about what is going on around them, it is a source of stress.
    What good news that you have made progress on the R front! Here's hoping it works out in the easiest way possible for Mr R :)

  5. I hope next week is better for you! I know that it's really stressful to not know what's going to happen with R's surgery. I hope they get it all figured out for you soon. I'm betting Shyla's just picking up on your stress and I bet she'll be back to normal once you're feeling better!

  6. We live at the mouth of a canyon and get strong winds quite often. They can be incredibly un-nerving. Bart used to HATE the wind. None of us are fans...

    Great news about R!!

  7. So glad you seem to have R's surgery sorted out.
    I found last week really tough too. I didn't face anything like you, but the weather was bad and I don't know . . . awful February is almost over!

  8. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers for healing, and patience while the healing happens. LOVED the pictures - you bring your furry families to life for us.

  9. I hope the pieces for R's surgery continue to come together smoothly. Add me to the list of those sending good vibes for him, and you too!

  10. Mr friend, It seems you had a bright spot in an otherwise dreary week-so glad you have two surgeons that will help your R. We know that the very best one will do it, even if he is from Ca😉. The wind has been crazy! I'm hoping we don't get a lot of snow next week.
    Hugs and wags to the pups.

  11. Glad the week ended with some good news for R. WE hope it will continue to come together
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  12. All of you and R is always in our thoughts,,

  13. That's such a relief about R's surgery, and bless you for finding something that engages him during the wait.

  14. We are so very happy things are falling into place for R's surgery and are hoping the winds die down, and next week is a better!

  15. These options sound very positive. Our paws continue to be tightly crossed for R!

  16. Great news about R! Maybe Shyla is off because she's picking up on the stress her humans are feeling.

  17. I really hope for you and R that the surgery will eventually take place. It must be very disruptive to not really knowing when and where it will take place.

  18. Thankyou for the update, KB.

    As someone new to dog care, I shudder to think what it's like trying to keep a dog still! Sounds like you are doing great, and R thinks so too!


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