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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Glorious Springtime!

Our world is changing day by day, as spring accelerates into summer. The hummingbirds still zoom around overhead each morning, and I have fun trying to photograph them. This is a female Broad-tailed hummingbird with her colorful tail fanned out. I love hummingbirds!

We are visiting the golden meadows daily because we know that these flowers won't bloom forever.
Every morning during our golden meadow visit, I've been hearing the most beautiful bird song. I finally recorded it this morning although I couldn't see the bird. I discovered that it's a Western Meadowlark. I found a short Youtube video of this bird singing. Check it out - it's beautiful!

I've also been taking our Black Dog to the Golden Meadow! He's a blast! I am so glad that we got him a new elbow last year. He can run like the wind without pain. I grin ear-to-ear as I watch him.

Last, but not least, our deer are giving birth to fawns - a sure sign that summer is almost here. My first inkling of this was when a doe charged me and Shyla as we rode along a seldom-used trail. I yelled, and the doe veered away. We must have accidentally been between her and her fawn. I never saw the fawn.

My next inkling was when I saw a doe chasing a coyote through the forest. The coyote kept stopping and trying to circle back behind the doe but she was too smart to let that happen. Eventually, the coyote disappeared, and the doe returned to where I assumed her fawn was.

The final iron-clad evidence that fawns are being born was this series of photos from a trail cam. Look to the far right in this one.

Then the fawn emerged.

The fawn got distracted and was briefly left behind by mom (but not for long).
I love springtime!!!!!


  1. WOW! Way to go Doe! Everything sure is pretty and Shyla and R look terrific!

  2. Summer is so beautiful in your neck of the woods! Summer here is already veering toward too hot and the vegetation drying out. But I do get to see fawns just like you do! We have a huge deer population!

  3. The Western MeadowLark has the most beautiful song! The fawn is just adorable!
    We are loving your smiles, Shyla and R☺

  4. I love springtime too.... new life... always gives me hope.

    And that Western Meadowlark song gave me both hope & joy this morning.

    Thank you, as always, for yet again another uplifting blog post from you & those you love.


  5. awwwwwwww on that fawn. so precious and the humming bird is gorgeous and almost out did your sweet pups. but they are still number one in my book.

  6. Aww, how grreat to see Momma Deer and her baby!

  7. Love the little fawn. Almost never see them that small.

  8. Ahh! This is so fascinating! We sure understand why you love this time of year
    Lily & Edward

  9. So cute...from the hummingbirds to the fawns, Spring is pretty awesome!!

  10. Sadly, we seem to be into summer already. Blah!

  11. I also love the hummingbirds, and that is a very good photograph of yours! I recently put up a second, small feeder that attaches to a window right next to my "lounge" on the porch. Hummingbirds come and eat literally two feet from my eyes! Within a few days, they got used to me moving (turning my head to stare at them, mostly) but the moment I pick up my little camera they zip up and away - camera-shy? I still get lots of pictures from the larger feeder, but then I a shooting through at least two layers of glass and from 10-15 ft away, so never very clear shots. Oh well - the best thing is getting to watch them and hear them :)

  12. We love to listen to the birds singing as we walk along the trail near our home. Too bad we aren't smart enough to recognize what birds they are. We see deer a lot on our walks too, but no fawns - they are just so sweet to see. And who doesn't love to see both Shyla and R enjoying your beautiful world!

  13. Love Hummingbirds. Because I usually visit the US in winter, I miss them.

  14. Love the hummingbird and deer -- but WOW, those pix of Shyla and R!!! Remarkable!

  15. Sweet little fawn!!
    Hazel & Mabel

  16. It is awesome watching your springtime unfold!

  17. I love it too! We also saw a fawn recently. It was good to see the Black Dog running in the yellow flowers too - R looks very happy!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  18. When a hummingbird comes to visit us we think it is one of our angels coming by to say hello

  19. OMD, that is sooooooo cooooool! Ma has been tryin' to gets some good pics of all our hummers takin' baths in our fountain, butts Ma's POS camera just isn't fast enough! Anyhu, loves seein' you guys runnin' and havin' a good time! WoooHooo!
    Ruby ♥

  20. So many people are upset by deer because they eat plants and stuff, but they are so beautiful. The Does are such good moms to their fawns too.

  21. Meadowlarks are one of the lovely songbirds. I LOVE their sweet song. Such a cute fawn.


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