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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thankful Thursday - An outhouse is wonderful in a hail storm!

Today started out gloriously sunny and warm. Hummers were dancing in the air as I ate my breakfast.

Shyla snoozed in the warmth of the sunshine, show her well-earned silver fur at age 5!

We headed out for a ride through fields of wildflowers.

When we finished, there were still no clouds in the sky. So, not surprisingly, I forgot my rain jacket when I headed out on my own for a bike ride. It stayed sunny for a while although I could hear rumbling from a storm to my northwest. Then, the sky turned black, and huge hail started pelting me. I hid in an outhouse!

Years ago, I met a wonderful couple who own a mining claim that was on today's riding route. They have no structures on their land except for an outhouse. They told me that I could use the outhouse whenever I needed to. I'd never gone into it until today. I was SO grateful for the outhouse today. It saved me from a pummeling by Mother Nature.

The hail was hitting the outhouse roof so loudly that I could barely even think. Thankfully, the storm passed quickly. I peeked outside. Compare the hail size to the pine cones!

I picked up a hail stone, and it broke. However, the photo still gives you an idea of how big it was.
I hurried home, with only a few small hail squalls hitting me as I rode as fast as I could.

After my sprint home, I was amazed to find that it was sunny there. There was no hail on the ground - and someone else confirmed that it hadn't hailed at our house. What a crazy mountain world we live in!

This is the first time that I've ever felt so grateful for an outhouse!

Thank you to our friend Brian for organizing a Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


  1. having lived with an outhouse for 3 years of my life, I fully understand the sound you heard and wow were you lucky it was there. those would cause some damage and bruises for sure

  2. Is stealing outhouses still a prank in CO? At the first farm we rented, an outhouse disappeared around Halloween, and then mysteriously reappeared weeks later.

  3. Good grief, that hail is huge. And any port in a storm, right?

  4. Ouch! I'm glad you had shelter! When I lived in NM, we had weird weather like that all the time--it's so strange how different things can be in places so close to each other!

  5. Now that's crazy weather!!
    Lily & Edward

  6. I've had to use them on different camping weekends, and they are usually tight quarters, hopefully you didn't have to stay there long!

  7. Wow, that's not someplace we'd like to be caught, but better than be in the hail!

  8. In times of great need, find an empty outhouse!!! And I guess there will be some who are not sure what this really is!! down here, it can rain in town, and 2 minutes or less to our place and the road is dry. I like your hailstone on your hand, with those biking gloves. I might have some pics to share later, our daughter and s-in-law are biking the Heaphy Track, should get to Karamea today and get flown out to Nelson, with their bikes strapped under the wings. Lots of details on Google, with photos of all the stages and huts. 40km one day at least. And a lot will be uphill.

  9. What is it they say? Any shelter in a storm. :-) Glad you had a place to go during the storm.

  10. Who would have thought an outhouse would save the day?!?!

  11. Any shelter in a storm! Lucky you were near it.

    One Thanksgiving, I hit a snowstorm that I battled through, until I hit a town where traffic stopped. We stayed in the community centre for the night. Next morning they got the traffic going, and about 5 miles down the road, no snow! Crazy!

  12. What luck that you were able to find shelter!

  13. Weather is amazing! We were driving home from class two weeks ago when it was raining so hard, we could barely see past the hood of our car. Then it just stopped cold and the pavement was dry. Our next stop asked if we were in the hail storm, and sure enough they had had hail the size of golf balls just moments before.

  14. That same crazy weather happens here. Pouring rain here and less than a mile away it is as dry as a bone. So glad that outhouse was "unoccupied" at just the right time.

  15. Hail is very dangerous indeed. Our son was caught in a hailstorm. It broke his windshield and the damage to his car made it a total loss. He sustained large bruises on his head and arms when he was running into a building for safety. So glad the outhouse was there. A most welcome port in the storm.

  16. Who knew outhouses could have multiple uses? :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  17. Hey, Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop, we appreciate you hopping in!

  18. OMD, that is kerazy! Wells, at least you had some cover ~ and a seat...hehehe yeah, the weather has been crazy here too, butts no hail, just sprinkles and nice cool weather. Summer returns next week, so Ma will enjoy the cool 70's til then. I hopes you guys have a better ride tomorrows!
    Ruby ♥

  19. We've had to hide before when running but so far not in an out house!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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