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Friday, June 23, 2017

Wildflower Friday

Our world is stunningly beautiful right now. The golden flowers have erupted, and they almost match the gold in Shyla's eyes.

The Colorado Columbines have burst into color too. When we moved here, I wanted to grow a huge Columbine garden. I started with the area along the walkway to our house. It's taken years, starting with seeds, but it's working! At this moment, there are about 60 Columbine blossoms there and three times as many buds. I love it!

I've noticed that Columbines tend to be flourishing next to the remains of old mining cabins. I believe that miners must have collected seeds and planted them next to their cabins. I love how the flowers planted by those hardy people have outlived even the cabins themselves.

Far more flowers are blooming than just the golden meadow flowers and the Columbines. I try to stop and photograph at least one species each day. These are Blue Flax, which are going wild in the dry meadows now. I love their intricate details.

This photo was from today. As I rode through a light rain, a gorgeous combination of a wild rose with water droplets and yellow flowers caught my eye. Despite the loud booms of thunder urging me to ride home faster, I had to stop and photograph this natural bouquet of flowers.

Despite the beauty of the flowers themselves, I have to admit that my absolute favorite photos are of our dogs galloping through the sea of flowers. The flowers are almost as tall as the dogs now!
Happy Flower Friday! Today we are joining our friends led by Arty in a blog hop celebrating flowers.


  1. I spent yesterday evening doing yard work, but I didn't stop to take any pictures, I forgot about flower Friday.

  2. Just gloriously beautiful! I love you racing through the golden wildflowers, Shyla☺

  3. Beautiful flowers. Idaho is loaded with flowers too, I'm excited to see all the different colors.

  4. The last photo needs to be framed
    Lily & Edward

  5. Such beautiful flowers. Shyla shines as the pretties flower in your pictures.

  6. All of those flowers are so beautiful ... but there is something so special about Shyla in those fields of gold. WOW.

  7. Love seeing all of the flower's bits. Just amazing.

  8. What a beautiful post! The last picture of Shyla is priceless!!

  9. The flowers are all beautiful. Mom says she used to have a few columbine plants in the front bed, but the rabbits liked them too much:) We too love seeing both dogs running and having fun in their field of gold.

  10. I would love to have Columbines. Lovely flowers and lovely dog.

  11. Beautiful! And Shyla makes them look even prettier!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. You are beautiful Shyla and so are those flowers!

  13. Such gorgeous images of flowers for Flower Friday. For the first time ever some red columbines are reblooming in my yard. I don't know why I have such a hard time growing these lovely plants and am sure enjoying them.

  14. Beautiful flowers and a beautiful galloping dog to go along with them!


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