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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Swimming Saturday

I told you about my bike ride to our favorite campsite in Colorado. This is a sight that will always make me smile. For those of you who are wondering, that yellow thing is R's "peanut" that we use for his elbow exercises. That peanut has spent so many vacations with us in the LabMobile that we've named it "Penelope".

Not only does the campsite have stupendous views but the area around it is wonderful too. You cannot see all of them but we've counted five lakes in the vicinity. In this photo, two are in the middle and the biggest one is off to the left. You might immediately realize that our Labraduo adores those lakes! Daily swimming is part of our stays there.

Here is Shyla in one of the lakes. She uses her tail a lot while swimming. When she's ready to grab a ball and turn toward shore, she flips her tail up out of the water, creating water art.

This year, to her brother's chagrin, she learned to carry two balls at once. You can see an orange one back in her mouth and a yellow one in her front teeth. This new development is part of why we now have to bring three balls on every water outing. When we occupy Shyla's mouth with two tennis balls, we can throw the third for R.

With our continued foggy, misty, and rainy weather, looking at our photos from our time high in the mountains makes me nostalgic. The next photo was from one instant early this morning when the sky cleared just a tiny bit.
For the rest of the day, the clouds closed in around us making it feel like there were no mountains or trees near us. I know that this pattern will break soon. I have the feeling that it will even help my spine when it's not so cold and damp anymore!


  1. Nothing beats a swimming adventure :) That's very skilled of you Shyla to be able to carry two balls at once. Milo & Jet

  2. smiles on the tail art and the ball art and of course God's Art is always wonderful and this place has it all

  3. Two tennis balls at once, Shyla? Mom and I need to practice that☺

  4. Hari OM thing Shyla will be juggling... YAM xx

  5. Sky high photos, you have the captured that skill so quickly, or have there been a few weeks of secret playing? Hugh's is a Phantom DJI, and he uses a Samsung tablet. And Shyla has progressed to two balls, how does she manage not to choke? I marvel that they swim when I would think the water would be too cold, and her tail, that is so attractive with the water droplets. Beautiful views, as always.

    1. There have been a few weeks of secret playing and lessons from people who are very skilled. My skills are still rudimentary! -- As for Shyla and the two balls, that same thing worries me (choking). But she manages. I am always ready to leap in the water to save a dog if needed. To be honest, I feared letting Shyla swim at all this year due to her epilepsy. I watch her like a hawk, and I'd be in the water in an instant to save her if it looked like something was going wrong. It's better to let her live a full life than to limit her joy... (I remind myself of that daily).

  6. Beautiful. And it does my heart good to see Shyla happy

  7. I really, really love the photos and seeing all the fun you had! Three tennis balls is something we do too. Would you believe that TODD can carry two? What is he, a Lab??!! :-)

  8. I love Shyla's reflection in her "two balls" picture :-)

  9. It looks so lovely there. This post made me smile. Our Sheba always loved to carry two balls around. She also always worked for a third....but never pulled that one off. :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


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