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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Black Dog Sunday

We've gone through a little bit of a rough patch in terms of veterinary issues. Both dogs had GI tract problems. Then, Shyla got an ear infection, and R cracked the enamel off a tooth. Plus, R was a bit "lethargic" compared to his usual insane self. So, I worried...

But we are emerging from the other side in decent shape. Both dogs are feeling better but R might lose a canine tooth. We'll find out when we get into have him examined by a veterinary dentist.

I played with him in the wildflowers recently. The Golden Banner flowers and the grass were almost as tall as him!
If you look closely at the photo above, you can see that he'd just engaged in his favorite pastime, digging a very deep hole! The dirt on his snout tells the story.

R had his regular exam with the vet, and he was due for all of his vaccinations. I really did not want him vaccinated because he has tumors on his spleen and adrenal gland (which we're following with regular ultrasounds). Both appear to be benign but vaccinating is a risk when any tumors are present.

Fortunately, titers exist! We had blood tests done for titers to see if his immunity was still high from a lifetime of vaccinations. So far, we've heard that his immunity is great for distemper and parvo - so no vaccines are needed for those. We are still waiting to hear about rabies. We have our fingers crossed that he won't need any vaccinations!
He's such a puppy-like "senior" dog at 10.5 years old. Look at his eyes - they look so spirited and lively!

We savor every day with him. He still runs every day with the Runner, and we regularly get asked if he's a puppy! That helps us to forget that he's actually a "senior" dog.
We love him!


  1. I am torn between the first and last photos as to my favorite today. R does justice to those flowers by making them look good... he is so beautiful

  2. You know how I love that R :) Unfortunately, here in Georgia a titer test is not an acceptable substitution for the rabies vaccination - not sure about the others :(

  3. He is such a special guy. I hope they can save the tooth, or it won't be too much to have it pulled.

  4. You are such a handsome boy, R, and we are so sorry about your tooth. We hope the GI issues and Shyla's ear infection are in the past now.

  5. R sure is looking good. His energy level and lack of a white muzzle help keep him looking younger than he is.

  6. R you are for sure a Black Beauty...OMCs it is time for my rabies in July. I didn't know you could be tested to see if your immune is high and not need vaccines. Rabies is a big problem here in the South.
    Just recently a rabid kitten bit a lady trying to feed her. Of course I'm indoors only but it is highly recommended and required by the county for all indoor and out. We are so glad you and Shyla are feeling better GI mess is so aggravating
    Hugs madi and mom

  7. Oh that last photo!!! Absolutely incredible.

  8. I would love him, too. He's such a cutie, and those eyes - oh my! I hope you don't have to do anymore vaccinations on him. Rabies is really important, but hopefully the last vaccine is still holding up.
    As usual, beautiful photos.

  9. His expression in those last two photos is priceless! So very much the puppy! I didn't realize he and Cammie are the same age. There is still so much playful jubilance in both of them. I love it!

  10. R still looks like a very young dog to us - he has quite the sparkle in his eyes.

    Sorry about all the vet issues. We have been in the same boat trying to figure out what is going on with Timber's mysterious symptoms. At least nothing serious has been found.

  11. Hope they both are feeling better. It always seems for us the vet visits come in waves and then we are good for a while.
    Hazel & Mabel

  12. I think it's great you do the titers instead of going straight to the vaccines. When Sheba got her cancer, we stopped all vaccines or anything that could stress her immune system.
    It seems like there are times that I feel like we live at our vet's office. More than once I'd say to them "you know, we love you, but I hope I don't see you again for a while!". LOL
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  13. He's the frosting on the cake.
    Happy Crazy Love
    xo Astro


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