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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Mountain Lion and Bobcat Passing in the Night (October, 2018)

Wild cats are incredibly active in our neck of the woods now. I believe that the reason is that our elk herd, and other prey animals too, have migrated into our area for the winter.

At a marking site that has been used regularly recently by mountain lions, a bobcat appeared to be very afraid.

A couple of days later, a mountain lion showed up and marked the site emphatically. Marking...

And then that lion used long strides to move on past my cam.

See the bobcat and mountain lion in action in my short video.


  1. they are so interesting and it is great to see a part of their life live ;O)

  2. Love the part where the mountain lion is rolling with his feets in the Aire☺

  3. I like the difference in the tails, one long and whippy and the other short and bobbed. they are both beautiful cats and I said awwwww at the first part where the lion rolled over acting like our BB does.

  4. OMCs yes it did mark its territory twice with pp then it rolled in it. Crazy felines you gotta love.
    The Bobcat was quite startled
    Great video
    Hugs to you and the Labraduo

  5. It's like you live in your own private animal refuge

  6. This was a great post and the video is just amazing to see. We loved seeing the mountain lion marking the territory and then rolling around in it. You can see like you said the bobcat being very cautious. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  7. I suppose you have to be very wary when you're the small cat.

  8. The bobcat is wise to be wary! I see this was before snow. Did you get the latest storm? Friends tell me 15” in Breck. None in CA!

  9. The bobcat did look very cautious, but we would be too when we see the muscles on that mountain lion!!!

  10. They are cute kitties as long as they are on your side of the mountain

  11. Wild animals are so interesting. Sadly, the just mowed down the fields near our house, and the coyotes are not back in the neighborhood. I love them, but they also scare me. We ran right into one yesterday morning. They are still scared of people, so it ran. Since they rarely are alone, I probably just didn't see the others.


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