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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Black Dog Sunday

Our Black Dog has no idea that anything is different with the outside world. He is getting stronger, day by day since his surgery. I must admit that I keep thinking that he's gotten as strong as he's going to get but then he surprises me.
He's also getting much better at navigating our house because he is boldly trying to move from one place to another by himself. One of his new favorite places is on a bed that we recently placed next to my computer. That melts my heart.

When I take our Black Dog out for photos on his own, he gets so waggy and wiggly. He knows that it's his special time as the center of attention. I love making him so happy.
Since going completely blind, he seems to think that I'm about 6' tall (almost a foot taller than I am). I talk to him all the time to let him know where I am. However, most of the time, his eye is pointed way over my head. He thinks that I am larger than life!

Each week for Black Dog Sunday, I search through my photos of him to find ones where he's not gazing way over my head. It's a small percentage but there are a few. I love this one because he looks like a classic Black Lab.
Getting him to gain weight has been a continued struggle but he's still a bit over 50 pounds (we are aiming for 54 lbs). The vet suggested another 25% increase in his food so he's now getting FIVE meals per day. He's laughing because now he's eating twice as much as before his splenic tumor was found. For a Lab who loves to eat, this regimen is heaven on earth.

Let's all channel our inner Black Dog this week. His hallmarks are pure joy over the smallest of things, optimism even as his own world has gone dark, and an urge to seize each day no matter what physical hardships he's facing. That's our Black Dog!

Happy Black Dog Sunday.


  1. I love the last paragraph, I will try to channel my inner black dog, because it has been on a rampage... I can tell you I feel inner joy just looking at R and his beautiful face and big head. I long to hug him

  2. What a wonderful post to read. You have us SuperSmiling, R☺

  3. A good reminder, thank you R for your indomitable spirit!

  4. R is so handsome, and so amazing, and we can definitely all learn from that. I am so happy that he continues to improve and learn to adapt! ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  5. We just love that R and we're so happy he is doing so good, he makes our hearts smile!

  6. Five meals a day! For sure both Gail and I would be joyful if we were allowed that.
    But we're so pleased to read the R is making such encouraging progress.
    Toodle pip!

  7. he has always been my personal HERO and mentor! thank you for your wonderful posts. xo

  8. We applaud R the Black Dog for his wonderful spirit and are a bit jealous of all those meals he is getting. We bet his siblings are wondering how they can get on that program too. BOL!

  9. R that is an absolutely (in a manly way) a glamorous head shot of you.
    OMCs I'd love to channel/find my inner Lab and be ok with gaining poundage via I SCREAM
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. Oh to be more like your beautifully handsome boy. What a wonderful trooper he is!

  11. Hailey is jealous to hear other dogs get 5 meals per day.

  12. Unaware of the total chaos world-wide, R, let those extra meals work wonders on your weight, a new bed close by, happiness can be found in small things we all took for granted. Our favourite coffee, special milk, and even plain flour, we all delight down here when those items are in the bag. Continue to be so absolutely handsome, R, we love seeing you out there.

  13. In our minds you ARE larger than life with all the amazing work that you do for your pups!!! We love seeing R - my two would be shocked to get five meals a day - he is one lucky boy, hope that four pounds comes along for him.

  14. Great advice....channelling as I type.

  15. In the first two pictures, he looks like he's asking you a question. That's so sweet. He's such a lovely dog, I can't help but fall in love with him and hope for all good things for him as he continues to recover and gain strength.

  16. I love R! His resilience and strength and just his spark and spirit comes through in every single picture and post. He's an "old soul" with so much wisdom that I know cements you all together.

  17. You are right. We must think like the Black Dog.

  18. Oh we would love 5 meals a day!! R you are such a strong and inspiring boy
    Mabel & Hilda

  19. Oh, this postie made me smile! Such FABulous news that you are gettin' better and better everyday! And, waits...what?? You gets to eats as much as you wants??? yes please! BOL! You keeps doin' that, and if you wants to hook a gurl up, I can gives you my addy.....
    Ruby ♥

  20. Oh My, Cuddle Puddle - That Classic Black Lab Photo, Precious - BLK Dog On His Bed, How Could That NOT Melt Your Heart - It Would Be So Hard For Me To Get Any Computer Work Done With BLK Dog Hanging Out Next To Me - Pure Joy Witnessing His Demeanor Shift When BLK Dog Knows That Its HIS TIME Now For An Outing - And Way Stop At Five Meals - Bring It On Humans - BLK Dog Isn't Looking Up For Sight, Its His Metaphor That Your Are Bigger Than Life Itself - Next Time BLK Dog Is Asleep On His Bed, Rest A Treat Next To His Nose From Uncle T

    P.S. Thanx Guys. Really, Thank You


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