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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Black Dog Sunday

 When R was a young adult dog, his intensity ratcheted up. We'd gotten him from a breeder who said that he was one of the "lower drive" puppies in the litter. We frequently joked that we'd really love to meet the puppies who were higher intensity than the over-the-top R.

He was insane about running. He and the Runner would head out for a run every morning. R would bark like a lunatic prior to each run. With each very loud bark, he'd jump into the air. Then, when they hit the trail, R would grab the leash in his mouth to tug along his human.  My very first trail cam captured his antics regularly.

R continued this habit until the very end of his life. He went running on the morning that he died. During that last month and week, he sometimes took the leash in his mouth at the start of the run just like when he was a youngster. And he always barked with excitement as the Runner got ready to go. He was such a happy dog.

I'll admit that I found R to be hard to "control" during his younger years. He'd forget all of his training when he got excited about something. He'd bark and bark and bark, not slowing down when I tried to get him to calm down. He could drag me to where ever he wanted to go. In training class, his "loose leash walking" was great but it fell apart when R lost his mind with happiness.

But, I kept trying to strengthen his training. Occasionally, he'd stand still exactly when I wanted him to! He's standing with Angel K in this photo.

The amazing part was watching his enthusiasm for life turn him into such a charming dog when he was mature. People recognized his outgoing personality from a long distance away. He'd make eye contact and wag - and most people would not be able to resist him. 

Happy Black Dog Sunday. We miss you, R.


  1. Hari OM
    We couldn't resist him even from far ayonder and ether!!! YAM xx

  2. He sure did live the best life ever. Love the photo of the two now angels♥

  3. I'm so glad you are publishing these happy moments of his precious life. I love that picture of him and his Angel sister. It is good for the grieving process to remember the good things and this is a wonderful memory

  4. We miss that sweet guy too, such an amazing sweetheart he was.

  5. Sandra said it for me... "I'm so glad you are publishing these happy moments of his precious life"
    thank you! xoxo

  6. That photo is stunning.
    I am glad to get to know him.

  7. If only people could be as passionate about life. R was precious and your memories are too.
    Take care and stay well!

  8. KB...this sentence is spot on to how I felt just seeing R's pictures and antics he had such an expressive face. 'He'd make eye contact and wag - and most people would not be able to resist him.' I can only imagine meeting him in the furs.
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. The lower energy puppy? Ha, ha ha, ha. He was a wonderful pup, and continued to grow into a wonderful dog, one who lit the world around him.

  10. We can only imagine how tough it was to keep such a happy pup in check some times. R sure had a lust for life and it certainly shows in his pictures.

  11. We miss you, sweet crazy loveable R.

    Astro Mitzie & Linda

  12. He charmed us all and I'm so glad you are continuing these Sunday posts so I can learn more about his younger years.

  13. What terrific memories, and you have so many pictures to go along with them.

  14. R was always totally irresistible to us too:) He live his life to the fullest with all of that exuberance.

  15. so beautiful!! i just wrote how my grey boy was totally trucking on the way out for his last ever walk.
    he also barked with happiness when we were ready to go. he never barked otherwise . he was a rescue, and came already trained. he knew so many tricks and it was for me to figure out what he knew and which command/hand signal went with it.
    the house is so empty without him.

  16. It's difficult to want to curb that enthusiasm, even when it could be a bit much at times! Luke does that same thing with the leash in his mouth quite often when we set out on walks. It drives me crazy but I do love seeing him so happy about his walks!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


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