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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Black Dog Sunday

I've come to realize how much my little one-on-one outings with R made me happy. He was such a hilariously happy dog who brought out the best in me. 

Last fall, I made a big point of taking our Black Dog to spots with golden aspens. I loved how he looked at me with total focus whenever we stopped in the forest. He loved the games that we played. When he gave me a look like this one, it meant that I should start one of his favorite games and quit clicking the shutter.

So, I did. In the past year, this was his very favorite game. The more treats, the happier he was because he knew that he'd get to eat all of them. When he launched them into the air and didn't catch them, it was like the sky was raining treats. In fact, R seemed to think that the sky might start raining treats at any moment - he was that much of an optimist.

Now, as I go through the forest, I see certain spots that are gloriously beautiful, and I think "I want to bring R here". Then, I realize that I can't, except in my heart.

We've been so comforted by all of the photos that we have of R. They make us smile with the memories of the day when I took them. His endlessly happy and enthusiastic personality shines through in almost all of them. When I look at the photos, I feel like I can see the world through R's eyes and heart. He felt the potential for fun in every situation. He wagged his way through life.

Happy Black Dog Sunday. If he were here, our Black Dog would inspire us to find a few moments to enjoy the beauty of the world and play with him. Perhaps we all can find a fun few moments today in his memory.


  1. Hari OM
    Angel R, today I am looking out my window as the dark grey, heavy clouds begin to roll back and reveal the wide blue yonder and sunlight and I think of you now, reading this... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. I was going to say something else here, but then I read your last sentence and all I could think of was making a wonderful moment in his memory today. And why not some other day too? With all the smoke outside, we are becoming a trio of couch potatoes. So today we will play in his memory. Balls can after all be chased in a small house. I'm sure it makes no difference to my dog.

  3. Sweet R always inspired the happy in all of us.

  4. Such great memories of your Black Dog. He sure was a happy boy.

  5. Love that boy, love his ever-lasting joy! What a blessing he was.

    Chris from Boise

  6. I love that treats down the nose and that proves he was the eternal optimist.. knowing even though he could not see them to catch them, he could EAT them... I like seeing your special memories of your beautiful black angel

  7. He was such a special boy that loved life and lived it to the fullest♥

  8. Spending some time enjoying your day and having a bit of fun would be the best tribute to R. I love how you share your memories, he was such a beautiful dog and a beautiful soul.

    Take care and stay well.

  9. That photo of R with the line of treats down his nose is just priceless.
    Bertie now wants to play that game!

  10. " He wagged his way through life. " if only we humans could learn to do that. XO

  11. Happy Black Dog Sunday. I know he's still giving you 'that' look in your heart these days.

  12. KB Happy Black dog Sunday to you and thank you for all the beautiful photos and commentary.
    If I'm to be honest...I'd tell you I have more photos of Angel Madi than I do of Favorite Sis of Angel Madi.
    LOL. Only because Madi photos are digital and saved to the computer in one place. I do have lots of Sissy photos but they are scattered about in albums and storage bins.

    I agree the photos of our furry Angels are sure Golden.
    Hugs Cecilia

  13. His much loved memory is with me today as I look at the one open sunflower, too early by far, but a golden bloom looking to the sun, and R is in your heart and ours as we think of those golden days you shared.Yes, huge sadness as he isn't there in reality to share your new home and trails, but always in spirit with his smile and love.

  14. Love that attitude he has in that first picture! Good to see he had some sassiness in him.

    So hard to carry him in your heart when all you feel is the loss. Thinking of you.

  15. I feel the same when I look through the thousands of photos of Tommy. His smile, his joy in his ball, his insistence on being with me wherever I went, fill me with such warmth through the sadness of no longer having him there. R was a very special boy and he will always be there with you.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I am glad the memories make you happy and not said. The legend of the Black Dog grows.

  18. Angel R, you are still bringing joy to the world! I am glads you will be with your pack, if only in their hearts ♥
    Ruby ♥

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