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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Shyla Saturday

The morning dawned cloudy but with a glow burning from the eastern horizon. That often means that it will be a beautiful sunrise. 

My mind was spinning, trying to think of where I could shoot a silhouette photo of Shyla in Labrador Valley. It was one of those moments when figuring out every little thing about our new place felt overwhelming. I almost gave up and stayed inside.

But, if you don't try, you never learn. When I'm not in a sleep-fog, I can get excited about figuring out all of the new things. In retrospect, I am very excited about it.

We did finally sprint out the door to try to find a spot where we could see the sunrise before it was over. After a wildly exhausting gallop up a steep hill, we did. It's not the perfect spot yet but it was good!

It occasionally crosses my mind that I have no idea how I'll function when Shyla cannot do these small adventures with me. Then, I push that thought out of my mind and enjoy that she can do them today.

I am thankful for sweet Shyla being by my side.


  1. I Am Thankful You Prevailed Once Again - Love These Shots


  2. they are both beautiful, I think I am leaning a little towards the first one ...

  3. It is gorgeous KB and Shyla is such a good subject...
    After 2020 I'm trying to be better at seizing the moment...
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. It looks like you found a good spot for Shyla to howl at the sunrise.

  5. As the Sanskrit poem says,
    "Look to this day, for it is life...
    ....For yesterday is but a memory
    And tomorrow is only a vision.
    But today well lived
    makes every yesterday a memory of happiness
    and every tomorrow a vision of hope.
    Look well, therefore, to this day."

    So glad you and your pack are part of my day!

    Chris from Boise

  6. Those are beautiful and sweet Shyla never disappoints!

  7. Yes, today is the key word. It is all we really have.
    Love that second shot, so exquisite.

  8. I love how the sunshine creates a border around Shyla.

  9. I think your gallop up the steep hill was worth it - lovely photos, both of them.

  10. I'd say your gallop was worth it, great shots! Shyla is such a good sport.

  11. I think you live much closer to heaven that we do.

  12. What a beautiful spot to highlight. Well done.


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