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Monday, January 11, 2021

The Hachi Chronicle

Hachi's week had a not-so-great part and then a much better part. The reason was that we spent time at our old place and then at our new place. At our old place, the number of people on the trails has skyrocketed, and we were frequently meeting people. Some of them were wonderful people who we were glad to see and some of them were not-so-pleasant people.

Hachi's worst moment was when a person suddenly appeared around a blind curve in the trail during our evening hike. The person was well within Hachi's fear threshold - which means that Hachi was terrified. Then, this person kept striding straight at us even though Hachi was barking and lunging wildly. As this was happening, I was trying to get Hachi off the trail and far enough away that he could handle seeing an unfriendly person (he absolutely recognizes the difference between friendly and unfriendly people). The person got so close that it scared me but at least we managed to get out of his path. The icing on the cake was when the person snickered at us. - That incident replayed in my mind for days afterwards.

Fortunately, during a break in remodeling of our new place, we were able to go to Lab Valley for the end of the week. The peace and tranquility of Lab Valley is like balm to the soul. It is where we belong, and I cannot wait to be there all the time!

Hachi is a different dog at Lab Valley. He relaxes. No one seems threatening, and he can frolic happily.

We love our Hachi like crazy. He had a very bad start to life, and overcoming it is a huge challenge. He has made big progress, and I think that it will zoom forward when this transitional phase is over.


  1. sometimes we have "that" moments... but we grow with every time and when we know what we can do, this moments are no longer as fearful as they were once for us ;O)

  2. Our Hachi that was named Jake could only be walked on a leash in the neighborhood because of people like that bad person you met. the less people around the happier we are... sorry for both of you dealing with the scum of this earth

  3. Folks need to be aware of their surroundings more. That person could have stopped and got some direction from you before just marching up to you. Just saying.

    Great action shots and I love the shadow one the best. Looks like he's checking out his shadow.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  4. The reaction of that person is frightening. Who knows what darkness lives in his(?) heart.

  5. Life with Hachi clearly has its ups and downs, but I have a feeling that the ups well outweigh the downs.
    Cheers, Gail.

  6. KB and Hachi I'm so sorry there are mean people like the one you encountered on the trail.
    What in the world...obviously not well versed in trail manners. I'm can understand Hachi's fear I'm not found of being on a trail either with suspicious people
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. Hachi is such a sweet, we're so glad he has you/

  8. Some peeps can be so rude! I'm with Brian - we're so happy that Hachi has you and Shyla and the Runner, KB.

  9. Dogs like Hachi can definitely sense good and bad people. Brut was the same way. Some people are just jerks. When we ran into these kind of people, I wanted to just let Brut loose, then see who was laughing. Of course I didn't, but I sure thought about it sometimes. So glad you have Lab Valley to get away.

  10. I totally believe in dog's ability to 'read people.'
    once on a long walk with my zeke... (who was a rescue) and he was a LOVER! he loved everyone! children. adults. other dogs.
    and even CATS!!! although they sometimes didn't respond to his good natured affection!
    but on this one particular walk he simply stopped. he would go no further. so I stopped.
    his fur rose on his back and he emitted this strange gutteral growl that I had never heard from him before. and he didn't bark. it was like nothing I'd heard. it came from deep within him as he stood there.
    a woman was walking toward us. slowly and steadily. I didn't know her.
    he never stopped growling. he simply stood there with this warning growl. my hand tightened on his lead in case he lunged or something. I had never seen him behave like this. (and I never did afterward.)
    she never once changed her approach. his growl grew louder. and when she was right upon us she looked at him and gave the strangest smile that gives me chills to this very day. "what's the matter? do you think I'm EVIL?" that is all she said to either of us.
    it took me a bit after he walked by to calm him. I petted him and told him I loved him.
    I have NEVER forgotten that and I never will. it was surreal. but it taught me that they KNOW how to read human intent or real feelings. I just don't doubt it. EVER. xoxo

    1. Wow. I am glad that you had Zeke. It is amazing how well dogs can read body language and how spot-on they are when they do it.

  11. Some people just are so clueless and don't seem to care how what they are doing is effecting others. Glad Hatchi got back to his happy place.

  12. That sounds like a frightening experience for both of you. I'm so glad you have a place where you can get away from people like that.

  13. Considering the stranger's approach and demeanor maybe Hachi wasn't reacting to his own fear so much as going into real watchdog/protection mode. Glad it all ended ok for you and Hachi.

  14. It's too bad there always seems to be an a$$hole around every corner. We're glad to hear Hachi's week ended on a good note and hope you can get into your new home soon.

  15. We have run into a few idiots like that on our walks too. It can be very frustrating. It works best if I can anticipate the issue and cross the street since I know the approaching person won't have the sense to do the same:(

  16. We know it would have been disastrous if Hachi had bit but the guy had it coming

  17. Snickered??? WTD??! I swear, I don't get peeps sometimes! Obviously, that guy is an arsehole of the biggest caliber! I would have given him an extra lunge just for that! hehehehe
    I am so glads you guys have the LabValley to de-stress from the aholes!
    Ruby ♥

  18. It's astounding that some people are so clueless. Sorry Hachi (and you) had to endure a terrifying encounter.


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