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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

A Labrador Valley Bull Elk with his Harem

It's fall in Labrador Valley. Like most places, the leaves are changing and the world is an oil painting of golds and reds. Unlike most places, we have bull elk bugling in the air. A bull elk has chosen this valley for gathering and maintaining his harem.

On Friday afternoon, I was on the deck, and the high pitched elk sound called "bugling" emanated from the slope behind me. The glorious sound of a bull elk continued until it was time to take the dogs for their evening hike. We chose to go up the slope opposite the one where we thought that the elk were so that we could get a wider view.

As we crossed the creek, we looked back toward the house. There was a bull elk with his gigantic rack thrown back herding at least a dozen cow elk. They were only 50-100 yards from the house. We stopped to watch for a bit.

I have video from a trail camera of this bull elk and his harem. He bugles as he tries to keep his harem under control. Enjoy watching the crazy energy of the elk rut!


  1. that's the life da Phenny would love ;O)

  2. I think He said I mean it, get over hear!!! You hear me???? it is a beautiful sound and his antlers are amazing... as is your lab valley you live in

  3. OME's when you are that handsome all the girls follow!! Is the high pitched call his or his gals?
    Hugs CEcilia

  4. Oh my, that is quite the noise. He certainly has quite the harem!

  5. Rounding the girls up, hurrying them along, and that bugle, what a delight to hear so close by your home. Lab Valley must seem like Paradise.

  6. What a fun video. He sure has quite a large group to keep in line.

  7. The sound coming from a bull elk seems so incongruous. Glad to see he kept his 'girls' in line. ;)

  8. It's amazing how the cows seem to materialize from nowhere at about 0:45-0:50. And to hear bugling right off your deck - WOW!

    Chris from Boise, green with envy

  9. Not the sort of noise I was expecting! I've heard stags calling in the rut, but this sound is quite different. You certainly live in an interesting place :)

  10. That bull had his work cut out for him. Thanks for sharing the sound. Many years ago, I spent a fall and a winter in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I've always been glad I was there in the fall, so much excitement was going on in the forests and on the mountains. It was a fabulous experience. And I had forgotten that sound, which echoed across the land. We have the smaller elk, called Tule Elk here, but in the monuntains on the other side of town.

  11. Amazing! Crazy how one guy has all those women to control.

    1. Yes! And controlling women is never easy, as we know ;)


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