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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Wordy Wednesday

Feeling some blues. One of the repairs to my shoulder from surgery four months ago has probably failed. The decision about what to do is obvious to me. No more surgery on it. This photo fits my mood.

I do know how grateful I am to have this river running past my house. Its sound and sight is so soothing.

Time to head outside and ride my bike along side this water.


  1. so Sorry about this, and I would be thinking the same as you. prayrers for your shoulder to heal, it can happen, I have heard about it happening. I am glad you can ride your bike. just looking at the photo is healing in itself

  2. Well dammitall. Pardon my French, but...! Just glad you can get out on your bike again.

    Chris from Boise

  3. Hari OM
    Making the most of things despite yukky news is all we can do, in the end... having such nature to rest and revive in surely helps! YAM xx

  4. I'm so sorry, KB. Your photo is just beautiful.

  5. Sorry to hear the news. I'm kind of feeling the same way as your picture. Glad you can still ride your bike along the river. Looks beautiful.

  6. That is a beautiful picture. We're so sorry to hear your surgery hasn't helped you. Our paws are crossed that you can find a solution that lets you continue to enjoy your favorite activities.

  7. That is so disappointing with your shoulder, sorry to hear it isn't working as it should have. Take care and go to your happy places.

  8. Oh KB I am so sorry to read this. I sure do hope you aren't in any pain....
    Hugs C ecilia

  9. So sorry to hear about your shoulder issues. Definitely time to go to your happy place(s). What an absolutely incredible photo.

  10. Well phooey about the shoulder fail. Hopefully with more PT you can gain enough strength to make it not so problematic. Walking/riding through that landscape has to provide some comfort. Truly amazing.


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