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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Summary

Somehow the days since we returned have become very hectic! I only have time for a short update today. R is better than yesterday. He's eating small and bland meals but he's still very tired and subdued. We're hoping that rest will help his GI tract mend.

It's amazing how much I miss his crazy exuberance when it's absent. Sometimes his energy can be overwhelming when he's at 100% strength but the world feels wrong when he's subdued.

Here he was on our vacation, romping in the wildflowers in the San Juan Mountains.You can barely see an iconic peak, the Lizard Head, in the background.
 I hope that tomorrow I can report that his energy is returning!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Unexpected Day

We woke up to clouds on the horizon this morning, both literally and figuratively.
R had come down with diarrhea on Wednesday. However, it didn't seem too bad so we tried to manage it ourselves with a bland diet and some mild medicines. Then, overnight, it got very bad and he started vomiting too.

The poor guy wasn't feeling well this morning, and we humans were sleepy from being awakened so many times last night.
We conferred with our vet, and the Runner took R to see her this morning. R needed to stay in the hospital because he was dehydrated and acting very subdued compared to his normal boisterous self.

Since there was nothing more I could do besides worry, Shyla and I got out for a late mountain bike ride. We did have some fun together. I loved this instant that my camera captured.
Then, I needed to shore up my trail camera situation. Someone has monkeyed with a couple of my cameras, and I added another layer of protection. I felt that this was urgent because the mother mountain lion with kittens denned near us has been so active recently. I don't want to miss any of her travels.

One camera caught her moving very slowly in front of it. First, she paused with her head in front of the lens.
Then, she paused with her body in front of the lens. I can't tell if she's still lactating based on this photo.
She paused again with just her hind end in front of the camera.
Finally, she departed.
I've been getting many photos and videos of her by my trail cameras. I know the general vicinity of her den with two kittens in it, and I know that this is an extraordinary chance to see a mother mountain lion's behavior when tending to young kittens. That's why I worked so hard today to try to make my trail cameras "monkey-proof". (Sometimes, I wish it were winter so the riff-raff would stay out of the forest!).

After all that, I got the news that R is on his way home. The vet says he is acting perkier but is still refusing to eat. Refusing to eat is extremely rare for R. I can think of only one occasion before in his life when he wouldn't eat. So, I'm worried about him. I hope his tummy starts to feel better soon and that nothing more serious is going on. I want to see him playing with his sister again soon!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

From Mountain Trails to Pink Toe Nails

On our first day in the high mountains, we all went out to play on the trails in the morning. It was a glorious day with barely a cloud in the sky.
I was riding my bike with Shyla. We started early enough that the trails were mostly empty, although Shyla was continually vigilant watching for other people who might be around.
I was thrilled to see that some wildflowers were still in bloom. The alpine summer is so short that the flowers are sometimes gone by mid-August. We were high enough (12,000') that signs of autumn were already sneaking into view.
During our ride, I spotted some baby birds who couldn't fly very well yet, and I told Shyla to "stay" while I photographed them. They were so camouflaged! My best bird books are in the LabMobile which is now at our local mechanic's shop so I can't figure out what species this is. Does anyone know?
Although I've worked hard at teaching Shyla not to chase large animals, she still wants to chase small ones - and sometimes gives into the temptation. I've incorporated a lot of "impulse control" training into Shyla's program. I was thrilled to see it pay off in a real-life situation as she resisted chasing the birds. She stood solidly in a "stay" while the little birds skittered around. I'm so proud of her.
As we headed down toward camp, I noticed that the clouds had suddenly built up over the nearby mountains, as is typical up high in the Rockies.
I also noticed the hazy view to our east. I didn't know that haze would become a theme for our trip due to the terrible fires still burning in the western half of the country.
When we arrived back in camp, the Runner had called a friend's parents, who luckily lived near where we were camped, to ask about a good mechanic for the LabMobile. These people who we'd never met were SO helpful. They lined up a mechanic who was waiting for us when we drove up to his garage. He dropped everything to quickly replace a defective part that our local mechanic had installed before the trip. And we played with a very cool dog named Buster while the mechanic worked. Buster was at least part Pit Bull and had pink toe nails that his human sisters had recently painted. He was a truly gentle sweetie.

To our astonishment, we were back on the road, heading toward the San Juan mountains, very quickly because the mechanic fixed things so fast. Yay!

It's wonderful to know that there are such generous souls in our world. I hope that we can pay the kindness forward in the future.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - Alpine Sky

From our first evening and night camping in the alpine zone of the Rockies...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sunsets and meteors in the Rockies

We've had the luxury of time spent high in the mountains this summer. We've just returned from another "unplugged" trip to the rugged southwest of Colorado, high in the alpine zone of the San Juan mountains.

We didn't drive as far as expected on our first day due to a small problem with the LabMobile that needed to be fixed the next day. We decided to stop at a familiar campsite less than halfway to our destination.

I'm so glad we stopped. We arrived as the sun was setting, and the mountains looked magical.
And the sunset light was warm and glowing.
 The clouds to the east of us lit up as the sun dipped below the western horizon.
It was the peak of the Perseid meteor showers. As soon as the sky became dark, we were mesmerized by the streaks of shooting stars all around us. We wrapped ourselves in warm sleeping bags and watched the show.
It was a magical start to what was an inspiring and restful time in our beloved Rocky Mountains.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Another Alpine Visit

We've just returned from another visit to the alpine world in our wonderful state. I rode my bike high in the mountains.
We reveled in the wildflowers.
And now we're settling back into home, sweet home.
I'm looking forward to telling you more about our trip!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Superstar Sunday - Shyla and the Stars

As you all know by now, I love our days of camping in the high mountains in the summer. Every evening, as the sun sets, Shyla and I play and have fun with photos.

Shyla tries very hard to be a great model but sometimes other things take precedence! I don't know what she saw over there!
The wildflowers wow us as we play.
And Shyla loves lying in a meadow filled with fragrant flowers.
Then, as the sun dips below the mountains, Shyla waves goodbye to the day.
After everyone is asleep, my camera takes programmed time lapse photos of the stars. In this photo, the moon was totally full and was behind the camera. This photo includes 2.5 hours of the stars circling around Polaris. Look at how bright the world was! It was easy to walk around without a headlamp.
Summer evenings in the mountains feed my soul with their beauty.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday Sunset

During our recent camping trip, we stayed in a very high meadow filled with wildflowers that awed us.
But, that campsite wasn't only beautiful by day. It has an incredible view of a couple of towering mountains. One evening, the skies turned pink as the moon was rising.
As dusk fell, the mountains grew darker but the sky seemed to grow more brilliant.
The pink spread all across the sky. The view in the photo above was to the south and the view in the next photo was to the north. Ah, what an unbelievable sunset show!
I won't forget it anytime soon!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Summer's Bounty

I love riding my mountain bike in mid-summer's glory on high alpine trails.
It never gets old, even after years of exploring.
While I'm out there, I sometimes see marmots. This one seemed so tame that I wondered if people had fed him. I talked with him for a while - and I named him Marvin. Do you see his two buck teeth? He's a huge rodent with the teeth to prove it.
Every year, I feel like the bottomless wildflowers are a gift, and I love playing with the Duo in them.
We play and play and play.
And then, some days, sunset is glorious. Do you see the almost full moon above the mountain?
This particular sunset, viewed from 11,300' in the mountains, got more intense by the moment. The mountain in the photo is almost 14,000' tall.
That almost full moon made the sky bright blue as the stars streaked across it over the course of almost an hour.
The bounty of summer is endless!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Cloudy skies in the morning...

Lead to a pretty sunset...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Intensity of our Black Dog

R is a Lab who one trainer called a "10,000 Volt Dog". When he chooses to do something, he throws all his energy and enthusiasm into it.

He's willing to sit still if we ask him to "stay".
But he's not always happy about it. Sometimes I think he's protesting by refusing to open his eyes for a photo!
That is, unless he hears me pull out a treat. Then he's interested!
But, R is happiest when he's in action. He doesn't require treats to look happy and intense while running!
This is the kind of image that comes to mind when I think of R being happy - ears flying in the air as he's sprinting directly to me.
I'm glad he ended up with us. Without a very active life, R couldn't be happy. But, as long as he gets to sprint at full speed every day, he's a content dog.