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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good thoughts for K

My friend, SMRP, posted yesterday about K being in the hospital. She's still there, and from what I heard from the doc this morning, she's not a lot better. Yesterday morning, she suddenly became lethargic, acted like she was in pain, and refused to eat. Then, she threw up a few mushrooms. But, her bloodwork is very confusing - it's certainly not indicating classic mushroom poisoning (yet - but it can change over time as the toxins do their work).

Due to K's strange assortment of symptoms, the vets are worried about an underlying unrelated problem that's exacerbating a mild case of mushroom poisoning and that might be causing the mystifying blood problem that cannot be caused by mushrooms, a low hematocrit (i.e., low red blood cell count).

They said the terrifying word 'hemangiosarcoma' yesterday. I had an anxiety-soaked hour while they looked for it but xrays and ultrasound didn't show the telltale signs. The images also didn't show any signs of internal bleeding, another worry. So, that's all good news.

Whatever is going on, she's staying the hospital, I was just told.

I think that those of you who follow this blog know that K is unbelievably close to me. I feel like she's part of the fabric of my heart and soul. Please send good thoughts her way.


  1. Lots of paws crossed and Sibe Vibes coming for K. We had a Sibe go through mushroom poisoning many, many years ago and it was frightening, though all came out ok. Hope that it is nothing more serious.

  2. Good thoughts coming your way - I hope that K is better soon! I always worry about mushrooms - we have so many that I can't identify, but the dogs never seem interested in eating them. Please keep us updated on how K is doing!

  3. KB - A search of Pubmed turned up a review article that mentions that some mushroom species of the family Helvellaceae, genus Gyromitra, contain a toxin called gyromitrin, which can cause hemolysis, among other things. The review article can be found at:

    If you can't access the full text and want the article, email me at doggeek.mail at gmail dot com, and I will email it to you.

  4. So sorry to hear this, KB. Will be thinking of you guys. I hope everything turns out OK.

  5. Yes, it's because you two are so close that I'm worried about both of you. Please take care of yourself too. Once again, hoping to see a good turn around soon.

  6. Kia ora KB,
    Kia kaha! Remain Strong to both you and K.

  7. C'mon K, sweet sweet girl. All of us here (humane and canine alike) will send you healing energy!

    I'm glad the imaging did not show any tumors or internal bleeding, which indeed would point to hemangiosarcoma.

    I'd guess, though, from your note that maybe she is showing some signs of anemia or some such. Maybe they can give her some blood/plasma to help with that, along with flushing out her system.

    Call me, if I can help in any way. I can be at the hospital with dinner or something in an hour.

  8. Sending you and K all positive thoughts. I was shocked to hear of her hospitalization since I had just viewed your pics of her swimming! Keep us updated and stay positive.

  9. Ugh. So sorry to hear she's in the hospital. I'm Xing my fingers that everything will turn out fine, and that she'll be back home in no time.

  10. Wooos! The Herd sent us over! We wanted to send some extra healing Sibe-vibes your way! What a wonderful life K is living, I hope she has many more years of adventure ahead of here! Even dealing with a disability, life can still be a beawootiful adventure!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  11. Kb, I'm so sorry to hear this and that I haven't been checking Blogs as I was out and about on vacation. It seems like all might be getting back to normal....thank God for that! I know how close you and K are this n=must have been terrifying for you. you are all in my thoughts and prayers....automatically from here on!


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