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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is K's birthday. The years have flown by since she arrived as a heartbreakingly cute puppy.When she arrived, our older Labrador, Astro, was 15 years old. Although he no longer frolicked like a puppy, he took K under his paw and guided her.
K and I bonded almost instantly. Although I protected and guided her as a puppy, K seemed to start feeling responsible for me as quite a young dog. As she became a teenager, she already could melt my heart by looking into my eyes.
When K was less than six months old, Astro peacefully passed away. Astro's death triggered K's first round of fears - incomprehensible terrors of specific benign-looking places in the house and a crate that she'd used for months.

At about the same time, S began spending a lot of 'vacation' time at our house, and we noticed how much he soothed K. Soon, we were requesting that his family loan him to us because we loved having him around. Eventually, S came to live full-time with us, and became K's guiding older brother.For a brief and wonderful time that ended with S's death in May, we had a trifecta of labs. S was the elder statesdog for the younger whippersnappers.
Now, after 6 years of life, K is the eldest member of our canine pack. Thanks to Astro and S, she can stand on her own four paws and is a sage big sister to our young Black Lab, R.
Today, although it was a special day, K and I went for a normal bike ride, saving our annual birthday adventure for another, sunnier day. I owe you one, K. In fact, I owe you more than you can imagine.Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday to one furry special K!

    PeeEssWoo: I wonder if I khan get som 'k'ha'k'e fur that!?!

  2. Happy Birthday K....what darling pictures, you're right - her eyes melt your heart....such sweet pictures of the old guy, protecting K....i got tears in my eyes with the last picture with S....and what a wonderful tribute to your perfect pack....can we ever repay the love and loyalty they give us?

  3. I love the photo retrospective and seeing both K and R as little ones. Happy B-day, Miss K! I'll save up some big smooches to deliver next time we see you.

  4. Happy Birthday, sweet K. I love that puppy photo of her staring into the camera with big droopy eyes. She has such an expressive face.

  5. Oh, my goodness! What a cute puppy K was! I love the facial expression. Great closing photo too. Such a beauty! Happy birthday!

  6. Happy birthday to my favorite chocolate bunny!!! I looooove that picture of K&R together-they are so labradorable :) You have been, and are, surrounded by such beautiful critters!!

  7. Happy Birthday K! What a wonderful friend and companion you are and your mom and dad love you very much.
    I love that the blog has the pups in it-and that you celebrate birthdays-I have always done that with mine and some people think I'm crazy...oh well I am about dogs.

  8. K sends slurps and snuggles of thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes!

    Thank you!

  9. We have been off the net for a few days, so sorry for the belated Happy Birthday, K!!!


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