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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mountain LIon Day 1 and the Labraduo hike

I've had rough 24 hours with my neck so this post will be short. On the easier days, I forget about the roller coaster ride of recovery and assume that I've made a huge step forward. Then, boom, reality hits. I seem to be on the upswing again so the ride goes on!

First, I completed editing and correcting the time stamps on the first 24 hours of my footage of the mountain lion eating and covering the mule deer that he'd just killed. I've included every single photo that we obtained for that time period. Now, I'm working Day 2. What an awesome creature this lion is.

For the first time since my neck surgery, I took the Labraduo, rather than solely K, on my morning hike. R's exuberance lifted my spirits amazingly. This boy can get frantically happy over a simple stick, tossing it into the air, pouncing on it, and carrying it for miles. His uplifting spirit helps both me and K.

We tromped up to Hug Hill, through spring-like corn snow. The snowy mountain views made me smile, especially with the Labraduo in the foreground!
We then followed an obscure trail that no one but our own pack has used all winter. At one instant, both R and K stood stock still, noses high in the air, and bodies stiff. I knew that they both had picked up a scent that they wanted to chase. Their body language screamed it to me. Fortunately, K didn't bolt but looked to me first. And, R followed his big sister's lead.
A quick recall averted any bad behavior. K was barely visible a few yards behind R.
We didn't find anything momentous on our trail, except tracks from the elusive and rare pine marten, even though no one else had tread there. But, I had a blast in the company of both canines.
Our evening hike glowed orange under the sunset. Both canines were wired with excitement over a scent that I couldn't perceive. It'll be interesting to explore tomorrow to figure out what had them in such a tizzy!


  1. Sorry about your coaster ride -

    Thanks for sharing the labraduo hike - R sounds like our pal Brice The Belgian Tervuren - Brice just embodies JOY!

    I'm off to watch Khyra's 'khat' pal now!

  2. Mom thinks its pretty amazing, all the hiking you are able to do so soon after your neck surgery. And both me & her are quite jealous over the beautiful landscape you are surrended by.

    love the mountain lion pictures! That's one BIG kitty!!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  3. I'd say taking the labraduo out together is definitely progress! They look so great together in the pictures!

    That lion really went to town! Wow! How long after gorging himself like that would he need to go before he needed to hunt again?

  4. You did a fine job putting all those photos together!

    The last picture is wonderful, as are the pics of the labraduo!


  5. Hey there KB...special friend!
    It already looks a bit warmer in your part of the world...your pictures have a different tinge!
    Go easy now..."Shoshaloza!" (An African song which was sung during the building of a LONG railway line many years ago)...plod with it!
    Sending lots of love and healing vibes.
    Your two canines are such a pair! They always lift my spirits.

  6. Hope you are getting plenty of R 'n R - can't believe you are able to do all that hiking in such rough terrain with your ups and downs. Sam sends you golden healing vibes for your poor neck. Oh how I admire you! That lion is incredible - some-mama taught him how to get the most out of a meal - just amazing what you happened onto. Give R and K big hugs xoxoxo

  7. Kia ora KB,
    That is just awesome footage you have of the mountain lion. You are a true nature documenter. You know wolves are making a come back in Wisconsin where I grew up, and as soon as the population got enough to notice arose cries by certain quarters to open up a hunting season! I hold out little hope for them until we are gone.
    Sorry to read about your neck, take it easy and take care. That beautiful back yard of yours isn't going anywhere - though I certainly understand your reasons for needing to be there. Rave on KB. Kia kaha.

  8. catching up now! so glad the duo are back! "frantically happy over a simple stick..." Boys are soooooo silly! ;)

    been working on June Bug's recall at the tree farm. we do have mt. lions so i have to be careful too. she's much too bold and too fragile to take one on! we do our walks before dusk so we're not around for mt. lion hunting. still... you never know! I basically practice 3 sets of recalls before i offically release. and if i have trouble getting her back, i just call Loki to me and we hide on her behind a tree and she panics and comes looking. that's better than MOST huskies! LOL.

    it's hard to deny her the fun of off leash at the tree farm though.

  9. that footage is awesome!!! very could see his belly bulging after hours of, very cool!
    hope you have a great wknd!

  10. Shooot! Feel better. My M gets really pissy when she's in pain. I'm going to enjoy your video now. Getting the treats first so it's going to be just like the moooovies.

  11. Wow, that lion was something else. I still can't fathom K making her mini-gorge on the kill.

    I hope you're headed up on the healing rollercoaster. It's fun to see K and R together on your hike. Just the thought of R pouncing sticks made me smile!

  12. Glorious sunset, KB! Your lion footage is just mesmerizing. What a big cat! I wonder what it did during the interval in the night when it left? Hunt? Sleep off its binge? We have (had?) a marten living on our land beside our house. We haven't spotted it this winter, but I saw it briefly in previous winters. Once, we saw it on our side (upper) deck.


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